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  1. Glad you managed to get this remix into full throttle. Anyway, definitely an excellent start here. Loving the guitar playing and the riffs. There are still a few abrupt transitions, but it sounds more like a song now. The quality varies, though. Some areas sound a bit muddy overall. I can't make some riffs or drums out when you have a lot of things going on. As for the vocals, well I'm not a fan of Death Metal and I prefer sung vocals over this, but it does fit the genre. Sounds a bit cheesy, yeah. Nice work, man. Keep it up.
  2. Well...to each his own regarding Sakuraba's best work. Personally, his work on Valkyrie Profile is my personal favorite. But Baten Kaitos comes a close second. The reason why I love BK's music is because there's a lot of live instruments mixed with the synth...and it seems that Eternal Sonata follows BK in that regard, maybe even a bit better. I think that Tri-Crescendo is pushing for a high-quality sound since they're originally a team that focuses on the sound aspect of game development. Eternal Sonata is actually their first game where they're responsible for everything. In BK they co-developed with Monolith.
  3. I've been excited about this game ever since they announced it. Also, the soundtrack ROCKS. Namco Bandai were nice enough to post tons of music on the official site. I've been listening to the tracks and I'm officially wowed. http://eternalsonata.namcobandaigames.com/ I never thought that Motoi Sakuraba can top the work he did with the first Baten Kaitos, but after listening to some of those tracks...wow... And the fact that pianist Stanislav Bunin (won the Chopin International Piano Competition back in '85 according to Wikipedia) is collaborating with him on some of the tracks and recording some of Chopin's work on his own really adds more "omph" to the soundtrack. All this makes me really interested in listening to Chopin's work in the near future, actually...'cause some of the stuff Bunin covered sounds excellent! Only downside is that there seems to be no electric guitar-based tracks in the game for obvious reasons. Oh well, hoping for some acoustic guitar stuff at least.
  4. LOL. Funny and nicely produced show. I knew all the info about SMB2 beforehand, though. His comments about Mario 2 (or Super Mario USA as it's known in Japan) baffle me a bit. I read somewhere that the reason NOA decided against releasing the real SMB2 in the US (in addition to what he mentioned) was because that it was too hard. He keeps bitching about how "our" SMB2 was so damn hard he neglected to mention how freakin' hard The Lost Levels is. Yeah...he's one of those people who hate "the black sheep" of the series. I bet he hates Zelda II. While I think that it was excellent stuff. Yeah, I know that they cheaply produced "our" Mario 2, but you can't deny that it added a lot of flare to the series. Many people forget the fact that SMB2 was one of the first platformers to have an "adventure" element in addition to jumping around the levels. To me, I felt that Mario Bros. 2 evolved the series to another level, despite how it was actually made.
  5. Hell yeah! Even though I'm somewhat "widely panned by critics" at the moment, you know that I'm down with entering yet another VOCR! I really don't give a damn if I suck since I really enjoyed working on my last one, and believe it or not I still listen to the entries from the first and second compos. There's some pretty cool unreleased material in both... Nice job in perusing this, man. Now, to get those backing tracks...
  6. I love this ReMix. So beautiful. Excellent work, guys.
  7. http://www.esnips.com/web/excaliber39sOtherStuff http://www.esnips.com/doc/3b74fda9-a6f8-4c9d-8575-16381389857e/Town-Life-Vocal-Cover I've always wanted to cover this remix. Too bad I don't play guitar. Anyway, simple and straight forward singing of Dave's lyrics. Changed up the harmonies here and there. Did it in multiple takes. Two small mistakes in this take of mine. 1) It's getting dark now and there's not much left to say You can barely listen to the word "there's" in this verse 2) For any candles that you burn so I might see I added another "might" after the word "burn" Enjoy.
  8. Went to the August 7th one. I'm not a huge fan of Daft Punk, but that concert rocked my fucking socks off! AMAZING. The transitions between their songs were awesome. The lights were spectacular. The beats were super-cool. The encore where they played a remix of "One More Time" and changed their clothes to "glow in the dark" was excellent stuff. Loved it.
  9. Congrats, Jill. This is definitely some excellent news. About time you joined Andy. This is going to be a pretty cool experience. That reminds me...I need to buy Zircon's latest album...
  10. Hey...that's not a bad idea, actually. Why haven't I thought of that before? lol... I was so into programs which record our full conversation I completely forgot that each of us can record his/her own voice and then we merge them together in the end. Thanks.
  11. I'd like to direct this question specifically to all VGDJ hosts and those who are experienced in podcasting (like Liontamer). What's the best method of podcasting with another host from a distance? See, I have this podcast show for the site I write for (Projectcoe.com), and I experimented with another host today using Skype. The main problem was recording our session. The program integrated to Skype allows 15 minutes, and there's one we bought for 15 bucks which lags the conversation and jumbles my voice with my co-hosts' (HotRecorder). My co-host recently found a good program...costs 50 bucks but has a 14 day free trial...but that's a temporary solution. I'm looking for something more permanent and a free program which records our Skype conversation. Suggestions?
