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  1. Yeah, it does have quite a bit to do with the limited space the Korg DS-10 has. You can save many songs on it (up to about 18 ) But each song is only 16 patterns with 16 steps per pattern. That goes by pretty quick at faster tempos especially. Sorry that blip shards hurt your ears. I used a metalic hi-hat sound which also doubles as some extra blips when pitched at different octaves. I thought the concept was cool, but then I may have over did it a bit. In any case it's nice to know some 8 bit collective members are hear as well . I'll look you up on 8bc and comment on some tracks. Also Meteo Xavior, I realise my previous comment may have come off sounding slighty snarky or standoff-ish and I didn't mean it that way. I just honestly lack the proper equipment to judge mixing correcty which is why I have shyed away from places like OCR more recently. I do plan to make a return at some point, but for now I am enjoying a simpler and yet more complicated way of composing at the same time . Cheers. Thanks for the feedback everyone. (There's also a donate button if anyone is inclined to do so, but I am not expecting anything)
  2. I'm sorry that you feel that way about the mixing, but there was barely anything done to the original tracks. Maybe some compression or a bit of extra delay here and there, but these tracks were made to be enjoyed on a pair of headphones as you would hear them on your DS more or less. Mixing has never been a big deal to me, which is why I got into chiptunes and working within limitations. OCremix was fun to try to make things for a time. Still, honestly I got tierd of trying to push myself to be a perfectionist in mixing/EQ only to arrange music by someone else. Besides, with my current computer I don't even really have any speakers right now so I'm just using headphones man . I've always been stronger melodically than production wise anyhow, and that's probably not going to change any time soon. Thankyou for your comment all the same, if I get some decent speakers I'll give it another shot and perhaps I'll cringe too, but chances are I'll still like it how it is. 8 bit collective is where I hang these days if anyone wants to see what I'm up to. http://8bitcollective.com/members/Jredd/ I've made Famitracker Nintendo tunes, Turbo Sound FM ZX spectrum/ Sega Genesis tunes, Korg Nintendo Ds tunes, mod plug tracker tunes, and the list goes on. I like lo-fi, I can't help it .
  3. I have recently gotten a Korg Nintendo DS-10 Mini-album on line for a free download with a new net label called "Obscura Records." All the songs are done on one Nintendo DS and beefed up with minimal production/EQ. I hope you will enjoy this small album. http://www.obscura-records.com/releases/jredd_superbit.html It's the first album I have ever released with a net label and if you like it please spread the word and leave some feedback on it. I did the album art myself as well . I also encourage you to check out the other artists on the site. You can check out the other releases here. http://www.obscura-records.com/releases.html Thanks! The site is just starting out, so if you like the content please share it with your friends. I hope you enjoy it. -Jredd
  4. Personally, for a decent guitar sound I find that I like to take a basic synth sound like a saw wave layered with a square wave and put some heavy amp distortion on it. Then, I add a phaze shifter effect or a light chorus effect on there and save this as an audio file wav/mp3. Then I put it back into the song and add another layer of distortion plus some light reverb and/or delay (echo). But that's just the sound design itself. More than half of it is how you play/sequence the sound. I'd make it a mono one note synth with a quick portamento glide. Then I'd add some vibrato to the tail end of longer notes to really make it shine as a solo synth. Most guitar sound fonts/vst's do not sound real or even decent to me. So, I make/modify my own and try to use the synthetic quality of it as a strength rather than a weakness. As for your overall arrangement. It's not bad man. Drums could use some light compression perhaps. You're learning quite well for someone who is new at this. OCremix sets quite the high bar, I hope you continue to work on this or take what you learn from this and apply it to future works. More than anything, it's about how much you experiment and compose things which will make you improve. Listening to a lot of music that inspires you doesn't hurt ether to gain a new take on your source material. Good luck.
  5. Hey man, I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd see you up here. One of your lead synths sounds pretty close to the distorted leads I like to use. I've always loved sounds like that and it works beautifully here. This mix takes a bit to get started, but that's how trance music seems to be. With it's builds and breakdowns, this song does a lot to keep the listeners attention. The mixing is also well balanced. I've also seen you come a long way from VG mix 2. Now we both have posted mixes on OCR. I'd say you are about at the point where production wise you have things down quite well, your arrangement skills have made huge jumps in improvement too. My guess is that you'll continue to improve and have many songs on here in the future. I also see a collaboration between us sometime . We'll have to see what happens. Excellent work man! -Jredd
  6. I am not always a huge fan of excessive swearing but at the same time it's not about the words themselves but how they are used. However, in this instance it works because it seems more like you're using them to help the flow of well thought out lyrics and that you mean business rather than just spitting them out every other word to take up space if that makes any since . On the arrangement side I would say things are slightly minimal but in a good way . The light sine flute section and guitar improvisation really add a lot to this piece and I think the beat is cool and doesn't need much variation considering the style, but I'd still opt for it anyway . In any case, small criticisms aside this is quite good. I always enjoy the unique style you have and this is no exception. Keep it up man, this is a fine addition to OCremix.
