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  1. Refresh. It took me a few times. Not much going on, just some Iwata Asks about Zelda and the 3DS.
  2. This was one of Nintendo's greatest E3 conferences ever, I believe.
  3. hell yeah boyeeeeee HOLY SHIT KID ICARUS 3DS
  4. Motion sensor, gyroscope, touch screen, analog stick, and a 3D effect slider. You're probably spot-on for that tracking system, Damned, but I'm sure we'll find out (I hope). Oh, he's talking about it. 3D pictures, I like it. How to Train Your Dragon on my DS? Yes please. I loved that movie.
  5. Wish granted, Damned. Looks sexy.
  6. 3DS now. This should be interesting.
  7. DONKEY KONG just like the old DKC games! YES!
  8. So I just showed up and HOLY SHIT NEW ZELDA AND GOLDENEYE AND KIRBY AND I AM NOW WATCHING THIS LIVE <3 I missed the Zelda video. I'll have to watch it later. Was it sexellent? Edit: METROID FUCK YEAH
  9. I think you said it best earlier.
  10. Sentries are difficult to most classes save Demo and Soldier, and most of the time they're pushing the front lines. Spies can sneak around and disable both the gun and the engineer. Sentries are also only occasionally the last line of defense, I've seen plenty of Engies build their stuff far up to create a first line of defense. It's a different playstyle that I can certainly see advantages for, especially on maps like Dustbowl or Goldrush where sentries can and have stymied pushes. If there's no Uber around, or able to get to the front lines intact, spies can shut down those defensive points and let the team push forward. In addition, sentries with a constant Engie guard can be annoying even for spies, and they're not always super incredibly easy, especially if there's more than just the Engie around. Taking out sentries is just a different way to help the team, plus taking out enemy medics and the top attacker are never as easy as they sound. Ever.
  11. That's not him patting himself on the back, it's acknowledging a fact, like if Frogg called himself a great Heavy. Okay, maybe not to that degree, but same basic principle. I'm fairly sure we can count Paranoid as one of the best Spies on the server, owing as he until recently had the most knife kills, and is rather well known for being a great spy among the regulars.
  12. So rather than assisting someone else in their problem, you're instead going to act like you're five and lord your supposed superiority over their head? Classy.
  13. If I had to guess, Paranoid, your computer might be overheating. You may recall I've had that problem a few times where my lapop gets too hot and then simply shuts down with no warning. Could be that something's screwed up there. See if it shuts down with any other programs - mine's done it with TF 2, L4D2, Titan Quest, and twice when a friend was playing World of Warcraft.
  14. Oh dammit Paranoid, there goes my entire day.
  15. Also hi guys, I'm Lale. I think this is first time I'm posting in this thread.
  16. Of the Dave 'n' Phil duo, I'm the Phil. First off, thanks everyone for the votes. We worked hard on this. Second, though David gives me mad props for the lyrics, I couldn't have finished them without his help. Indeed, he contributed at least as much as I did on that end. Thirdly, Dave was awesome with the melody choices - I've got a decent hand at writing lyrics, but my music writing skills are crap. I'm very glad his melodies got compliments. Fourth: We both knew his voice wasn't well suited to rock music, but we went with his mostly because I took the lion's share of the vocal work for the first VOCR, and my voice is nowhere near as good as Dave's is (though it isn't half bad). His voice also has a much greater range, which was needed for this, so I stuck to backup vocals, and it worked out great. 5th, the music/voice balance is something we've always struggled with when recording. We'll devote some extra time into this for the next VOCR - owing as we're both college students, we were struggling to fit in an afternoon where we could record and master. We got it all done, but our tracks do need lots of polish. Sixish, as David told you, the ending laughter is from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, an excellent 45ish minute online musical about a low-rent supervillain. It was written by Joss Whedon and stars Niel Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillian, and Felicia Day. It's got fantastic music and is a great film. Go see it at www.drhorrible.com (or just check the link in my signature). And lastly, thanks again for the votes and comments. We did so-so in the first VOCR and missed the second one, so going from not placing at all to winning is quite the surprise. Hope to see y'all for VOCR 4 (provided a hurricane doesn't wipe us out).
  17. Zolborn (Karth) and I managed to overcome the large and threatening presence of Hurricane Gustav to finish our entry up and submit it. Can't wait to hear the others!
  18. Karth and I are working on something. Lyrics are done, recording's mostly done, and we should be ready in time for the due date. Also, I haven't been around here for a while. Hi people!
  19. Yes, finally! I've been waiting for the third one to start up. Gotta contact Zolborn now...
  20. The one last year was unique. It was spontaneous, funny, sure. This year, I expected there to be some, and sure enough, here they are. Jackasses making themselves grin like idiots while ruining it for others who have been waiting for something like this, hoping and counting down until that moment arrived when they could figure things out for themselves. Sorry if I sound overly bitter or angry, I'm just really ticked at how some people can just be asses over stuff like this.
  21. I've got 163, but at full capacity it held around 230 or so. Some of it's OCR, most of it is just random stuff.
  22. That would be so BAD! No srsly. With all the rumblings of a PSP redesign, I think Nintendo's happy with the DS Lite, and I would honestly be surprised if they released another redesigm somewhere down the road.
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