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  1. Alright here is a list of who has NOT turned in a WIP.

    Dale North(for obvious reasons)

    Tensei-San(contact me, I think I know the reason but I'm not sure)

    Jormungand(reasons understood)

    Doomsday/The Vagrance(Steel Giant, but reasons are understood)

    Small of Two Pieces collab(sort of)

    Awakening collab(sort of)

    Next WIP due date is in consideration(possibly about halfway through March).

    Fishy, I really would like the TAB for Awakening so that we can both work on it.

  2. Alright, due to laptop problems, I have to abandon the intro and go for a straight rock mix, but it's definately gonna be interesting(thinking 9/8 time signature). So when I get a significant amount of progress I will record what I have and post a WIP.

    BTW: I'm going to need help on percussion, since I can't sequence anything without my laptop.

  3. ....Fudge....

    Want me to take the reins on this one? If we're still going with prog on this one, I'm pretty experianced in the area.

    It's pretty much gonna be you and me arranging, and then everyone recording it. Once I see what key you're working in and the progression you have I'll be able to start working on it some more.

    Reminder: Less than a week to WIP Day!

  4. Is it hoodiez tiem now pleez? ;_;

    But seriously, the hoodies need to be back in stock. I am currently in the market for a hoodie, and one of these would be very very nice. Its the least i can do after using up all of DJP's bandwith for the last 5 or so years.

    To the people who have an XL hoodie: I am around 6ft and 170-180 lbs, would an XL fit me or do i need to go for a XXL?

    i'm about the same and i have an L and it fits me just fine

  5. alright, an update of the main post, fixed some things i missed, thanks avaris.

    since VHD has two songs in his medley that others are using as well, the track "Wings" is exclusively his.

    a reminder, everyone who has not signed up on the project forums, sign up.

    and i like the idea of a sax solo and possibly vocals, who knows, metal distortion on a sax could be interesting 8) . so i'll add you to the list Mephisto.

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