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  1. I was looking for Super Mario Bros. remixes on Napster back in 2002, and one of the search results was Estradasphere's Super Mario Bros. 2 arrangement SuperBuckJazz. I noticed that this website was listed as the author/album, so I checked it out and was a member ever since. It actually still holds as my favorite remix today =)
  2. aTOH


    Really? Why? Naw, but seriously. I don't think I've ever hated an anime character this much. I'm hoping she finds out she's actually Japanese and hangs herself from a table, or something, ASAP.
  3. aTOH


    Frontier ep 7 was so awesome that I think I need to watch it a third time. The music worked so well with the dogfights. Yoko Kanno ftw
  4. Huh. I actually just started doing a similar exercise routine today. I only did pushups, and instead of 8 sets of 20 sec/10 sec, I did 4 sets of 1 min/4 min. I didn't even know about tabatas until you mentioned it, so I guess I'll be changing up my routine. Thanks =) How often should we be doing these? The same four exercises everyday? #days-a-weeks? Every other day?
  5. Wow, this is really incredible. I was lying on my bed when this shuffled on, and it sent me flying. I just have this relaxed and joyous feeling right now, and I'll have it everytime I listen to this. Awesome work, fellas
  6. Goddamn! How close do you live to your Wii buddies, like 10 feet away? I've been waiting a year+ for my friend that lives down the street.
  7. aTOH

    Nintendo Wii

    Finally! I've been waiting for this - Fatal Frame Wii Revealed
  8. aTOH


    I collect Zoids. Mechs are cool. Anyone know any good cooking anime, aside from Yakitate Japan and Cooking Master Boy?
  9. aTOH

    Nintendo Wii

    Huh.. Didn't even know that existed. Added myself to the roster. Hope we get enough people to start up a DM game or something.
  10. aTOH

    Nintendo Wii

    Whooo, SMB3! Perfect to kill time until Galaxy! Also, Alien Soldier and Power Golf.
  11. Tiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight This is pretty happy!
  12. aTOH

    Peanuts manga mode!

    You didn't like those =/? I thought they were pretty good.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the reason why the stick came in way late was because of MAS Systems. They're a home(trailer?) business, and even ordering directly from them takes months these days. Of course, eStarland's customer service still sucks, so they're still at fault.
  14. The second stage is killing me =/ Anyone have any tips on what weapon setup is best for it?
  15. aTOH

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    How about posting some Misc. Records? Power Count: 824 Power Time: 272:06 Play Time: 178:39 Single-Player Time: 28:13 VS. Play Time: 150:25 Combined VS. Play Time: 197:01 VS. Play Match Total: 3144 Time Match Total: 158 Stock Match Total: 2876 Coin Match Total: 4 Bonus Match Total: 6 VS. Play Contestants: 4379 Match Reset Counter: 382 Total Damage: 2733270 (Mario dealing 1mil+%) KO Total: 17129 Self-Destruct Total: 5115 ... Longest Time: Mario 2nd Longest Time: Bowser Shortest Time: Ice Climbers Smash Champ: Mario Smash Sap: Bowser Slug Meister: Mario Punching Bag: Bowswer KO Kingpin: Mario No-Defense Nelly: Bowser Disaster Master: Mario My preferred training method are 1 on 1 VS. stock matches versus one level 9 Bowser with 3-4 lives, thus him being the 2nd most used character I'm pretty damn sure that, unless SSB3 is a helluva lot better, SSBM will be the one Nintendo game that I will never cease to play. Long live SSBM!