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  1. mp3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1bp4pINjINbd1FiaVJtMlNmeVU flac: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1bp4pINjINbdVFrYXdIWEppWUU This is a cover of the music from one of my favorite games, Trick-or-Treat Beat, an old Shockwave game on the Cartoon Network website. I tried to recreate the sound pretty closely (since I like it so much), but I extended the arrangement quite a bit. It also has a quote from its spiritual sequel, Scared Sweet: I don't know if this could get through the submission queue in time for the 31st, so I might have to put off submitting it until next year maybe? (I will be putting it on my YouTube.) Unless of course somebody says "go ahead"...
  2. Here's a new mix (it's in .flac btw): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bp4pINjINbc2pwWHJRdW0tS2M/view?usp=sharing It's mostly the same, but the sfx are a little quiter, and some instruments are louder. I'd say it sounds fine (it'll probably be the version I put on YouTube/Soundcloud), but I figured I ought to post it here first before resubmitting. I would've had this done sooner, but I discovered several of the source recordings were corrupted beyond repair, and I wasn't looking forward to redoing them. But then a few weeks ago I realized I could splice the old mixdown into the new mix pretty easily since it was mostly vocals that I lost, and those parts had much less sfx underneath. So yeah.
  3. Insert your favorite spunky sci-fi heroine here.
  4. I'm glad you could chime in. I kinda hate to bring up more mistakes since you want to keep this lighter, but I want to clarify a few more things. I don't know what you mean by dissonance- the high note at 2:10 is perfectly consonant with the chords at that point (D11 and then D7). The note is D, which is the 3rd in the key of Bb (the middle section), and the 5th in the key of G (the rest of the song). Unless the chromatic climb from the underwater theme is influencing that, I don't know what you mean by "raised 6th". I didn't use any pinball machines or fortune telling machines either. All the sounds in that section are clips of calliope, brass band and ragtime piano. (Some of the calliope might be mechanical.) I purposely altered the pitch of many of the clips so that it'd sound mostly consonant, but part of the idea was zany circus chaos, so it was supposed to be a little random. Like I said, I will address the sound effects concern when I resubmit, it's just that I thought they were already at a good volume- loud enough to be noticeable, but not enough to bury the music. I struggled with that a lot, and it's a bit frustrating that it didn't work out.
  5. I have to say, there are some seriously incorrect assumptions about this track from the judges. -I cannot hear any sour note at 2:10. The high note is the same as the previous phrase, and is the root of the chord behind it anyway. -There are zero "electronic game machines" (whatever that means) in the Mario section. Most of it is random bits of calliope and brass band, very much like "Mr. Kite". It's deliberate chaos. -The drums aren't supposed to be loud. The organ is meant to be the lead instrument. -There are zero loop points in the sound effects and only one of them is used more than once (once at the beginning of the song, and once at the end). -There's lots of panning in the second half of the song- the harmonium goes back and forth constantly. The organ is also spread across the stereo, though very subtly. I didn't feel it was appropriate to have the calliope panned when there are only two others (the organ- which plays the melody, accompaniment, and bassline- and the drums). I could probably pan the left hand and right hand parts of the calliope, but I don't know how that would sound. I would appreciate it if the judges would not rely on assumptions to make their decisions. That said, I will take into account some of their comments (when I resubmit) even though I disagree with them on some points. I hope you guys can understand why I'm upset.
  6. Figured I ought to share my stuff here. Lots of different things, mostly stuff made from my eclectic collection of virtual instruments (Kontakt etc.), weird old analog synths and the like. I prefer to go for mood/storytelling than whether or not you can dance to it. Lots of horror/ambience in here. playlists: https://soundcloud.com/tymime/sets
  7. I don't know what took me so long, but I finally finished this one. Link in first post.
  8. It's funny that you should mention the volume, because I have very loud headphones (a pair of AmazonBasics) and I typically mix my music with the headphones volume at a level that replicates the way my old broken (but more expensive) pair used to sound. So it would be a little hard on my ears if I made it louder, but if it fits the standard... I wish I had known about Esther's Dreams, I would have finished this sooner...! I don't come to the forums very often though, so I only knew about it when it was out already. Oh well.
  9. Title: sleepy baby weasel dook Source: Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bp4pINjINbU2pDTEdNWG9YQWs/view?usp=sharing) I'm not sure how this got finished before some of my other VGM arrangements- I guess it's not as elaborate as the one other that's nearly finished, I dunno. Anyway, there's a lot of nostalgia packed into this little lullaby (not of this game, just nostalgia in general), but I figured I'll go into more detail when I submit it later. Whaddya guys think?
  10. I'm fond of the original arrangement (though I didn't lift it directly), so that's why I introduce a counterpoint on the calliope later on.
  11. New WIP- some instruments replaced, some instruments added, lots of new sound effects. To do- more sound effects, record live instruments and vocals. download
  12. That's funny, I had actually boosted the high end. I dunno. I'm not sure what you mean by trumpet- that's an oboe in the left channel. There is a part in the middle when the violin and oboe play the same part, and comes out sounding like a synth trumpet to me. It's something I want to fix. As for the humanization- well, I've already got it set to "Baroque" Human Playback in Finale. I mean, baroque music isn't exactly syncopated. I'll look into it though, if I can figure out the intimidating settings... Thanks for the feedback! My other WIP hasn't gotten any comments, so I'm glad to hear from anybody.
  13. I haven't even finished this yet, but I FINALLY got a good virtual orchestra, and I'm a little giddy. Imagine a concert taking place at Mushroom Castle. This is what it would sound like. sources: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze (do I really have to link to this? XD) doonlood: Baroquen Blocks (WIP)
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