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  1. ugh, it uses the same three notes but they are just rearanged. If memory serves me correctly, lets say the original goes 1 2 3 yours goes like 2 3 1 (where 1,2 and 3 are seperate notes) The melody is similar, and so are the notes used, but they are just rearanges, therefore making it a different song.
  2. umm... no. Tell your friend he doesnt know what he is talking about.
  3. haha yea that happened to me before when I Was messing with sidechain imputs with a bunch of splitters and I think I made it side chain in to itself or something, man there was some crazy feedback there. But, I dont know, this specific thing seems weird to me, my guess is that it is some sort of bug.
  4. Not sure if I can ask for these here, or if they have been asked for, but I'll give it a shot. I'd like the Death sound effect from megaman three. As well as the sound effect for choosing to start the game. (I think there is one). Also the buster shooting, and I think thats it.
  5. I got in to piano at age 7. Quit then got in to producing music at age 15 (yay FL). Now Back in to piano. Started trying to remix tracks at 16 (yay Reason!). Now I'm 18 (well, might as well say 19) yay!
  6. oh its out now. Sweet, I'm going to have to get me a piece of that sweet buttox!
  7. I have personally found a foolproof way of changing tempo in the middle of a song in reason. Well this works for me anyways. I open Acid (5) and rewire it to reason. I use tempo change markers in acid to change the tempo in reason mid song, and it works flawlessly for me. You might wanna try that.
  8. well, since I use reason, perhaps I can shed some light on this. If you have the Quantizise button on while you are recording from a keyboard via midi, then the notes will attach to the closest note. (i.e. If you have it set on 1/2 notes, then everytime you press a key, it will only fall on 1/2 notes. So even if you are playing as fast as 1/16th notes, they will be layed down as 1/2 notes.) And thats the same for the other note values. Personally I like to play my piece, and then quantizise them. To do that, you just highlight every note you want quantizised, right click and choose quantizise. Then whatever value in the drop down box is there, thats how the notes will be quantizised. I hope this helped.
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