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  1. this song rules, man. Stumbling upon your old website a few years back got me interested in vg remixes in the first place. I am eternally grateful. Keep the quality beats coming!
  2. good work taking the time to compile all the links we now recognize how worked up you are about his apparently traumatizing controversy please take a deep breath, it'll be okay
  3. final fantasy 2 town tribute by noppz final fantasy 4 rydia by kaijin zelda 3 crystals of kakariko by protricity and noppz final fantasy 7 sleep my sephy by pot hocket (dunno if its a ocr. on votl)
  4. this is hands-down one of the most entertaining remixes I've ever heard. hell, it's probably one of the best songs I've heard. i literally can't stop listening
  5. this song is amazing. loved bazooie's version and can't stop listening to this one. yet another shining testament to the diversity of this site's music collection
  6. Gamefaqs is good in that it is an aggregation of user-created reviews. The users are probably biased though and most people only post a review only if they really love or really hate the game, kind of like the review system here (but with music). I've found Metacritic to basically be a step up of gamefaqs, the same thing just an aggregation of commercial reviewers. That aside the guy who was fired was a completely awful reviewer. And I'm not saying that just as an IGN fan, for being one of the main reviewers/editors of GameSpot, he was nothing short of terrible. I remember seeing someone post quotes from his reviews of TP and Halo 3 and they had nearly identical downsides (not much new, etc.), except one he downrated considerably for while the other he scraped aside as nothing. I hope gamers read his reviews and demand for some real reviewers, not these guys who write like 35 year old EB Games salesman rejects
  7. wow, never thought i'd hear a remix that sounded like this. high quality work
  8. the ds freakin owns. jam sessions is fun as hell
  9. keep up man. not every song is destined for posting but that doesn't make it bad. that judge who is posting here doesn't really understand how to give criticism maturely. keep your head up!
  10. having just finished shadow of the colossus for the first time i wanna say this mix is AWESOME /10
  11. Wow, this has come a long way. I remember downloading the first version and i still love it. I greatly look forward to seeing this (possibly) posted! Keep it up
  12. i got resident evil 4 used from them back in december. they shipped USPS and the game literally looked brand new. came with case, instructions, and everything. it was a nice change of pace from the garbage ebgames.com. i've bought used games twice online from eb and BOTH times the games were scratched so much they couldn't even be played.
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