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  1. wow, this song is godly. I clicked it just thinking hey, that looks like a dancing mad mix (just looking at the Dancing part and it being an FFVI mix. When I finished listening to it I was just in awe. 10/10, can't wait for the next part.
  2. Amazing, WoW people are pitiful http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=104563181&sid=1
  3. ya, I just leave my comp on all day, chugging away on my 9th WU atm
  4. I dled it and completed my first WU so I'm on the list now, yay
  5. Played it all the way to the final boss, and got owned in the secon d form, have't really tried again since then.
  6. you probably should have included the 2-3 sentance thing in the part, that's why I didn't see it the first time
  7. Sounded like top 3 to me when I was reading it, that's what I sent in
  8. Well it's definantly OLR, and that's about all I can say right now since I only listened to the first track. Might edit this post once I've listened to the whole thing, but it's very... interesting to put it nicely.
  9. Got a 1 gig flash drive for my friend, that's about it
  10. 300GB external hard drive, Red Steel, some speaks for my ipod, a nice pocket watch, and a digital camera are the main things.
  11. Although, it's earliest form's name, before it became the "trombone", was "sackbut". So in realty, it did change. Just very, very little. Kudos to anyone who happened to know that. Ya, my school also has the Awsome Sackbut Section as well as the SanBenito Highschool Insane Trombonists
  12. I think its loads better then Half-Blood Prince. When I heard that one, I thought it was crap. Of course its grown on me now, and it just seems natural. I'm hoping the same happens with this one. On another note, any idea as to what the hell the title is referring to? I may be remembering wrong, but isn't like something Hallow the town where his parent's lived when they were killed by Voldemort?
  13. All the people in my band are immature kids that crack "boner" jokes.
  14. I play trumpet in my highschool band, but we have about 6 trombonists and we're a pretty small group. A B C D F high low Is the grading system out here (well I assume everywhere, but hell, could just be California for all I know)
  15. The Grom vs Mannoroth would be cool, but it would just ruin how epic of a fight it was to have Grom and 40 random people or so. Though having a BG styled instance that's like the final battle of the War of the Ancients at Zin'Ashari or whatever the city was, ending with the destruction of the Well would be awsome.
  16. Didn't like the beginning all that much, but once it transitioned into a not so weird sounding part (damn I suck at describing things) it sounded a lot better.
  17. ya let us know if you need aid EDIT: Offer of about 67 troops sent, I don't have any money to lend so its the best I can do.
  18. ok so I'm nearing 5k income (gonna hit like 4.3k today) and I was wondering, how important is technology? Should I keep buying infrastructure for a while, or pick up some tech? Well thanks to any vets (or new people who know what they are doing) who can help me.
  19. gah if someone has a pig/spice combo please trade me, I really need it.
  20. hey Mi'kile, I sent you a trade offering cattle and lumber, hope you accept cuz I canceled one of my trades to trade with you instead. EDIT: Hmm what other religion worships Allah besides Islam and believes in reincarnation?
  21. I rarely post but I saw this thread and someone had mentioned like Nation States but more indepth, so I decided to sign up. Nation: Aldin Ruler: Eva999 Trade: Cattle, Lumber On the orange team.
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