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  1. Too much hating on the Gameboy Printer! I used to love it it and its microscopic print-outs, even if it was a shoddy plastic abomination.
  2. I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to imply that MM9 and NES games are BS, but rather that certain elements of these games - like needing to memorise levels so you can look out for particular enemies/traps etc. before you can complete them - are tedious and were easier to tolerate when you were a kid. Tada.
  3. I'm glad you guys seem to share my problems with the game, I was worried everyone else was finding it easy to ignore some of the things I had issues with. Oh and Hector, I totally agree with you as your strategies work well, but I guess my real problem is the need to use them. I just fundamentally think that any game, whether it be on a console or otherwise, should reward the person who takes the lead and stays ahead of everyone else. Equally, it baffles me that Nintendo have included such extreme methods of destroying the winning players and yet have included an online system which is supposed to put equally-skilled players together. If this system actually worked (which it doesn't, really) then there'd be absolutely no need for all the game-breaking items as it would be a proper test of which players are better than others. Still, the strategies you said aren't too hard to put into practise and certainly help stop me going crazy One final thing to Bigfoot - the point you made about getting hit by three things in a row is extremely well-observed and possibly the biggest cause of me shouting incomprehensible words at the TV. Seriously, the game becomes almost farcicle when you get nailed with a blue shell as you are almost immediately surrounded by 5 other players who proceed to fire red and green shells right up your arse, and then someone runs you over with the big mushroom. Joy!
  4. I've had this game for almost 2 weeks now so I figured I should throw in my opinion of it. Unfortunately, while I really enjoyed it at first, I am now incapable of playing online for more than about 10 minutes before I start swearing profusely at the TV. It's been said countless times already but this version of Mario Kart has possibly the worst rubber-banding ever and I frankly can't stand it, it just seems as if Nintendo is determined to let good players lose by giving bad players as many ridiculously broken items as possible. I'm sure some of you are reading this thinking I'm just a sore loser and yeah, you're quite right, but it's simply not fun to be punished for being good at something and this is precisely what Mario Kart Wii excels at. Sure, some items are extremely irritating like the bullet and the star (which is given to bad players about ten times per lap) but the blue shell is frankly broken. The whole point of the item should be to make it slightly more challenging for the first player to win; to this end the game should take into account how far the first player is from the second player and factor this in when choosing when and if to give a player the blue shell. However, MK Wii has no problem with giving any player the blue shell at absolutely any time during a race, which has led to me several times being barely first on the final lap, getting hit by a blue shell about 5 seconds from the finish line, and literally having no way of stopping six or so players from over-taking me. I can't do anything about it, it's not fair, and most importantly it's just not any fun. With the above said I'm finding the offline multiplayer to be really good fun and with four players the item problems mentioned above really don't pose much of a problem. Online also becomes a million times better when you actually play against a friend and not just against randomers, as again the item problems aren't nearly as persistent. The bottom line is, if you know other people with the game or have housemates who'll want to play it then it's a great purchase. If, however, you're going to be spending most of your time online by yourself or playing 150cc, I really can't recommend the game. The Mario Kart series has always been about multiplayer and this is possibly the most obvious example of that, so if you're going it alone you're going to get extremely pissed off. In other news, it's good to finally see Americans online, the Worldwide online option has been a little bit lacking over the last week and a half. EDIT: I was re-reading SwordBreaker's thoughts on the game and I've got to say I can't really agree about the whole ying-yang thing. There have been SO MANY TIMES that I have been forced into last/second from last place and have only got mushrooms and other fairly useless stuff, and when I've finally over-taken a few people I get hit by a bullet or someone with a star. To be honest I've probably just been extremely unlucky but it seems totally random whether or not you'll get a great item when you're doing badly. Bah humbug!
  5. From my experiences with playing the game online I can't say I've really noticed equally-matched players being put together, but if that's the case it would only set you up with people matched to whoever's save file you're playing with. Unfortunately, while you can have four save files in the game tied to four different Miis, even if the second player chooses a Mii with a save file they will still appear as 'Guest' online and won't have a ranking. This seems a bit stupid but I suppose they put it in to avoid the problem you described about two players of different skill. Hope that helps!
  6. I think IGN said it's going to be 16 new tracks 16 revamped old ones, which sounds fairly reasonable.
  7. Fark, that looks awesome. The bit where he fires the gun in the jeep (just after he cuts the guys head off) is crazy-violent. That's right, crazy-violent.
  8. I totally agree that this shouldn't be a big deal, but it's good to be a little optimistic and see this as the start of good things to come. Sure, the online service has come in very late, but in a year or maybe just a few months from now no doubt people won't really care how long it took Nintendo to implement it. 6 or so months, afterall, isn't that much in the overall product cycle of a games console. Don't assume, however, that I'm trying to stick up for Nintendo on this matter - there are loads of games out already that are good as they are, but would have been awesome with online play. Thanks to Nintendo, we'll never get to play them like that.
