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  1. Same here Been there, done that. Yet I see you two share so many things in Common, Creating MUSIC Of coruse! So congratulation! But If you'd allow me to ask, why do you need or feel to get engaged and married in the first place? Getting engaged comes as a need to show someone your love now? I'm just wondering for I do nto understand it anymore... But I respect it and Whish you the best! *bows* Best of luck! -Moguri
  2. The main theme song/ tune for the Red Violin movie.
  3. No to Zircon's Kitchen. Needs more scrubbing after the pudding.
  4. "Residents of Quebec are eligible to compete but are not eligible for prizes" Wow this is sooo wrong.... Hello discrimination or what? Why can't we win the prize on wait wait let me take a guess... " 'cause we speak French too!? I can hardly believe that but isn't it the only difference? Could someone Really explain me in Legalese why Quebec is so often left out in this matter (Contests)? Every time there's a Pan-Canadian Contest Quebec's always left behind...Why that? I really can feel the love of Canada's Bi-cultural and bilingualism. *sarcasm* Oh and lastly, just in case, Please leave your French-bashing at the door step. I love Canada and it's two main cultures;)
  5. Well Aren't I glad and surprised to see the company is actually from My nick of the world. I'll sure as hell buy it then! Gotta support local game producers.
  6. "What are you asking for for Christmas?" the Original poster on a silver plate... No seriously I intend to donate all of my Christmas gifts which will be money to charity. and Send my best wishes to Reuben's Family in Singapore since it's rather close to Hong Kong.
  7. Truly impressive! A Very interesting arrangement!wonderful use of a choir!
  8. Moguri

    Nintendo Wii

    Lovely! *grins* I could actually apply me being bilingual! Well Now, I just need a bloody green card! *chuckles* -Mog
  9. Truly a powerful well-balanced Dark remix of the Castle tune in Super Mario World 1. I could easily Picture this as it plays: Dark clouds seen from Bowser's keep (first thunders) as seen from the Mushroom kingdom [0:00 to 0:30] then Mario Going up That same Keep quickly jumping through the dry bones and Twhomps et all...[0:30 to 0:50] then opens the Final Red doors and Fight Bowser [1:05]As they fight Bowser Is winning over Mario and And Final Have the open hand then throws his unconscious (or dead?) body out of the window(1:45) as she slowly falls(slow-mo), his inanimate body can be seen bruised, broken in a puddle (rain), back against the Keep stone wall his now Torn red cap soaked with mud.[1:55] Means while having triumphed Bowser Prepare his army call them to arm in a hall, the minions get ready...[2:12]and Starts to march towards Toad town under Bowser's eyes atop his keep. [2:20] While in Toad-town everything seems normal but...[2:30].....[2:40]A strange storm (or is it smoke or dust?) is coming toward Toad-town. [2:40]Not it's Bowser's Army! [2:48] Toad-town is in flame it's citizens are heartlessly murdered... Then At Peach Castle...[2:50 to 2:58] same bloodshed but then a familiar Conquering silhouette can be seen approaching the throne room's door and opening them wide as thunder clap and rumbles through the windows![2:59]Peach tires to Run away from Bowser's grasp yelling in fear of the End coming nigh! But obviously Fails as Bowser, with an evil grin, [3:08] Slowly lift her by her throat and her legs struggles in the air, in vain.... And, by an high windows with more thunder and slowly but surely,[3:17] Bowser Strangles her, till death....[3:30]The Smoking ruins of Peach castle and Toad-town can be seen with Bowser resting on his right knee proudly next to His flag about the rubbles of the ruins as fire and thunders and rain can be heard and seen...The Epitome of Evil... GAME OVER[3:29 till End] Someone should render this Visually by Flash or IF not Full 3d *chuckles* *bows deeply* My Respect You are Truly A master! *grins* -Mog
  10. Lovely Background I wish I had a bit more skill and mostly more time to do something half decent...