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  1. I'm really digging the stage music they've released so far: Music is being done by Tee Lopes, who has done a ton of Sonic remixes among other things: https://www.youtube.com/user/teezord/videos
  2. how did i get here i am not good with computer

  3. I've been playing for a while now... I try to play a few rounds a day at least. I'm usually on in the early afternoon, but my schedule is pretty open at the moment. If anyone wants to look for me in game, just add my name to the social list.
  4. It's a little late, and Powerglove is almost done, but Protomen will be up soon. We've got live streaming radio of the concert! http://magradio.org Edit: Mirror: http://operations.powerfrag.fm:2112/pf-128k.mp3
  5. I should be able to host a few people at my place if need be, and I'm certainly interested in a meetup.
  6. Nice. Haven't seen the episode yet, but it sounds like they use it to some extent as the cut for that scene as well.
  7. For those of you that want a link to the song and/or his album: http://www.last.fm/music/zircon/_/Warhead?autostart
  8. how did i get here i am not good with computer Also, happy birthday CHz
  9. Congrats, both of you! I know I already said as much in #ocremix, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to say so here as well.
  10. PosiBolt

    Game Damage

    Interesting. Watching it now. Yahtzee looks like he hates everything, but they're probably paying him good money to be there.
  11. I really should play more TF2. I can't have Brushfire going around saying he's the best medic for OCR, after all. It would be more accurate to say that he is *currently* the best medic, but only because I stopped playing.
  12. I've got a few midi's on VGMusic myself.
  13. More like starla suggested 5pm PST, but same thing. I get off work at 6:30 CST, so it's a good time to start.
  14. True, but what's done is done. Whether or not it was a mistake or ignorance, they're doing what they can to undo it.
  15. Apparently Valve is planning on clearing all achievements from anyone that used the developer commands to give themselves the new weapons from the medic patch last night. They're not happy that people were using those commands. No bans at least, but ALL of your achievements will be lost. I'm assuming they're also going to be blocking the commands from future use.
  16. Potentially interested, depending on what kind of costs we're talking about.
  17. You could always try to power cycle your modem to get a new IP. The bans for the minor stuff aren't very specific. Just make sure that you don't use a nick that they don't like when you re-join. At the very least, you can get back on the server and go to #etg at that point to argue your case if the nick you were using was legit.
  18. Yeah, you'd have to ask ETG about it at that point. I've seen it happen when someone changes their nick to something like 'x' or one of the ETG ops nicks, but not for someone with just a regular nick. If you continue to have problems, let me know, and i'll see what I can do to look into it.
  19. I'll take a shot at it. Never done anything like it before, but there's a first time for everything.
  20. Maybe. Either that or your eyesight is going bad. From what i've seen of Blue Dragon, the graphics are very nice looking, especially on a HD tv. Hopefully the story will be good enough to make this a nice, much needed, addition to the 360's RPG lineup. If it's anything like some of the other games that have used the same art style, then i'm looking forward to a nice long RPG full of awesome story and gameplay.
  21. PosiBolt

    Blue Dragon

    Got the standard Gamestop call today, saying Blue Dragon would be available for pickup tomorrow... a little bit earlier than I thought it was getting released. Seems it snuck up on the release date. Anyone else looking forward to getting this? I've played the demo off of XBox Live, and it looked really good. Same art style as the Dragon Quest games, and seemed to have really good voice acting and story as far as I could tell. Of course, what with Persona 3 and Metroid Prime 3 still on my plate, it may be a while before I have time to play it...
  22. Voted. It'd be nice to see a band like them opening at a concert.
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