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  1. thanks, glad you liked them


    I wanted to post one more of my trailers. This is a year old. If you have seen 1408 you will see a little similarity. Only in the fact that I stay in the house to see if it's haunted. However I get paid and am not trapped like in 1408. That's a great movie though. Feel free to leave me any feedback. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=20256166 On a side note, yes the office was used in Twisted Metal. It's hard to find offices. And the house was used in Crawler.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Tooth_(Twisted_Metal) It's more or less Sweet Tooth's story.
  4. There sir. Are you happy? Is this better? Can you not read if I don't use that key? Fuck.
  5. i just wanna comment on this. twisted metal actually does have a very complex story. just search it.
  6. ok. you're right. good bye. sorry for being a jerk to you.
  7. i'm not trying to get high and mighty pal. i posted my experiences so people would know i have some. i hope you don't really think i wanted praise cause you are sadly mistaken. i hate my work as do most film makers. i saw an interview with george lucus who said he won't even watch his star wars films. just as an example. for most of what you said i have no problem hearing. but for the fourth or fifth time i do know how to take criticism. i have been doing this for a decade now. yes only the past couple years has my film making been serious. but i have been hearing about problems with my films for ten years. and i don't care what you do. i didn't ask. all i wanted was to post a fan film. that's it. excuse me for living.
  8. no i use a boom mic. audio technica. and of course i post edit all audio with soundtrack pro and soundbooth.
  9. dude. i swear to god, this is the fucking final time i'm saying it, drop the sweet tooth=joker shit. I HAVE FUCKING HEARD YOU. I DID WHAT YOU SAID AND LISTENED TO YOU SAY IT TWICE OR THREE TIMES ALONG WITH OTHERS SAYING IT. IT'S YOUR OPINION AND THAT'S FINE. I'M DONE DISCUSSING THAT. SO LET IT GO. I GOT IT! FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN'T ALREADY KNOW: SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER. SWEET TOOTH IS A RIP OF JOKER!!!!! that is not criticism. honestly it's not. it's like saying i want you to tell me what you think of pepsi. and you respond by saying it tastes like coca-cola. you can think that but that doesn't say anything at all about pepsi. i respect your opinions. and i understand you dislike my movie(s). i'm not trying to be a dick. but i know, sweet tooth is a rip of joker, i heard. you annoyed yet? cause read the last four pages. that's all you've all been talking about! what? do you seriously think all my work is stolen now? are you even reading my posts?
  10. true. yes. i see. i'll just let it go. don't call me stupid frog.
  11. i understand what you are saying. the ONLY reason i even posted anything here was because this is OCRemix. the video game music remix site. i just assumed everyone would understand that i'm a film student and it wasn't suppose to be amazing. and my top special effects team is also just students. and i'm gonna take a moment to explain this: how would you do the twisted metal tournament car combat part? there is no way to do it and have it be realistic. you pick up weapons by running them over. in the game you can get hit with with missiles several times, and then your vehicle catches fire, you get hit a few more times and you blow up. then you start over fresh as if you never died. everyone else still has damage. in real life if your car gets hit with an explosive you are pretty much screwed. that's all it would most likely take. one. so we went about doing this differently. the movie takes place before twisted metal. and we set up a different kind of car combat. if there were 6 cars with missiles firing at each other it would last about 3 or 4 seconds. maybe. so that's why we don't have awesome vehicles with missiles set up on their sides. and we decided if your car was on fire you would get out. thus hand to hand fighting came into the picture. we had been planning a sequel, Twisted Metal: Black. and have it more like the actual game. but i don't know if we'll go through with it.
  12. Why don't you take a look at this: a movie i wrote, claim all originally for, and had less than half the budget for twisted metal. go ahead, i dare you. tell me this looks like shit. or i ripped off something. Oh and: when did i say i was a good director? i mean i didn't even direct twisted metal. and if you don't know anything about movies then you really shouldn't be saying anything. i don't know what else you would call it......
  13. thank you!!!!!!! ya if i wanted to get the shit sued out of me i would mass produce this and charge. wtf? did i ever say i was gonna show this in a theater or sell it on dvd? no i believe i said upload.... but you all took it as HE STOLE JOKER. and again, i don't own twisted metal, or sony. ONCE AGAIN I'VE HEARD THAT YOU THINK I RIPPED THE DARK KNIGHT. GO POST SOMEWHERE ELSE. cerrax, you had a couple good points. and i like getting criticism like that. but saying i ripped joker will not help my film making.
  14. bump. ya you really have to see the real movies to get these.
  15. my argument is flawed you say? no offense, and i'm sure you will pull out your dictionary for more "terms", but you can't even argue having not seen the film. i mean how can you? first of all can you prove i plagiarized? no. you haven't seen it. you know nothing about my film other than the 67 seconds i uploaded. second, what did anything in the trailer even have to do with The Dark Knight? anything? or just how i "looked"? have you seen The Dark Knight? if i had not used music from The Dark Knight in that trailer would you think all this still? are you aware that i know i used music from The Dark Knight in that trailer? i actually thought it was funny. third, i had 4 "professors" who have real film experience helping us in many of the scenes. did you read my first post? they have seen both trailers and the cut film. they didn't say anything you said. funny huh? fourth, what is it you want? me to admit i ripped off The Dark Knight? or joker? or what? do you have to always be right? is it something like that? cause if that will make you shut up i'll do it. and anyone out there who believes me, which is all but you and a few others here, thank you. i don't know what you want me to say. but since you know everything you can just put words in my mouth. sound good?
  16. it's twisted metal. of course it's not original. i don't deserve credit for coming up with it. and i don't recall blaming anyone.... and what would i blame them for?
  17. i agree with this. i loved his performance. although it seemed like a cartoon.
  18. cool cool. thanks. i don't have to use youtube, he just seems to think it's not finished cause i haven't uploaded it yet. thanks for that link.
  19. ha ha.... funny XO. i've actually done that with this project too. but fishy has been awesome.
  20. dude you are on crack. why don't you think it's done? are you aware youtube videos can only be 10 minutes long? how do you propose i upload it? and about the awards, shove it up your ass. at least i don't spend my day sitting around trying to bring down someone's hard work. i get it. and we've all heard you. find another thread and post your shitty comments there.
  21. i don't know how many times i have to fucking say it. the final product is done. and i'll do you all a favor and not post it here. you are welcome.
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