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  1. i haven't bought the cd's yet but all of the songs i've on this site i think are awesome.
  2. hyperlink6556

    OCR01443 - Mega Man 7 "Bombin' Shade of Blue"

    oh. well great mix. oh i didn't know that one part was also a ghost and goblins song.
  3. hyperlink6556

    OCR01443 - Mega Man 7 "Bombin' Shade of Blue"

    why is there mario at the end trenthian
  4. hyperlink6556

    OCR00413 - Mega Man "Set Me Up the Bomb Man"

    sounds like something they should put in megaman powered up
  5. hyperlink6556

    OCR00115 - Mega Man 3 "It's Boss Time"

    this would be great for a boss theme for one of the sonic adventure series close your eyes and you can picture sonic using his homing attack over and over again on some giant robotic boss
  6. hyperlink6556

    OCR01460 - Mega Man 3 "crystal potion"

    sounds like something youd hear on the weather
  7. hyperlink6556

    OCR00767 - Bomberman II "Bomberfuzz"

    this is cool and those japanese volcals show want i think bomberman sounds like
  8. hyperlink6556

    OCR01175 - Mega Man 2 "Chillout"

    download this or i will get tingle to hunt you down and spend all your rupees on tingle plushies