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  1. just so you all know and are warned, one of my friends recently told me i was a bit obsessive with things that i put work into, so it would take a lot to make me let this go :)

    once some of the projects are closer to being completed, such as project chaos, summoning of spirits and milkyway wishes are done, we should be able to put together a tentative timeline

  2. Well, I am amazed at the fact that this project is still going on + getting remixers.

    Seems you guys are beating the odds.

    Good luck and try to prevent the chance of this turning into another "la project".



    You should really check that tracklist... Really, CC's is the most accurate you'll find.

    Especially track 2-04: it's October Mermaid. Kind of a significant difference. :P

    actually, everywhere i have checked it is june mermaid

  3. Ok, now it's getting better. But it just don't feel allright with the flute playing the same as the piano in the beginning. Try to write something different. You should put pads in the intro too!. Try changing the drums! at least give it a try!! (i don't mean changing the beat, wich is nice , but that ballad-like drumset.).

    You gonna hate me forever, but i got an idea.

    Your tune is in D major. Then in the variation part, just after beginning once again that melodic loop, instead of repeating again, change the last chord for F# Major and make up a minor part in B Minor. Then, you can go back to the other thing using A major. Check that out. Is nice to make a variation part.

    This is getting hot, but it needs a variation part. Give a try to changing the drums. If you didn't like, you can always change them back.

    I definately agree with Prometheus, the drum need to be different, maybe you could use the TGSF21x soundfont from soundfonts.darkesword.com or pc_drums_42 from http://www.personalcopy.com/home.htm in the sidebar go to soundfonts and you should find it

  4. omg i need to start drinking heavily after that haha, things actually have been moving in the right direction

    Just to let u guys know I'll try to have a rough midi file of the arrangement of my ~Broken Pieces~ concept idea up soon. I just finished all my notes and outlines on it, so now it's time to actually construct this read headed step child! So look tomorrow evenining or Tuesday evening for it on the forums.

    that's an amazing coincidence. can anyone guess my hair color?(RED)

  5. The main post was updated a bit, obviously that couldn't have been done while the boards were down and this was my first chance to update due to a power outage at my house. Also, a few project remixers have given permission to invite some people. The WIPs that we have so far sound pretty dang awesome. Just pretty much a general update.

  6. I'll be on vacation Thursday morning to Sunday(maybe Tuesday, at the latest). if i can, i will be on, if not, avaris is in charge. Just so you are warned ahead of time.

    Oh, and i just got Ableton Live, and im gonna work on learning it of the weekend

    also, im going to continue remixing

  7. im currently reviewing your work pocketman, and avaris, i was still thinking of doing the Humans and Gears, but with the super mix i was thinking of doing individual super mixes of each song, not a 25-70 min mix of every song, because personally, i wouldn't be able to listen to a 70 minute mix without skipping to other parts of the mix, cause that what im understanding of your idea right now, if thats not what you mean, try to explain it a little clearer, but its still a good idea

    EDIT: Pocketman is in.

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