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  1. Actually, most of the Special Tracks, including Heads up for Tails, don't work. If you check the official website of Project Chaos, you'll find a solution to fix the broken tracks. http://www.projectchaos.info/php/news.php
  2. Man it would rocked if you entered, especially since this track really suits you. I LOVED what you did with Zircon's track in the last round. Now that's what I call rapping. You and Zyko pretty much kick ass when it comes to rapping it seems. Oh well...there's always round 3, which is hopefully sooner than later!
  3. I've been meaning comment on this remix for quite some time since Arabic is my first language. Your singing and choice of languages are wonderful, Star...very melodic and haunting. Your Arabic singing is mostly an Egyptian accent with a hint of Moroccan. That is to say, the lyrics and the way you say some words are typical Egyptian-style (e.g. ragani, gani, and gadeed...in traditional Arabic and some accents, these words with the letter "jeem" are typically pronounced with "j" sounds instead of "g") while the way you sing them is kind of different from that...like I said a hint of Moroccan accent somewhat. It's not broken, in fact it adds a very haunting effect. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I actually prefer the way you sing it over a typical Egyptian song. It's just that I didn't quite get what you were saying until I read the lyrics, which is normal. Of course, the other parts are as just as haunting...makes me wish I understood Hebrew...you seem quite fluent in that. I'm wonder how fluent are you in Arabic? As for the remix itself, well "Premonition" is perhaps my favorite track in Xenogears, so I'm glad you went with this one. Very nice electronic-based upbeat track compared to the rather ambient original song. The sounds are mostly aggressive, yet in the same time ambient with the violins, darkbua (Arabic drum a.k.a. Tar), and other Middle-Eastern instruments in the background. Excellent job, Star. This is one of my favorite videogame remixes ever. Edit: Going to nitpick the Arabic-to-English translation a bit. The final Arabic verse...I can't find a word which literally translates to "left" in the English translation. The word "ghiba" doesn't actually mean "left"...it's a term for people who speak badly of other people behind their backs..."verbal/spoken backstabbing" as people say. There's also another meaning to the word "ghiba", which is close to the actual translation written on OCR--"absence"..."Baad ghiba=after a period of absence". "He left" in Arabic translates to "Baad ma rah", or "Baad ma sabny" (After he left me), or "Baad thahabihi", etc...different accents use different words, the middle example is closest to Egyptian yet the final example is the proper Arabic one. Hope that helped.
  4. I still don't get why people don't visit the competition threads as much as they used to when there were no subforums. I mean technically...they're still within the general discussion only it's categorized now thus making threads much easier to find. Anyway, it's too bad Round 2 didn't get as much coverage as the last round. Still though, I think it's better that we're 4 entries since each participant has a fighting chance to shine. It would be cool if we get lots of votes, though. I also hope that there's a discussion on the entries after the winners are announced. About 3 days left until voting closes off, people. Go to that thread and listen to the music. NOW.
  5. Very nifty. Thanks. Now all is left is that Malcos sees this and puts a link in the first post.
  6. I guess it's more convenient to host the files separately AND offer a handy ZIP in the same time... I heard the latest versions of WinZip and WinRAR are compatible to each other's formats...
  7. Oooh...more exposure...I'm not sure whether to be excited or scared. Nonetheless, a week + general thread = great balls of fire. I hope the mods agree since this round is clearly overlooked compared to the first one. Just compare the number of views and enterants. BTW...I think you're on to an interesting idea/rule, Malcos. If the mods accept, I think it would be cool to move any compo to the general thread as soon as the voting process begins. Of course, that is if the organizer of the compo asks for more exposure. Then, they can move the compo thread back to this sub-forum after the voting process is over. I know it requires more work.... I'm itching to comment on the performances of the rest of my fellow vocalists, since it's obvious in my eyes on who sang what. It's hard to hold my tongue, but I will.
  8. I remembered because she mentioned it in the Vocal Remix Competition Round 2 thread. That plus there's an obvious reminder at the bottom of the main forums page. So anyway, happy birthday, Pixie. Hope you're enjoying your day. It's too bad you didn't have the time to contribute to the vocal competition...it would've been a nice gift to yourself. I wonder what Zircon bought for you, Pixie?