  7. OVGMcon5 has begun! If you don't know what it is, basically the winner of the previous month creates a story/setting that specifically relates to common video game settings in some way. The contestants are given the challenge to compose original music based on how they interpret the story. Contestants are also encouraged to explain why they envisioned the music the way they did if they feel the need to do so. For information on this month's theme and signing up to participate go to the following page: http://versuscompo.com/forums/index.php?topic=171.0 For a summary the contest guidelines go here: http://versuscompo.com/forums/index.php?topic=48.0 Generally, people are given a week to sign up. (However, if someone is a bit late I usually will let them join.) This is because you get about a month to compose! This may seem a bit long, but I figure people have lives and so they can come up with something on their downtime with not as much pressure. This is why I usually do not let people submit a final piece past the deadline unless it is really close to finished and they have shown an interest by participating with wips and feedback and such. The voting lasts about a week, however this also can be extended if someone specifically asks with a desire to add to the vote count. Also, it is an unspoken code of honor that one does not vote for himself/herself for obvious reasons. It is highly recommended that you sign up at the VS compo forums to participate in this, as well as other contests held there. We are a small but growing community of musicians. Everyone regardless of experience is welcomed! This is a competition but a very friendly one . Hope to see many of you at the Vs compo forums! Jredd-
  8. I more or less echo what everyone else has said about this song. Fadeout ending or not, this is bad ass plain and simple. I was glad that you decided to toss a wip of this to me on OCR chat, I wish I could've said more constructive things but you pretty much blew me away even with the unfinished piece you had at the time . I think that it's great that you were able to win a contest, and I certainly look forward to more from you .
  9. Well, it certainly is interesting that this ReMix made it up here . Had it not been for a guy named Kung Fu Furby and his hilarious challenge, I doubt I would've thought to tackle Revolution X. This Remix was almost more like a joke at first, but somehow I actually really got into it and ended up spending way more time on it than I thought I would. I can't help but feel a little silly about this being here, but at the same time I think it is pretty awesome. Considering the cheesiness of the game, and the lackluster soundtrack I think I am pretty happy with how this turned out over all. The vocal samples are hilariously awesome in my opinion, I think it would've been too hard for me not to include those in game sound bites I had a lot of fun with this one and I am glad the majority of you seem to enjoy it . For those that don't as much, I can't say I blame ya. However, it is an honor to once again be part of a collection with so many great artists. I can only imagine what my next mix to go here might be. I am making mostly original music these days, but that's not to say I don't have a few ideas for Vg songs to try and arrange at some point in the future. Until then, let's hope my extremely loud kick drums doesn't de de-de de-de ddd destroy your speakers . Thanks for listening to my strangeness! Jredd-
  10. I've seen a lot of your mixes over at VG mix X and I generally enjoyed them. I wondered if I'd ever see one here . Sure it's a bit rough and the transitions aren't the most seamless in the world. But that's not what sells this one for me. The arrangement of the individual themes are all very different and very good. The thing I like about this track is it feels spontaneous like a good jam session. It's the kind of improvisation that's just plain fun . Personally, I'd probably enjoy breaking out my keyboard and jamming with a band like this because it sounds like you guys had a blast making an arrangement of a cherished game and it shows .
  11. Well, I enjoyed it over all. Any nitpicks that I could point out have already been addressed. It was a strange mix for sure, but I enjoy strange things. Hell, if you got it on here you must be doing something right eh? Seriously though, keep em' commin' man! Nice work.
  12. I love how absurdly synthy these guitars are. It's like 16-bit amped. I seriously wonder if someone submitted something arranged this well but with samples like this for today's OCRemix standards if it would actually pass. I would go out on a limb and say probably not. But hey, now we've got remix tha sauce as well as this site so it's all good. This song totally makes me want to tackle some mega man music but with the sounds that I have ! I have a strange love for synthesized metal stuff when it's done well.
