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  1. Wow, this is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing! Gonna get all this music now
  2. Uhh dunno if you wanna trade in Rock Band 1... Last I checked it traded in for like $2. And I don't think EB Games accepts drumsets anymore.
  3. I'm a pretty big lurker. Been around OC ReMix for a fair amount of time, finally decided to add an avatar a few days ago. I chose... Sonic~ Because he's awesome and I've liked him since I was like... young, lol. Chose this specific pose because the foot tapping thing is pretty amusing, I do it sometimes.
  4. Wow, I *need* to go to this. I'm gonna be driving back to Toronto from New Brunswick with friends on the 25, so I *might* be able to make a little detour for this.
  5. I watched the movie twice (once in IMAX). I read the reviews before I went, but I had my mind set on seeing it after I saw the trailer's racing scenes. I was expecting an almost F-Zero-like bright colours flying by rush and that was just what I got. It was awesome and I wasn't able to sleep for at least a couple hours after. Every time someone asked me about the movie I was just like 'dude... like wow.. it was awesome..'. *Really* hard to say if I liked this more than Iron Man though. I loved all the CG to death, for me it was the more colours the better. I didn't like the chimp and the kid scenes much though, but then, they were really short. I have not ever seen an episode of the original Speed Racer, but my friend who went with me had said it was quite similar to the show. I think the reviewers are a tiny bit crazy because this movie does NOT deserve the low rating it got.
  6. I donated what was left in my paypal account. So $5, haha~ Hope it helps a bit ^^
  7. Oh man... I check on OC Remix for the newest stuff and this is what catches my eye... I loved his music so much. I can barely listen to any of his music right now without being close to breaking into tears. I didn't even know him, but his music was so beautiful. I can't really type what I'm feeling right now. I'm just really saddened by this.
  8. When I saw this ReMix I thought it would be interesting to say the least. Like how could you do a song like Knuckle's theme? Well you did it amazingly~ I love how you brought in lyrics from so many of his level themes and his SA1 theme. I normally can't put up with rap/hip-hop that well, but I love listening to this song. And if it makes any difference, I got my friend, who refuses to listen to any OC ReMixes, to listen and say this song 'isn't bad'. Yeah, he says he likes all original tracks better and no ReMix is original. I get in an argument with him over it like once a week.. >>
  9. I musta got this song months ago and I still absolutely love it. It is definitely one of my faves on this site and I often find myself humming it, haha~
  10. Well, I live in TO, but May 5th is like insane for me, lol I have a Japanese exam on that day and it is the day after my Prom, haha Like anyday but May 5 and Anime North date(27-29). I'll go if I can drag a couple buds with me, which shouldn't be so hard.
  11. Like super congratulations~! You can bet I'ma get this game!
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