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    Guy from Chile, South America, liker of Videogames and Music From Videogames, actually, I have only a PS2, but, I know a lot of games.

    The reason that I don't have a good grammar in English is because this is not my True Language, in fact, my true Language is Spanish.
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    Fabian Arias.

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  1. It is time. Now, I shall hear it, then I'll write a song by song review, just like I did last time
  2. Oh boy, I've been waiting for this can't wait to hear it and write a review of this
  3. Fun Thing: Izkemia are from the same country as mine But oh well, this medley is great, I like how the songs perfectly match each other on the transition, and it's an instant fav to me, I like it, Great work guys.
  4. I love this so much, it's epic and incredible, this one is one of my instant favorites, and well, planning a collection of my favorite OCRemixes, and this one, it's inmediately in the collection, Awesome work ;D
  5. Don't worry guys, you made a great and awesome work in the album, and I'm anxiously waiting for Volume 2.
  6. It will be awesome, I like the Rayza vs. Beastie Boys song, it's awesome.
  7. You made some good awesome remixes, Nullification, Chaos Nightmares, BadAzz, Chemixtrixx are only a bunch of my favorites from you, keep up with the good work man :)

  8. :) that's good, keep up with the awesome work :)
  9. That would be funny to see, and that would expand the collection of favorite remixes that people have
  10. Awww thanks man, I appreciate the kind words.. I don't get a lot of them but the ones I do get are super meaningful to me :-D

  11. Nice work with Dreams of Death in the BadAss Album, together with String Chamellotron, you're great.

  12. Thanks for being my first music review I did my best.
  13. I made a review too If anyone wants to read it, here it is: http://forum.thechaostheatre.com/showthread.php?tid=4186
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