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  1. WOW this songs feels like be thrown to the floor by one of Mr. Dream's punches, and in there I can feel my defeat when the game over song played with an amazing guitar. This song is great and is quickly becoming one of my favorites even though I am usually opposed to voice in instrumental music, but this one is so so GOOD, I give it a 10!
  2. WOW, AMAZING! I thought that there could be remixes of everything but from this very song, but I am just like , and to do this the Scott Peeples's talent was needed of course, amazing remix I give it a 10!! thumbs up!!!
  3. There are a lot of us (until a while ago) that do not post reviews but that definitely appreciate McVaffe talent not only seen in this song, but in all of the ones he has done so far. All his songs deserve a straight 10 and to be honest, a place in heaven, for his beautiful music, McVaffe you are the best man! P.D.: How can you possibly ALMOST cry with McVaffe's talent ?
  4. WOW amazing remix it is so beautiful. I simply can't understand how can you guys possibly give it an 8 when this and ALL of his songs earn clearly a 10 or even more. I can't get it off my mind and honestly I dont want to. Vurez you are so talented man please delight us with much more songs like this that many will surely enjoy even if they don't post a thank you as I do... thumbs up!
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