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  1. Especially since they were pushovers in FF VII in all the places you fight them. Here, you fight 3 of them at the right levels and they'll beak you for 3k damage each. Mission over. Mind you, they're not as bad as movers with their stupid delta attack.

    Two words for the Movers: Costly Punch.

    Other than that I HATED the Emus until recently, then I got my HP+ up to +999%(Believe me, it took forever)

  2. 9 tracks complete, and a whole bunch of others that are almost there. I've also started to add the remix names to the tracklist, so if I got your track name wrong, let me know and I'll change it.

    Other than that, keep up the good work everyone, I know I'm not around much, but I do keep my on everything(almost).


  3. As I keep up with the Superbowl, here is brief announcement:

    Alright, new WIP date is...(drum roll), March 27! So keep on working!

    And yes avaris, I'm giving them an extra day on purpose.

    Also, since I can't seem to change the title of the thread, I would like to ask the moderators to change the date in the title to March 27th.

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