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  1. 1. Alph (Luminous Arc) 2. Vyse (Skies of Arcadia) 3. Saren (Mass Effect)
  2. I really like what I'm hearing in the song excerpts on the demo track. The excerpt from 0:43-1:05 with the vocals and the last excerpt with the gratuitous guitar solo both stood out as tracks I think I'll be listening to a lot I have a lot of a love for nujabes (I own two of the Samurai Champloo OSTs and love their tracks) so any music that's drawing inspiration from them is something I'll be well interested to check out in full. Also, I just finished listening to your Chrono Trigger remix. Congratulations on getting it posted, I think it's a wonderful take on a classic source tune.
  3. Big giant congratulations! I checked out the preview video on the OCR email and was totally sold. Just bought it off Bandcamp and I can't wait for the download to finish so I can dive into the almost-chiptune goodness.
  4. I'll echo a few of the ones mentioned above - I really like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Do as Infinity and Orange Range. But my favourite Japanese group is a hip-hop group (which is odd for me since I'm not a huge fan of the majority of western hip-hop) nobodyknows+ Oh, and my second favourite Japanese music group would be electronica duo Boom Boom Satellites, whose music you'd know if you've ever seen the film Appleseed.
  5. Agreed, I have a love affair with that song going back several years, and this cover is solid gold. I'll be buying this tape as soon as the store gets back on speaking terms with paypal. EDIT: Well paypal seems to be a little screwy today, but I finally got my order through, and bought a copy of Bremelanotide for good measure (despite already having downloaded it some time ago - I <3 My Gay Shirt)
  6. US$50 donated. Considering I listen to some OCRemixes more often than some other music I've paid good (or bad) money for, it's the least I can do.
  7. Hi Beatdrop, another lurker chiming in with my 5 cents worth. I've been a big fan of yours since I first heard your Antimatter remix (which is still one of my favourites on this whole site) and I always enjoy hearing your new remixes. That said, I have also listened to In The Dark more times than I could say, and was eagerly looking forward to Revolution. I was a bit late in actually getting it though, so I'd planned to listen to it a few more times before posting. But since this thread might be going the way of the dodo soon I'd just like to say that on the two occasions I've listened to this so far I've enjoyed it immensely. The opening crunch on The Collapse made me smile, since it evoked Antimatter to me. Some of the other stand out tracks for me were Flash and Revolution. Blood Inside I liked too, I wasn't really expecting to after AnSo's comments, but I found the bell-like lead to be a cool effect. I'm also a big fan of both hyperactive DDR music and Scooter, so at no time did the vocals detract from the musical experience for me So yeah, it's a shame more people haven't posted on here, but from this fan, please don't stop making awesome music! I can't wait to hear more from you.
  8. Seconded, I got the full series of Teknoman (also known as Star Knight Tekkaman Blade) a while ago, since it was the first anime I ever saw when I was a kid. It hadn't aged quite as well as I'd hoped, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. Also, it's a couple of years earlier than you're looking for, but the Captain Herlock film The Arcadia of My Youth and the slightly earlier series are fun space opera that I still enjoy.
  9. 1/ Chrono Trigger 2/ Earthbound 3/ Secret of Mana 4/ Unirally (Uniracers in the US) 5/ Kirby Super Star I'd vote for Lufia 2 so it can get some more love, but I already own it
  10. I just remembered a couple of good DnB mixes I downloaded a while ago from this site -> http://www.wayzdnb.com/podcast/index.php I haven't listened to them all, but I can really recommend the Sounds of... Mix No. 3.
  11. One truly excellent CD I have in my collection is "Skool of Hard Knocks", mixed by Bad Company UK. It's a few years old now (2k4) but it's 100% pure Drum and Bass and 100% pure awesome, from around 16 DnB artists. I have friends who are right into Drum and Bass, but the only groups I've really followed myself are Pendulum and Concord Dawn. Oh, and Matrix & Futurebound; their album Universal Truth is well worth checking out. Also, you're probably well aware of the site, but Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music might have some leads worth following for you. Hope that helps. EDIT: Just mentioned this to one of my above mentioned friends, and he suggested a 3CD compilation - Drum & Bass Essentials, Mixed by DJ Hype - that might fit what you're looking for.
  12. OK, the OCR Hoodie I've been meaning to buy for the last... eesh, two years or so, has finally been bought. And also, +$20 to DJP because I'm missing the 1 key on my keyboard xD
  13. Woo! Congratulations Pixietricks, and also to Zircon and SGX! I only found out about Ourstage last night when I got Zircon's email about it, but I had a good time judging (I may have lost a couple of hours sleep judging all 666 battles, but that's nothing new ^^) I gave you all "By far's" of course. Besides your tracks, which I really liked, I also quite liked "I'd fly to the moon", "People and Private Music" and "Tanks Made of Orchids".
  14. That pretty much IS the normal release price for a game in Australia (Unless it's PS3, which is like $120), and interestingly enough, I just bought myself The Orange Box for $99.95 earlier today. ... and from the title of this thread, I was about ready to start kicking myself, since the main reason I bought it was for Portal and if I could've gotten the full thing for free... Fortunately or un-, that's not the case, so no kicking need occur.
  15. Agreed, Flight of the Conchords are brilliant. I have their "Folk the World Tour" Album, which is pure random genius. My favourite tracks would be Bowie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR2L98gobTQ , and Albi the Racist Dragon - .
  16. I started playing around Ice Age/Mirage with a bunch of friends in primary school whose older brothers played. Although our grasp of the rules was basic at best. But anyway, I kept playing til about Exodus then stopped until 7th/Odyssey came out and I haven't stopped since. Although I didn't start playing in sanctioned tournaments (ie Prereleases and FNM) til around Darksteel. And I'm still mainly a casual player; I have no real interest in spending a small fortune on lands just to have a competitive standard deck.
  17. Sorry I didn't get back sooner... things are so backwards in Adelaide after all... It's okay that the meetup'll still be on the 30th, I only commented in the first place cos I happened to see the thread listed on the front page. And the weekend of the 23rd I'm flying in Saturday morning, going to the concert in the afternoon and flying out the next morning, so I probably wouldn't've been able to be at much of the meetup anyway.
  18. Ha, I'm going to be in Sydney the weekend before that for the PLAY! Symphony, but living in Adelaide it's a bit too much of a hassle (and too expensive!) to go to Sydney two weekends in row, even if it does sound like fun. Maybe next year
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