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  1. My friend has a similar problem with his red pad. it only works if you hit it right in the center and pretty hard.
  2. My char was eated up by the PCT
  3. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    Indeed. Too bad M3 is the BEST game I have played on a long time in terms of emotional content. Chapter 1 literally made me tear up when you find out that Hinawa died. The good news/bad news line there was just and amazingly horrible way to reveal that. I had to pause my game and just stare at the screen asking myself if he really just said that.
  4. more like Paid Character Transfer Apocalypse Anyone else have their character stuck like my poor little hunter?
  5. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    I just got Duster back right now in chap 7 , and my levels are Lucas: 33 Duster:28 Kumatora:31 Boney:32
  6. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    Odd, I'm running vba-m on Vista perfectly. I'm in chapter 7 and I pretty much have the combos down for every song except like 2.
  7. Yea, I'm enjoying it. But I'm on a really sucky server so PuG Kara is about as far as I get, and I can only do it once a week.
  8. yea, raids are kinda rofl right now. I PuGed Kara in about 1.5 hours, just completely random people in pvp gear and stuff.
  9. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    Yea, I just got to this point and having that along with being able to sleep enemies is so helpful. I think what he meant is that there's a slight delay on the emulator between the game and the actual sound. The sound comes a bit liate iirc so it throws the rythm off.
  10. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    Yea. Part of the hard part is that I'm just not sure exactly how it works. I haven't found, like, one of the sparrows or something that explains it. Idk if it's like, the tempo of the song, or the rhythm, or what.
  11. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    Ug. I enjoy the combo system but it's hard to learn at first.
  12. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    patched and started, woot. Who needs to pay attention in chemistry and learn what a De Broglie Wavelength. I have more important things to do.
  13. Jarvi

    Mother 3

    you better be ready
  14. They're balanced for level 80. Least that's what I've read in interviews.
  15. idk bout you guys, but I'm just happy with my new Silithid and Core Hound pets
  16. Blizzard epic fails on getting the servers back online
  17. Sadly, it kind of does. Here, use this PM from ukeke that I have in my inbox as comparison
  18. Why does one of these threads pop up like, every other month? apparantly OCR is like, a hot spot for romance gurus.
  19. Jarvi

    Fable 2

    I know there was one glitch where you bet the minimum amount, but then before it actually starts, you raise the bet to the max. It only takes money at the minimum amount, but you'll win as if you had bet the max amount.
  20. Jam, what is Lucario's chain grab? I know if you're facing a noob, you can chain his side-b (which I do regularly against my friends), but against anyone who knows how to DI, it's not very effective.
  21. Indeed, there's SO MUCH more story that's written in the books, but it all just got thrown aside in Halo2/3
  22. Jarvi

    Heroes: Villains

    well, the way I understood it was that the adrenaline activated the powers, which is why he makes a comment about adding adrenaline for instant results, but I could be totally wrong, as these were the first 2 episodes I've ever seen.
  23. I had no idea that song was by Disturbed O_o I just remember it from the Queen of the Damned.
  24. How much for Ikaruga? I wouldn't mind finally getting it, since I've been looking for it like, forever.
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