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  1. Teaser trailer coming soon!
  2. The game is very exciting. I would recommend it.
  3. Ya, I realized that after. The make-up does look much better in the movie. This was just a promotional pic. Thanks though. I like the teeth too.
  4. *BUMP* First rough poster.
  5. You both do have good points. However, I will always side with movies. If you actually research Twisted Metal there is a very real and in-depth plot. Most of it concerning Sweet Tooth. In other words i'm making a straight adaption from the game.
  6. Uh, kinda. Have you seen The Prestige? With all the flashbacks?
  7. There is gonna be about 8-9 minutes of actual car combat. Depends on the editing. However, we are gonna continue the fighting after the cars. Into more of a run around on your feet style of fighting.
  8. The plot centers around Sweet Tooth's past. And as for the negative reviews. Ya I see that coming. Super Mario Bros. was a terrible movie, but I love it.
  9. Interested? I was gonna ask around. But I still got a while before post-production.
  10. Oh I know. It was a great movie. I meant I could never make it like that.
  11. Thank you. That's right on. I'm not gonna pull something like Speed Racer or Fast and the Furious. I just assumed that was obvious.
  12. The reason films cost so much is honestly to pay the actors. Or for effects. You can say your opinion. That's fine. But how can you say it won't work or it will look bad when you haven't seen any of it yet?
  13. Exactly, which i'm not doing since I am good friends with them all.
  14. I apologize. Thanks for the luck. I hope I prove you wrong.
  15. Well, if you paid any attention to what I said, I said we have been working for about 2 months. We are like 80% done. So I see it. I don't need criticism when you haven't even seen anything we've filmed for it yet and don't know our plot. Opinion is opinion but don't bring us down til after you see the preview. True film is not about money. Half the movies i've made are NO budget films, and i've won two awards.
  16. No, i will be using the least amount of CGI that I can. And for that I have myself and two other BA grad students who are excellent CGI artists. As for a budget we originally started with around 400 to 500 dollars. Once the movie took off and was working we realized we would need more. (Equipment, props, location) We had an old school fund raiser and managed another 500 dollars.
  17. Hey what's up all? As quite a few of you know i'm an independent film maker. My latest project has been working on a live-action adaption of the playstation video game Twisted Metal. I'm trying to start some buzz and promote the film a little. I can tell you that I am very serious about this. I love the game, all of them actually, and would not even consider making a movie version of it unless I was gonna go all out and make it something to remember. I do have film experience. Currently i'm attending film school at Collins College. I've acted in small independent roles, not just my movies but by audition. I am a professional editor. I work part time for a company called Outrageous Events. (Weddings, sports, birthday parties) And use Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Photoshop, Motion, and After Effects every day. We have been working on this film for about two months now. I have a 60 page script, really good actors, (some of them are viewable on imdb.com) and a professional crew. (Camera and audio) We also have use of part of the studios at the school. Let me know what you think. Tell your friends. Tell your friends. Tell your friends! I will have a poster up in about a week and the first trailer will be viewable by the fourth of July weekend. Questions, just ask. Wanna know what characters from the game we're using? I can provide a cast list of who is playing who. Check back here. Thanks, Clay
  18. A fake documentary about a fake sickness.
  19. Made this about a year ago. Need some comments.
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