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  1. Buy a zune HD. You wont regret your purchase. Honestly if you want to stick with YOUR ipod and not get a new one, you're gonna have to go with apple on this one. I've torn apart a few ipods and only gotten one to work properly after dis-assembly.
  2. Only thing i know is im not going to trust Weirdboyscott on any of my couches ever again. Ever.
  3. i do have both consoles (actually every major recent platform outside of the DSI and PSPGO) I enjoyed my 360 and enjoy my PS3. the PS3 gets more use due to the fact that it has a a blu ray player, and its a wee bit better on the media streaming support (though i havent tried on the 360 in a while). I would recommend compiling a list of the exclusives that you want and see which platform has more of the ones you want to play. Get that one. or you could always do what i did, get one and in about 5 or 6 months get the other. That way you can have the best of both worlds
  4. eh, it evens out eventually. =D

  5. The reward is all of the mixes you have currently housed in your computer. The reward is being able to come to this site because it is still running because YOU helped take some of the bandwidth load. Children geez..
  6. Actually thats a good idea, im gonna change the process on the one im currently seeding to low. Thanks Aubrey.
  7. Ill bee seeding as much as possible, i might have to take em down every once in a while but my bandwidth is yours.
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