  9. *claps* Just listened to all of the entries. Nice work, people. Each of you did something different and innovative with your vocal piece. Interesting stuff overall. I've already decided on my votes. Going to send them in. Good luck, everyone. I wonder how long does the voting process last BTW?
  10. Loved this game, BTW. Played the Genesis Version. One of the few tracks I remember from this game is the Bonus Stage one. You know, the one where you need to collect letters inside a 7-UP bottle. It's so freakin' catchy. Has this Techno/Trance feel to it.
  11. One of the coolest tracks in the TP soundtrack. Very Western-y...and it's something I haven't heard before from Kondo. Man...a more realistic version of this track would sound awesome. Someone better ReMix this. Speaking of TP music, I also would love to hear a ReMix of the music which plays while you're battling Beast Ganon. It has this Middle-Eastern/Latin feel to it.
  12. I absolutely LOVE this track. When I first listened to it via the KH2 website, I was so, so amazed. I didn't know it was an in-game track since I never heard it until I actually played KHII and heared the "Organization XIII" piano solo. I kept praying that the full version of "Another Side" would appear in KHII but it didn't. ReMixer Ruben Kee would do wonders with this track.
  13. Wow...that guitar sounds so real to me. Maybe it gives the illusion of being real because it's mixed up with all the other stuff, sort of like a masking effect. Either way, I need to train my ears a bit more. Zircon learning to play guitar? Very interesting...
  14. Nice. 4 entries, eh? This is going to be either very close, or very far off. Exciting, isn't it? Aww...too bad on the "no public discussion" rule. It would've been cool if I was able to directly comment/compliment the entrants early on. Looks like this thread is going to be quiet for a few days until voting is over.
  15. Wow...simply wow. This is possibly THE best ReMix of the Super Mario World Castle Theme I've ever heard. It combines lots of stuff from my previous Castle favorites and then some (for those keeping track, there's Tackle's "Castle of Inspiration" DoD rock version and ARMCANNON's live version). I'm not a fan of electronic music, but I really love this one because it's easy on the ears. The overall style of the ReMix is very different from the Zircon I'm used to. It's a lot more in-your-face electronic fusion which combines ambient, trip-hop (that violin in the intro '37 reminds me of Massive Attack's stuff), and aggressive sounds. I love the machinary sounds in the background, reminds me of Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy 6's machine-based tracks (you know which ones I'm talking about). The electric guitar riffs which start off at 1:05 are AWESOME, man...I wonder who provided them? A remixer we know or what? The Organ at 1:15 is also so, so cool. Loved how you changed up to ambient at the middle of the track. I especially adore the jingle part starting at 1:55 and onward because it reminds me of Batman Returns' soundtrack...which it's strange since that part simply a jingle version of Mario World's Overworld Theme at the forest area. Finally, the orchestra-like finale toward the end is a nice way to finish off the track. For some reason, it reminds me of FF6's Dancing Mad. Excellent work, Zircon. This remix is officially in my most favorites list.
  16. Just sent my revised version... 1 hour left. Think we'll see a last-minute entry?
  17. Malos...just informing you that I'm sending a slightly modified version of my entry. Had a few timing issues to correct.
  18. 4 enteries, eh? Not much compared to the first VOCR. Still though, glad that a decent number turned up in the end. No offence to the other enterents (good luck to you all), but I'm especially looking forward to Hale-Bopp's work. Huge fan of "Summertime".
  19. Finished my entry. Sending it to you in a bit, Malcos.
  20. Whohoo. About time round 2 began. It's been a long while since I played this game, but I have to say it's one of my top 5 best Sonic games ever. I also remember some very enjoyable music. Very nice remix, Malcos. It has a lot of ambient and hip-hop sounds.
  21. The Thunderbird from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link comes to mind...I found it to be so freggin' tough. Then again, AoL is the toughest Zelda installment ever...I lost count of how many times I died in this game...
  22. Congrats to all the winners. You guys really deserved it. Count me in when the next competition arrives.
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