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  1. We've actually begun to work on the sequel to this. Collector.
  2. i'd like to see another take on the game. you know, someone to try making a twisted metal movie. i'd support that.
  3. well that's really awesome. congrats. more power to you.
  4. btw, in film you deal with a lot of criticism. and you can say that my movie, which btw you have not seen, only a minute long preview, is terrible. it doesn't affect me at all. but i do wish in the future you would respect peoples work, even if you think that ONE of the 12 or 13 characters ACTS like someone who already exists. besides acting like the joker you didn't even give the film a chance. you just say it sucks because of one thing you didn't like. i'm sorry you believe that i ripped off the joker. had i known we would be so similar i might have re-thought how i acted sweet tooth. but besides all this we did work extremely hard on this project. your opinion is your opinion.
  5. well, the movie like most hollywood pictures, was finished before the trailer. yeah i used TDK music in the trailer. but not in the actual film, as the soundtrack was NOT released yet in june. yes i suppose if you watched the trailer you could get a glimpse of joker's character. if you honestly believe the two characters look alike you don't have eyes. im sorry but come on, they are clowns. white make-up is essential. so is lip stick dumb ass. the clothes are exact opposite, as is the hair. the lip licking was not intended. everyone does it. and oh man, holding a knife and flipping it really does prove it's a rip off. we made this without even thinking about TDK. as for your "version", i bet you've never made a film, worked on a set, directed anything, won any awards, or been entered in any festivals.
  6. ok, calm down. we finished shooting this a whole 2 months before the dark knight even came out. i had no idea our interrogation scene was so similar. the music yes, but it's only for the trailer. i had my own music composed, but it didn't really work with the trailer. sorry it's so terrible. lets see you do better. i mean did you even look to see when this thread and the first trailer was posted? before july 18th.
  7. Nah, of course not. My most recent movie was based on Twisted Metal. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16846
  8. That's cool, ya everyone has said i played a pretty good freak. If you were talking about that. Otherwise, WTF?
  9. Haha.... I don't really have a way to upload it. The file is way too big. I'm trying though.
  10. i'm still here. really. just hella busy. still planning on finishing my wings track, but it will be a miracle if i finish fuse.
  11. A film we made last spring. --- ...AND THE SEQUEL COMING OUT OCTOBER 30th 2010.
  12. Also, this is before the first Twisted Metal, and during the first Twisted Metal.
  13. Dude, it's a trailer. If I answered all those questions and showed all that it would be called "watching the movie". Wait.
  14. Ya, was Twisted Metal even invented 33 years ago? No. They just based the action sequences on Twisted Metal. It doesn't have anything to do with it.
  15. Well thanks. Eh, I see the acting problems. I'm working around it on the actual movie.
  16. Well, there is a pretty big difference from the game. It's more about the back stories.
  17. Please keep in mind this is only a TEASER trailer. I will release a full preview in about a week. It will include more complete graphics and more scenes of action. This trailer is intended to show the characters and give you the plot.
  18. Sorry for the delay, but due to uploading time it will not be posted until tomorrow! Be patient. It's worth it.
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