  12. Glad this project is progressing nicely. Can't wait to listen to some of the stuff.
  13. Personally, I did notice that OCR-tan art from time to time, but never found it significant until Jill's recent cosplay. Very authentic costume and gear, I might add. Who designed the OCR-tan mascot in the first place? David?
  14. Excellent pics there, Jose. Man...seems like a pretty wild environment. What did Jill and Zircon perform in the OCR panel? Any other live performances in addition to them?
  15. Happy b-day, man. Hope you enjoy today's activities.
  16. Looks like a lot of fun judging from the photos. You guys are SO lucky for meeting up with Sakimoto.
  17. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Well...it seems that my predictions in page 2 were correct. I really liked the fact that most of the book takes place outside of Hogwarts. Gives a different feeling to the series overall. Although, most of the humor seems to be gone. Sure, there were a few areas which made me laugh (like Ron's "Is that some type of illness?" comment on Muggle fairytales), but overall it isn't as funny as the previous books. A lot darker, but less funnier. I was particularly surprised by the dialogue at times, too...a couple of curses here and there, although judging by the 6th book, it would seem logical to head in that direction. Still though, using the word "Bitch" in a Harry Potter book surprised me. Loved the twists toward the end. I also love how everything gets wrapped up. Mostly unexpected. Love the depthness in Snape's background. And call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for the "many years later" epilogues. Overall, it was a gripping and suspenseful read. I really enjoyed the ride. Here's to the end of the Harry Potter era. Only thing I'm looking forward to is how in blue hell will they fit the 6th and 7th installments into movies? Also, the games should be interesting from here on out. Can't wait to see what Rowling comes up with next.
  18. Enjoy, guys. Record that Panel, Jiggles. I really want to watch that. The reaction on peoples' faces when you guys announce the release date of the FFVII project will be priceless!
  19. I actually like the version Sixto made for that SFII project. Not as much as The Ken Song, but this version is pretty rockin', too. Oooh...I would like vocal-less version of The Ken Song, too. I'm actually thinking of doing a vocal cover of it, without music.
  20. The MIDI track sounds very promising. Man...recorded guitars would sound so awesome if it follows what you did with the MIDI. One comment I'd like to say is that the transitions between the paces of the track comes off rather suddenly. It goes from fast-paced shredding to slow-paced soloing and so on in an abrupt fashion. Other than that, I like the reinterpretation of those tracks. Again, I can't imagine how awesome it would sound when you finally record the guitars. The only thing I'd like for you to ad once you start working on the real version is some sort of choir singing. Would work really well with what's going on here. I'm a huge fan of the VP soundtrack so I'm hoping you keep at it until you get this submitted. Good luck!
  21. 784 pages? Wow... Yeah, I immediately pre-ordered the book after watching the latest movie. Yeah, I'm going to be attending the midnight launch party too. It's going to be exciting. I'm looking forward to the direction of the final book and how everything wraps-up. With the way things ended in book 6, I'm assuming that the 7th book can take a very atypical direction which does not involve the whole "studying at Hogwarts" core setting we're used to. I'm predicting a more adventure-type setting similar to Tolkien or Terry Brooks' works. The wrapping up part is going to be really interesting, though. Rowling is going to kill of a couple of people, we just don't know who exactly and how. I just hope it isn't the typical "I will sacrifice myself for the greater good/for the people I love" type of killings, you know.
  22. Wow...now this remix caught me off-guard... Awesome, awesome work. AE's remixes were one of the first ones I downloaded when I first got addicted to OCR back in 2004, so I'm glad he's returned (with his posse, I might add) with this awesome song. How fitting it is that this is remix number 1600. First influence comes to mind is Linkin Psrk. Of course, PlanetSkill have their own flair here. The Electronica/Egyptian beats surprisingly mash really well with the Rapcore stuff. Lyrics caught me off-guard here, since I wasn't expecting them at all. Nicely delivered and written quite well. The guitars are also so awesome. I'm officially addicted to this remix. One of my personal favorites since StarBlast's "Forever Until Tomorrow".
  23. Still waiting for round 3 of the vocal remix competition...
  24. Cool concept here even though I'm not familiar with the game's soundtrack. Yeah, there's that Lion King-ish feeling with the Irish flute and the vocals, which are pretty good debut, Taucer. I suggest you put even more layering into the vocals, make it sound like a choir or something. The acoustic guitar reminds me of Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" for some reason. Add some violins and sing some lyrics and this mix will really rock!
  25. Wow...this is excellent. Incredibly catchy beat and very nice voice work. Vocals kind of remind me of teen pops Duff and Lohan, although this is a much, much more better taste for me personally. Gotta love those techno songs with cool female vocals. Nice work, both of you.
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