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  1. i just put another sig, this one is much better, and the old one will be edited to have the actual font and a few other tweaks

    as soon as enough people join, the "Recruiting Now" will also be taken off of both

    also, i was thinking of a vote on a favorite concept, and it would a private vote sort of, PM me with your choice and the tally would be posted at the end of the voting period

  2. i was developing avaris's idea about the face off, but i was thinking more in the terms of a "Human" disc, and a "Gear" disc. There would be no repeats of tracks, but instead every choice would have to be different, and depending on how the style's would fit together, they would be placed on the Human disc or Gear disc, in sort of a story-ish perspective. Or the Human disc could be single remixer tracks, and the Gear disc(get ready for a metaphor) would be all collabs, sort of like a pilot(n00b) and the Gear(Vet).

  3. Welcome to the thread for Humans and Gears, a Xenogears Rearrangement Project. It is a collaboration of remixers to remix the Xenogears soundtrack.


    Humans Disc

    1)Foxhull - Memories of the World (June Mermaid) - (now very tentative, as I have to redo it completely due to a comp. wipe)

    2)avaris - The Last Fatima (Aveh, the Ancient Dance)

    3)POCKETMAN - The Liquid State (Fuse)

    4)Jormungand - Faraway Promise

    5)Geoffrey Taucer - The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

    6)Avaris/The Prophet of Mephisto - Awakening

    7)Fishy - Echoes of the Wind (Shebat: The Wind is Calling)

    8 )Vampire Hunter Dan - Ship of Emotion and Song (Flight, Emotions, The Ship of Regret and Sleep)

    9)zikon - Tears of The Stars, Hearts of The People

    10)ziwtra - Bonds of Sea And Fire

    11)POCKETMAN - Take Flight (Wings)

    12)Prometheus - CyberneticLove1.0 (Lost...Broken Shards)

    13)CHIPP Damage - Tamasu Man of the Sea

    14)RoeTaka - Knight of Fire

    15)Jormungand - Forest of the Black Moon

    16)RoeTaka - The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

    17)Prometheus - Welcome to the Human Race (Stage of Death)

    18 )TheLeviathan - Shattering of the Dream Egg

    Gears Disc

    1)R3FORGED - Omen

    2)about:blank - Dogma (One Who Bares Fangs at God)

    3)Wintermute/Troy Lawlor - Binary Chain (Bonds of Sea and Fire)

    4)avaris/Blue Magic - Defective (The One Who is Torn Apart)

    5)E-Bison - ZenoParadox (The Light from the Netherworlds)

    6)Siamey - Back to Sleep

    7)Another Soundscape/avaris - Daijiru (Too Hot For Clothes) (Daijiru: City of Burning Sands)

    8 )avaris/Nutritious/Sausage Ninja/OA - June Mermaid

    9)ziwtra - Wings

    10)Geoffrey Taucer & Friends - Omen Medley

    11)Electric Concerto - The Wounded Shall Advance to the Light

    12)Nutritious - Dreamscape (Leftovers of The Dreams of The Strong)

    13)Tensei-San/DragonAvenger - Stars of Tears

    14)The Vagrance - Invasion

    15)nrich - Graaf, Emperor of Darkness


    Almost Done

    Updated Available Tracks:

    20 - In A Dark Sleep (possibly taken)

    25 - The Blue Traveler

    27 - The Jaws of Ice

    31 - The Sky, The Clouds, And You

    36 - Solaris: Eden of Heaven

    39 - Pray For The People's Joy

    43 - The Beginning And The End

    44 - Small of Two Pieces ~ Broken Shards (Restored Pieces)

    The Valley Where the Wind is Born

    Project Leader-Foxhull


    Instrumentalists and Vocalists

    Tensei-San - Electric Guitar(8 years)

    Foxhull - Flute(4 years), Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

    The Prophet of Mephisto - Saxophone

    Geoffrey Taucer - Guitar, Piano, Irish Whistle

    MagiNinjA - Violin, Clarinet

    Fishy - Guitar

    LuIzA - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Sequencing

    Zolborn - Vocals

    DragonAvenger - Vocals

    Web Designer


    Sig is here!



    Mini-Sig Courtesy of zikon!



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