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  1. For my dad, 50 Weapons That Changed Warfare. For my bro, The Space Quest Collection. For my mom, a CD by some stupid country singer. For my girl, earrings. For my grand- and godparents, I made calendars with pictures of our family.
  2. Two Wii games, and extra Wiimote, a USB Missile Launcher, a few books, and a Despair, Inc. Calendar I'm not that spoiled.
  3. TOEJAM AND EARL FINALLY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >_> *throws a tomato in the general direction of a random person* Super Castlevania IV's fun also. Go Nintendo for the awesome Christmas presents.
  4. I think stuff just didn't work out this time, Pixie. It was just bad luck. People want to participate, they just can't. It isn't a lack of interest, that's for sure.
  5. I myself am not sick, but the other two people I';m singing with have gotten the death flu of suckiness. So, the extended deadline would be really (PSI) rockin'.
  6. Seriously though, that sucks. If y'all remember Shas'Vre, he's on his third Wii. The other two just quit on him, like yours did. A rather big stroke of bad luck. Mine's working fine, although the wireless was a pain to set up. Stupid D-Link.
  7. 1495-3289-8226-1380 Finally got mine online. Friggin wireless router...
  8. 15 minutes. Thank God for pre-orders.
  9. The day companies stop making crappy ports will be the Second Coming of Christ. no srsly tho, ports are a cheap, easy way to make a buck, but with crap like Far Cry coming out, I hope gamers realize that companies are just getting lazier with them and not buy them. The same goes for licensed games (I'm looking at you, every movie game ever). And to be honest, Ubisoft is at least supporting the Wii. Rayman's pretty good from what I hear, and Red Steel's gotten mixed reviews. The new POP port will be useful to those who haven't played it yet (coughmecough). I hope they add enough new stuff to practically make it a new game. Companies need to learn that people want either (A) really good ports or ( original games. I mean, wasn't more than half the Wii and PS3 launch line-up ports? It's ridiculous. Also, Nintendo, let's see some online support! But I really have little to complain about. Good launch line up, Zelda's keeping me occupied, and my friends/family love Wii Sports, so it all works out. Also: WHY IS THERE NO TOEJAM AND EARL ON VIRTUAL CONSOLE YET?!? No one cares about Tennis, put the REAL games on.
  10. Is there an FAQ on boxing or something? It's fun, but I can't figure out what gestures trigger uppercuts or hooks. I just punch most of the time. Any ideas or help on this? Also, I just finished the 5th dungeon on Zelda. Freaking awesome, that game.
  11. So Zolborn and I are working on this together. Can we, or do we need to work on separate entries?
  12. Dammit, Kitsuta, stop bragging! You should find that other guy from the Wii thread who got an early Wii and tell us how awesome it is. Man, now I regret reserving it at GameStop. Who else is going to be able to play it on Sunday morning?
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