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  1. Well, I solved the mystery: Artist: Sirens Title: Something Album: Atmospheric Drum & Bass Vol. II (Mixed by Aphrodite)
  2. Any update on the identity of this track? And/or any artist/compilation that has the same funk vibe to it? Thanks!
  3. jon02129

    Xbox 360

    Hey all, can anyone tell me where i can start a game specific thread for Portal, and not have it closed? I really want to have a good thread on the connections of Portal and Half-Life. Frankly, i think im the first to discover this and really want to share (especially since i'm not a big HL guy, never finished one of them). PS: Has to do with Thanks!
  4. Don't think this was posted yet - Sony did NOT decapitate a goat:
  5. What sucks though is he still hasn't given credit to The Rabbit Joint, he's just no longer giving credit to SoaD. "Artist: NOT System of a Down like it says in the credits. Sorry, I goofed."
  6. Hm, looks like the bastard children of a Final Fantasy realm that got pillaged by pirates. Neat.
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    ATHF Movie

    After the media aired images of the alleged 'packages', they were bombarded with emails and phone calls from people who recognized the characters.
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    ATHF Movie

    Then i guess you'll be happy to hear they've made an arrest. Although I am really hoping this isn't blown out of proportion in court like it has already today. Turner hired a guerrilla marketing company,, and i'm guessing this guy in turn works for He was tyring to earn some easy money, but now the city is going to try and ruin his life. Aside from the obvious non-permitted fixtures he put up, what did he do wrong? As mentioned before, all these things were planted in NINE other major cities across the country, and have been there for aprox THREE WEEKS without any problems anywhere. Why? Because they don't look suspicious, its a piece of particle board with some LEDs and some D batteries. At night they glow like pub signs. What happened here is, at around 1:00pm, 4 people decided it would be funny to call the Boston PD and report 4 of the 30(+?) LED ATHF ads as SUSPICIOUS PACKAGES or possible BOMBS, and given they had already found AND blew up one earlier that morning (although it was deemed not harmful), the city wasn't going to take any chances. That's more fishy that this dude making some money on a neat little ad campaign.
  9. seems to be good for me so far. "If you want to upload files up to 100mb please register (it's free!). Each registered account has 2gb of storage available. " Hotlinking allowed. =]