  9. I totally agree, there is absolutely no reason why the Wii version of Heatseeker should have extremely similar graphics to the PS2 version, other than the fact the developers were clearly lazy and couldn't be bothered to implement anything better. On the same vein, I'm actually getting really tired of how people seem to label the Wii as graphically weak - sure, it's not exactly pumping out the same stuff as the PS3, but people have started labelling it as being like 'two Gamecubes'. Now hang on a minute, I seem to remember certain GC games like Metroid Prime and Resi 4 as being phenomenally good-looking games, ones that still look awesome today. With this in mind, is the idea of the Wii being 'twice as powerful as a Gamecube' really that bad, graphically speaking? The answer is no, it's just that developers are being lazy and porting across crap. This really is a shame, because while I'm not exactly expecting every game that's coming out to look like those shots we've seen of Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy, people are obviously looking at the graphically awful ports the Wii seems to be getting by the truckload and are assuming that's how it's always going to be. Anyway, no doubt this has all been said before, but it's really starting to grate now. At the very least games should look like high-end GC games right now and certainly not like something you'd expect to see on a PSP.
  10. Yeah, as I said, the system for dropping bombs is pretty awful, it would have been far easier if a little window popped up showing what was directly below you and then bombs dropped vertically from beneath your plane, rather than going in arc. Anyway, I still think it's an ok game, shame you hated it so much.
  11. Has anyone else picked up a copy of Heatseeker? I'm kinda undecided about what I think of the game. It's definitely one of those 'play for an hour at a time max, then stop playing it immediately' games, as it gets very repetitive, very quickly. However, it is actually a lot of fun and the controls work really well, plus the impact cam is pretty cool (for a while). However, for anyone considering getting it, you should be aware of a few problems - firstly, the mission structure is extremely repetitive and it almost always follows the same pattern of 'you have a basic objective to carry out, then OH NO WE'VE GOT HOSTILES!'. Secondly, using bombs is a real pain in the arse - the aiming system for bombs requires you to be roughly directly over your target, and seeing as you can't actually get your plane to entirely stop moving in the air you keep having to do these laboriously slow sweeps over ships and submarines until you get a hit. It's far easier (and more enjoyable) simply to come in low and fire off a few missiles. Finally, the voice acting is a real mixed bag, with some of the commanders sounding pretty good, but with some of the supporting cast sounding absolutely atrocious. Of special note is Divot, who has to be the campest wingman ever - he constantly shouts things like 'good flying DT!' (your nickname is 'Downtown' in the game) and says things like like 'scratch ONE!' and 'KABOOM!' when you blow-up an enemy. So yeah, it's fun in short bursts and the controls are mostly excellent, but if you're looking for something with a lot of depth and with decent, 'not just another port' graphics, this isn't it.
  12. I'm at the end of my second year at uni and I've reached that critical stage where I know if I don't start working really hard, right now, I simply won't have enough time to get everything done. Imagine my horror, then, when the mailman knocked round this morning to give me my copy of Heatseeker. It's just sitting there by the TV now. Watching. Waiting.
  13. All you need to do is mount a drive and the directory within that drive you want to use. This sounds pretty complicated, but it's not - as an example, imagine you wanted to play Commander Keen (or some other awesome DOS-based game) and you knew the game was in the directory c:\keen. You'd type this into DOSbox: mount c c:\keen This basically sets the c drive in DOSbox to the 'keen' directory, so all you need to do now is type: c: This will take you into the 'keen' directory as you mounted it in c. Now all you need to do is type the name of the game executable file (.exe) and it'll run - in this example, it is: keen1 If you're not sure what the name of the exe is, just type 'dir/p' and it'll show you a list of the files within the directory. Hope this helps!
  14. Another Metroid one - Samus is looking a bit chunky here, but it's good nonetheless:
  15. I was actually going to post the main image in that montage separately as it looks a whole lot better than the other two. Here you go:
  16. Bad, if it turns out to be anything like
  17. A vaguely amusing story for you - I was just playing Wii bowling, and had got 11 strikes in a row. Being the massive geek that I am, I feverishly called in one of my housemates to show him what it looks like when you get a perfect game (my first was about a month ago). As you might expect, I fluffed up the shot, and ended up with 299. Not one to be humiliated, I ordered him to stay and watch me play another round from scratch, where I promptly got a perfect game. Zing!
  18. Yeah it really doesn't surprise me they left that up either, it's not like Nintendo would go out of their way to try and hide stories about competitors as if they didn't exist. It's just news, and let's be honest, if you have access to the Wii News Channel then you've already purchased a Wii anyway
  19. Oh wait not to worry, I've found the globe feature in the news channel, it's pretty good.
  20. Just got the News Channel myself, is indeed pretty good. The slide-show feature is kinda cool visually but it would have been nice if you could freely move the globe about and check news reports from wherever. Thinking about it, the cat and Nintendo's e-mail mentioned something about this (the news globe thing) - am I missing something here?
  21. That sounds pretty likely. I've only fought the last battle once thusfar, so I can't fully remember what I did right at the end, but I'm certain the majority of the fight was just regular, good old sword fighting. In fact, thinking about it, you're probably right about it being a quick way to end the fight - I didn't use it once and the battle went on for aaaaages. Was kinda cool like that though - in comparison Wind Waker's end fight, as much as I love it, seemed way too short.
  22. Well you can just, y'know, fight him normally. Rolling behind him and using spin attacks and that kinda stuff - worked for me!
  23. Indeed. I particularly like the music player analogy, I hadn't really thought about it like that before. Furthermore, Elohim's emphasis on 'current value' is particularly interesting, because if you consider the probable situation in a year's time, even if the PS3 has proceeded to get better (as Dervish suggested) by that time the 360 will have yet another year of decent games under its belt. This is all hypothetical, though. The 360 could have a weak year, the PS3 could suddenly sell millions, and the Wii could, I don't know, spontaneously combust or something. The latter is, admittedly, rather unlikely.
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