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  1. ^ YES That was so sweet. I would go to an entire organ concert of Castlevania tunes. really.
  2. The Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube are still selling well. With the Wii selling crazily. It's got the best buzz currently of the new-gen. I think though most people are still waiting for the killer apps for the newer machines to arrive then we'll see a real battle of the consoles.
  3. Dude, when is Heroes of Azeroth coming out? I hope it is better than WC3. ;>
  4. Well it took a day but the servers finally crashed. Rolling restarts tonight. At least I got some good quest rewards before the crash(es). If the greens are this good can you imagine what the blues and purples are gonna be like?
  5. Shamans get Earth Elementals? For mages it kinda makes sense, since Conjurors in Warcraft 1 could use that ability. But were Shamans able to to this before WOW? Doesn't matter anyway, I guess because the lore is changed to fit the game so often. Blizzard has to just make up a reason, something they are very good at.
  6. Holy WOW Summon Water Elemental! That is like totally old skool and magilicious. Also Magelock, lol
  7. Only no monthly fees on this thread.
  8. Scantly clad dancing gnome rogue alert.
  9. Great groove thumpin beat just pounds out of the speakers it's awesome.
  10. I did not like this song's vocals, otherwise the music was great. The vocals were rather off-key sounding to me. Enjoyed everything else though.
  11. ZAMN rocks your face off! As does this track, excellent guitar and harpsichord mix. I give it 5 silver bullets.
  12. Wow! Nice piece! It's a very techno type piece so be forwarned if you don't like that genre of music. It starts off with a "retro" banjo homage of the song and then goes (albeit jarringly) into a very fluid sounding techno track. I just love listening to this part. The beats sound as though they are flowing across my ears. Very awesome.
  13. I really like this song for the fact that it remixes the Starfox credit theme It is however a great song all around, very unique.