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  1. My GOD why am I just now learning of this..... im soooo ashamed!
  2. I have the original 1-1250(?) compilation burned..... somwhere. I'll dig it up & force myself to listen to all of them this weekend.
  3. You know if the issue is with using Characters... you could simply use the "original" mythological characters at least that Espers are directly based on... because just like nursery rhymes, there is no copyright.. HELL even True Blood got in on Ifrit & Bacchus.
  4. If you rename it... the obvious choice is "Septic Sandy" btw this has made it onto my morning bike ride rotation.. Solid beat.
  5. This is so dirty Gritty & groovy... i dont think i want to shower just yet. I havent done any mixes since WinGroove was new so i dont have any really suggestions, but keep going in the direction youre moving.I'm personally not a big fan of synth bass so maybe a few less "growling instruments? Also a tight 808 drum would define the heavy more instead of being lost behind the melody...(so much for no suggestions) also that bit of flair at the end would work really nice in the middle somwhere too with a short dramatic pause before decsending into absolute lunacy. BTW the source title is In
  6. thats exactly what i was gonna post as soon as i saw this thread. 20 years later & it still remains unbeaten by me.
  7. Drum loop IS dead on along with the ambience. Melody taken to either a half octave or a sharp i honestly cant tell. right this moment i have them both playing in perfect synch and its a total match.... im pretty sure someone is entitled to something HUGE in this case..... Persue it, I would
  8. Turn them Down???! NO!! I want MORE ! BIGGER !! LOUDER !!! but i do agree This is the best Mines Mix yet & it shoots to the top Ranks of my OCR collection It also has earned a spot on My personal Mp3 Album OverClocked Off The Leash I listen to it all day at work & I never Wear out. (although i do tear thru batteris like water) I like alot of BeatDrop stuff & This is no exception i see nothing Wrong with this except the Shortness & Sudden End......but thats just my personal peeve.. i also wish Neighburgers by Protricity was Longer anyways Great Mix keep up the
  9. well I been listening to this mix every day for near a year now and it STILL kicks ass. now for those of you looking for the game itself , I cant help you . but there is a GBA version on the way {RCR EX} http://www.gamespot.com/gba/action/rivercityransom/news_6072386.html and thats about all I have to say about that
  10. well having never played SSBM, i wouldnt know how close this mix comes in comparison However...... any REALMetroid fan would instantly recognize the second part from the original game as the path to Kraid's hideout. all in all a great mix .... I know i like it
  11. slow & depressing... we're talking about DOOM2 right? WHAT THE HECK MOOD DID YOU EXPECT !!!!?
  12. : looks at current home projects : looks @ TLS.. : looks @ home projects again : looks @ self in mirror Dude .... I hate you ...that ..was Fugginawsomestuff
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