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  1. I was in a very angry and depressed mood when I downloaded and opened the 25YL album, and for some reason this track played first when I drag-selected and hit enter to add the files to my library. After about twenty or twenty-five seconds, as the song played, I ceased clicking and typing and sorting music and settled into a state of much-needed catharsis. 'Skyward' is beautiful.
  2. Just a lurker on this site but: Growing up in a rural area where the only dial-up provider still had "BBS" in their name, I found a revelation in the local church. That revelation was a copy of Mega Man X that my mom bought as a raffle prize there but was rejected for some churchy reasons. At the time all I saw in the game was an awesome robot shooting even more awesome robots. Something else seemed extraordinary in the game, but I was too young to realize it was the music. Like a violent laser choir, Mega Man X preached a gospel of rock to my heathen ears and shaped my musical tastes for years to come. Need this need this need this. Can't wait for this album! That Blizzard Buffalo synth and guitar in the preview is like a new revelation.
  3. I downloaded this remix but I am afraid to hit play. Ice Cap + Joshua Morse = ????? Can the universe contain this? I'm pretty sure explosions are going to be involved. Wonderful explosions.
  4. Check OCR, see Mass Effect remixes. See that one is of my favorite song. Glee overwhelming. The original song was one I actually didn't pay attention to in the first game, and went into a reverie listening to it in the sequel- on the radio in the captain's cabin. It's just so haunting. This does it absolute justice.
  5. I was listening to the album for the first time at work today. This song started playing. I nearly choked on my gum.
  6. I know there's a comments topic for the song itself, but I need to make sure you know: I love "But the Future Refused to Change". I love it so much. I spend time at work just replaying the opening organ at high volume. That's... that's all. Back to lurking.

  7. I really can't describe my love for this track better than the other posters. Seconding, thirding, and fourthing everything said. This is quickly becoming the most listened-to song in my entire library.
  8. Love it. May have to put this in my Frank Klepacki playlist, it sounds like the perfect transition from the RA2 stuff to Tiberian Sun...
  9. This song is fantastic. I'm not sure how anyone can get annoyed by these sounds and then like half the overdone ReMix's out there; these sound great... the song honestly reminds me of the first time I saw a city at night as a kid. Flashing lights everywhere, cars shooting by, trucks veering down the road, and so much... stuff. This mix captures that overwhelming feeling while sounding sort of "clean"... the high-pitched sounds remind me less of a heavy underground and more of the shiny richness of a big city. Although the "UH!" noises sound out of place : /. Overall, the deliberate low beats and the perky, "look at that! And that!" mental camera panning of the high noises rocks and just feels like a Metropolis.
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