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  1. Yeah, like some guys from an Japanese game never released in America, or a whole bunch of Pokemon, or an old Nintendo mascot for some handheld games, or another old mascot duo from the NES era, or...
  2. Sounds good to me, and I know a musically talented composer friend I can ask. I'll contribute my voice to it as well.
  3. Now no, come gents and ladies, can't we all just settle out differences like good little Internet denizens, where we shout and bitch and TYPE IN ALL CAPS and call the other person a fag? That's the real way to settle this conflict.
  4. In that case, go Wii! Also, owing as Nintendo does nothing except video games, I think we can count it regardless....if I included Sony.com and microsoft.com, I'm sure they would be far larger, as both do more than just game consoles.
  5. Time to settle these console wars once and for all: The estimated value of http://nintendo.com is: $173,710,400 The estimated value of http://xbox.com is: $64,184,000 The estimated value of http://playstation.com is: $154,354,000 Nintendo wins. And now let's compare the franchises: The estimated value of http://bungie.net is: $10,607,400 The estimated value of http://zelda.com is: $68,110 (O_o) The estimated value of http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/english/index.html is: $1,251,800 Halo wins by clear margin. Granted, the Zelda site itself is a specific game site, whereas the other two are for the company, but I couldn't find specific MGS and Halo sites. And just for kicks and giggles: The estimated value of http://ytmnd.com is: $19,062,400.
  6. Not to mention that the Sixaxis was pretty much ripped off of the Wiimote, and that whole innovation award was given to the PS 3 as a whole. Not sure why, I don't know see the innovation myself, but I guess they did. That's the only problem with fan magazines - all are guilty of having waaaaay to much fanboyism. Of course, they are fan magazines and are expected to be biased, that's a duh, but saying that Gundam is better than TP? That's how you can tell when they're going a bit too far and looking past a fairly obvious truth.
  7. Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it...oh screw the song. Happy birthday, Pixie. Don't get too drunk tonight and wake up the next morning on top of the roof of a nearby apartment complex wearing your clothes inside out and a small dog named "Pookie" next to you. Cause that would be bad.
  8. Zolborn and I didn't record fast enough. Guess we need to try harder for next time. Votes forthcoming!
  9. Yeah, after the ceremony, they could march down the aisle to the Final Fantasy victory theme. no srsly tho, congrats man. Here's to a long life and a happy marriage.
  10. I'm more in it to test myself and have fun. I rarely get a chance to show off my (lack of) singing skills, so I take every one I can get.
  11. This thread isn't getting as much love as it did first time around, probably cause it isn't on the front page anymore. So, bump for more entries.
  12. Okay, so I got it into disc mode, the computer still doesn't recognize it, and if I try to reset it, it goes back to sad ipod icon. Stupid thing. Edit: and when I plug it into the computer, it freezes.
  13. Unfortunately my computer won't find it, and it was bought about 4 to 5 months ago, back in August. Anything I can do aside from paying for a whole new one?
  14. Personally, I feel the PS4 is unlikely for the next cycle. As Sony has said, they feel that the PS3 is more than enough for both this and next generation. I think that's a load of bull, but I may be proven wrong (though I don't think it). Microsoft's 360 is certainly showing strong, so they'll most certainly have a new console. Nintendo's success with the Wii is probably enough to encourage them for a new console as well. I feel that, depending on the Wii's success, the new trend won't be graphics, it'll be innovation. The new controller seems to have really taken off, and I like that. I'm sure graphics will be bumped up, but I think that companies will be trying to out-innovate rather than out-HD each other. I don't think a home console from Apple is likely, seeing as they seem to like the mobile market a lot more. (Of course, I also said that MS would probably never step into the home console market. ) I don't see a virtual reality home console for the next cycle, to be honest. I don't think the technology will be good enough to make it cheap, and I don't see any major company using it.
  15. I actually didn't buy this iPod, I got it used from my girlfriend (who got a new one for b-day). I've tried restore, but it won't find it on my computer. I can't revert to disc mode, tried that, so the only option is to send it off to get fixed or just pitch it. I can go back to CDs for a while, but I like it. And how long is the warranty on these? EDIT: and how do I format it without hooking it up to my computer? Is there a button sequence or something?
  16. So I've been recently liking my green iPod Mini a lot until the other day, when I apparently overloaded it by pushing two buttons too fast and now it's giving me a sad iPod icon. It must be fixed. So, here's the question I have: how's Apple's iPod repair service? How much will I have to pay? Is it ultimately worth sending it in, or should I just ditch it and buy a new mp3 player?
  17. I will occasionally hum the FF victory theme after passing tests in school, and I once sang the Chocobo Robo Voice remix in class. No idea why, so don't ask.
  18. Now, Terra's Theme from FF 6. Previously, Starman, Dragostea Din Tei, Katamari Damacy, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, and Trogdor the Burninator.
  19. Zolborn and I lost (prolly didn't come close to winning), but I sure as heck learned a lot for the next VOCR. If anyone has any comments to offer on our submission (#11), I would be more than happy to hear them.
  20. The best example I've seen of stupid yet super human computer is in the Worms series of games, where they will regularly make seemingly impossible shots using the bazooka, yet will fail to notice that his guy is standing right next to an explosive barrel. In Smash, it's the same thing, where the computer uses seemingly impossible cheapness to kill you, yet you can easily win by figuring out their pattern.
  21. Wiiiiii! And stuff. >_> Man, I can't wait until Wednesday.
  22. I fully agree, I never though OCR had a lot of vocal talent, since there's few vocal remixes compared to standard ones. I've voted, and I gotta say, I don't think there's a chance Zolborn and I will win this one, too much good talent to compete against. Better luck next time! Maybe I can learn to sing by then....>_>
  23. I'm above the lake above the dot that says "Chocolate". Go Saints!
  24. Not really. Several of them still have comments intact.SPOILERS BELOW I especially love the one that says "Background music is a remix of Metalman's Theme from the NES game Mega Man 2; This arrangement is titled "Smooth Metal" by Zircon; original lyrics by Ghetto Lee Lewis and Reece Regino, performed by Ghetto Lee Lewis, final production and mastering by Ghetto Lee Lewis" Yours is recognizable too, as well as Flik's and 2p's. You should edit the tags better lol, just don't read the tags. It's not like I'm going to win this anyway. We got a lot better entries than I expected (I was expecting computer nerds from the internet who can't hold a note who own $5 mics or headsets). Also, this compo gave me a lot of ideas. I'm definitely going to try a different style next time. That would be me, but fortunately, Zolborn has a much better quality mic than I do, so if he hadn't been able to record us, you would have gotten that $5 recording you expected.
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