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  1. ....and there's something bad about a developer's blog, which will be an easy way of getting news and info about the game to the public without having to go through news sites?
  2. Well, it says "today", so I can only assume we have to wait a few more hours.
  3. ...what the crap?!? What the hell does THAT mean?
  4. Huh. They must be updating now, the countdown image is broken. All should be revealed soon...
  5. If that's the case, it'll be updated at...10 AM Central in the U.S, provided my cell phone's world clock is correct.
  6. Guitar Hero - YES This was and still is one of the great music games, and it remains one of the best party games. Good for beginners through experts, it deserves to be on this list. Metroid Prime - YES One of the finest games ever, this game was a grand new title in the Metroid Legacy. The sense of scale and loneliness it offered was one not seen again until Shadow of the Colossus. A great blend of the FPS and adventure genre.
  7. Soul Calibur 2 was pretty good, and that was 3D.
  8. Nintendo DS: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Say what you like, the games are still good.) Can we include GBA games, cause those can be played on the DS? If so: Final Fantasy V Advance Final Fantasy VI Advance Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Zelda: A Link To The Past/Four Swords Metroid: Zero Mission Golden Sun
  9. Hmm..Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and Final Fantasy VI Advance. Or V Advance. Or IV Advance.
  10. ...what, nothing about Crysis or Assasain's Creed? Those looks ungodly good.
  11. I asked, both of y'all answered, and thanks very much. In other Wii-ish related news, Spore's been pushed back to mid 2008 earliest, and since there was a rumor there was a Wii version in the works, it's rather depressing. Discuss.
  12. So as much as I love my Wii, I've been pondering getting a 360. Assasain's Creed has me veeeeery intrested, but that seems it, as I'm not much up on 360 news. Any 360 owners who also have a Wii out here? Are there other big-name games hitting the 360 soon? Would it be worth the investment?
  13. So in this one, is everyone a winner?
  14. That's awesome, Beatdrop, congrats. I'll get my DDR playing friend to do your song an tell me how badly she failed it because she just can't keep up. Or whatever.
  15. Sounds vaguely like Shadow of the Colossus.
  16. As the guy says in his comments, that's not Master Chief. That's the female Spartan from DOA 4. She had a cameo role as a playable character.
  17. Awesome, thanks Bigfoot. I can go early and grab a voucher if they do that kind of thing. It is nice to have some inside info.
  18. I have no idea where my little thing is. I've always got a GBA game of some kind in mine (FF 6 Advance right now), so it never bothers me, and it still fits in my pocket just fine. Whoever was talking about the fingerprint marks, someone actually went and de-polished his black DS Lite. I saw it on a website a while ago, can't remember where now. I'll look for the link.
  19. If Game and Watch ever grabbed the metal box, it was a pretty cool thing to see. He would fatten out a little, go all 3D and turn all shiny, like a spoon. Try it sometime if you haven't yet.
  20. Thanks for the tip Bigfoot, I'll give them a try tomorrow to see if mine's getting some consoles.
  21. Okay, I think this whole thing has gone way out of hand. For one thing, no one seems to be listening to him...or caring about what he says. I've been reading the thread, and it seems that, of all the stuff in there, about two people have provided proof he stole MIDIs, and no one has provided proof he's got pirated samples. This seems to be just one big witch hunt. Now, admittedly, the circumstances of his closing ZREO are suspicious, and I did go to the site for a while, but these guys seem to be blowing this waaaaaaay out of proportion. They're MIDIs, people. If he stole someone's creatively arranged MIDI, then yes that's stealing..otherwise, they just Zelda MIDIs, which you can find anywhere and are based off of the original sounds regardless. If ripping MIDIs is hard work, then I guess I must not be seeing this the right way, but it seems to me that anyone can make a MIDI of a song, provided they have the right programs and whatnot. So, to sum up: Yes, the Hylia theme sounds exactly alike...provide proof of other songs, please, and provide proof of pirated samples before you start wailing on this guy. Also, as far as I can tell, he didn't steal any money..it was all donated, and he says he'll use it to keep the website up, so he's not really gaining any personal profit from this.
  22. Yeah, that's what all devs say...but how many games do you know that were changed during development to become radically better? They always say there's time to fix the kinks, but they're rarely fixed.
  23. Actually, that would be pretty cool. I might pick this up, as I never got a chance to grab the GCN version. My video game playing is still dominated by my parents, but I'm going to college next semester, so I can gain freedom and pick up stuff like Assassin's Creed, Crysis, and RE 4.
  24. Katamari hoo hah. In other news, I've been tasked to find a Wii for my cousins, which at this point is like trying to find Atlantis. Anyone having any information that could help me out? Advance circulars I can check, shipment stuff, anything? For reference, I live around New Orleans.
  25. Bow chicka bow wow! Sorry, that joke's probably been made about six billion times by now.
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