  13. Yep. I've reached a new low! I jumped on this silly bandwagon because it streams music. If any of you crazy OCR folks want me as a friend for some odd reason go for it. I probably won't check it often, nor do I plan on starting some kind of blog. However, if you want to comment on the songs there or say hello I'll catch it eventually. http://www.myspace.com/jreddssyntheticedge Purely originals will go here. I might make another account for remixes and such. Hope you like my original work as well. Have a moderately acceptable Merry-o-birth-years giving-ster day!
  14. This is rad. I've got a ps2 collecting dust somewhere. I need to play this game. Excellent collaboration. You know? I'd love to work together on something with others here. There are 2 problems with this, one all I play is piano,recorder flute, and keyboards of course. The other being that I use a couple of versions of magix music maker combined together for added power. This is fine for solo projects. But these programs are best for live recordings. That means give me the bpm, and hope that things mesh lol. But yeah, this is great. Things like these inspire one even in my circumstances to opt for a shot at working together with great talent! Just excellent!
  15. Rock on man, I've been a fan of yours since I heard those crazy old school tracker sounding Doom Remixes of yours. I like all of your work for different reasons, but these wicked industrial type mixes really hits the spot for me. You don't ever hear main stream stuff sound like this and it's a damn shame. But dude, it's awesome to hear new mixes from you and a major props on the whole marriage thing . Good stuff man.
  16. I know there are a lot of Ice Cap remixes out there yet I don't really mind it though. There are lots of mega man 2 remixes and Mario ones floating around the net too. I think what matters is that you put your own style to it and really do something new with it. In the case of this mix, I believe that it was accomplished very well! It's got a nice peaceful orchestral ambiance. To contrast, it's got some phat glitch electronica beats. The synth basses and leads fit well and the solos are a welcomed addition to a popular theme. I probably have listened to other things you've done but I forgot about them so I need to check them out again . Continue to make mixes, the style reminds me a little bit of Zircon, and that's a good thing. Nicely done.
  17. Oh alright, now I understand! Thanks for clearing that up .
  18. I have a question. If I submit somthing to Ocremix and it get's accepted and becomes part of OcRemix's collection, does this policy prohibit me from posting it on other remixing sites like Remix Tha Sauce or VGmix? And if I have already submitted a completed work on another site could it not be posted on OCR beacuse of it? If so, this would severly limmit my ability to take in people's advice from many places. Getting reviews in the upcomming VGmix 3 with specific scores (especially) is somthing I look forward to. I'd like to learn all I can from all people in game arranging comunities as a whole. As much of an honor it is to be part of a VG arranging site with such high standards, I don't think I'd want to sacrafice potental help in other places for that honor. However, if you only require me to include the fact that my song is part of Ocremix with a link to the song on this site when posting it on other sites I'd do so with pride and appreciation for this site as a whole. It may seem like a stupid question but I wanted to make sure so that I could make a descicion. Thanks for any clarifcation in advance. Jredd-
  19. Hey, thanks for the comment man. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to it especially because I haven't done an original piece for so long. Maybe I'll get to work on some others and post more around here in the future. I realize that it is a very different style, but it's cool to find people with an open mind .
  20. I couldn't have said it better myself. Also, I will probably be the only one to say this but the synth guitar totally rocked for me. It really brought the nostalgia home. Nice work man.
  21. It's not amazing but it's catchy, and a little silly. Not bad for just messing around. Make some more stuff man . Jredd-
  22. Spelled stylistically with one P (yeah that's it) My newest original weirdness can be downloaded at http://mystro88.googlepages.com/Unstopable.mp3 The production and sample quality aren't the greatest but I have a soft spot for lo-fi or just plain strange. The arrangement and the way the sounds (strange as they are) all work together is what I like most about it. Feel free to comment if you'd like. The synth guitars are so bad it's kind of good! Jredd-
  23. I like both versions of this mix for different reasons. The VGmix one was rough but had lots of soul. This one has nicer samples and cleaner production, but the feeling is a little different. The drums feel somewhat mechanical to me, but I still enjoy them being there. The two of you work well together and I'm glad to see a version of this idea up! Nice work overall guys . Jredd-
  24. I loved this mix on the project, and I love it still! I really enjoy your style, it's very unique and oozes with fun and creativity. It's smooth and light enough to groove to at a comfortable pace, yet it's got enough delicious explosions of raw awesome to really make you smile . I'm totally going to save this to my hard-drive and groove to it some more . Jredd-
  25. I am not sure if the Malcom X samples helped or hindered this one but I thought the scratching itself was kind of neat. I dug the beats. The instrument samples and arrangement was pretty cool. No major downside to this except that I felt there should've been a bit more overall variation and length to it. That's just my opinion. I thought you did a good job on it though, and I think it is a cool mix to start off 2007 with.
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