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  1. Star Salzman is easily one of the best vocalists on this site, perhaps the best. I love the raw emotion in this song, but what I love best is the constant vascillation between weight and weightlessness. Dare I say it, it feels as if you are a grain of sand in an hourglass that's being turned end-to-end. At times you feel suspended in air, sort of like when you're on a roller-coaster just about to plummet 40 feet. And at other times, you feel compressed, as if gravity has twice its normal pull. It's quite a ride, and quite a mix of genres and timbres wrapped up in one song. It's not for the faint of heart or perhaps a musical purist, but I love it.
  2. This is one of the most visually evocative pieces on OCReMix. I can see the gently swirling snow under the grey sky. I can see the dead lying in pools of blood staining the perfect white, their shattered armor glinting dimly in the hazy, pale sun. I can see the dying clinging to their last frozen breaths, while the living crouch to hear their last words or give them the mercy stroke. I can see the victors standing solemnly, unable to celebrate the victory that came at such a high cost. I can hear the grim, metallic reality of the section that begins at 2:22. I can feel the hope (around 3:12) that comes from such devastation--the promise of better future that tragically had to be borne of fighting. I can hear the hope in the hearts of the victors that perhaps they will never have to give birth to such a future in this way again--that maybe next time, instead of a place stained with blood and broken with shattered metal, there will be merely a beautiful, undisturbed snowfield.
  3. This is a high-quality mix with a lot going on. I think my favorite part is the chanting--I'm impressed the remixer did his own vocals. Maybe my affection for this track hearkens back to the days of watching spaghetti westerns with my dad, but regardless, it's a melodic piece that makes me happy, and that's what counts most to me.
  4. A beautiful piece. I love music that is about a state of being, not just about this particular interval and that particular drumset. It has a zenlike quality of just being what it is, which inspires you to do the same.
  5. This track has gotten stuck in my head of late, and I love it. It has this great 80s groove feel to it that creates a cool but energetic feel for the listener. I'm surprised it hasn't received more reviews; this track stood out to me among OCRemixes because of its obvious quality and sheer spiffiness.
  6. I love most of the Sonic tracks out there. This one is not my favorite, mostly because of the intro. The reversed Sega effect was quite cool, however, and the ring sound effects were well-placed. The instruments seem a little off to me, but I can't quite place why. It's not a bad mix, it's just not quite for me though.
  7. What an awesome track. Very soothing, very spacey, very powerful in an understated way. It flows beautifully, and feels free but never unfocused. Great piece, and one that will make it on to my short list of favorite OCReMixes.
  8. I had this piece playing when someone who doesn't know much about video games walked in the room. They asked what movie this was from so they could buy the soundtrack. I have a short playlist of particularly beautiful and meaningful OCReMixes, and this was one of the first on the list. Very well done!
  9. Holy cow...I love this mix. Lava Reef was one of my favorite zones because of the music. This remix captures the mystery, the chaos, and the danger of the zone. I know there are some others who didn't like it, but as someone who was nuts about Sonic, I am really happy to have it. It's true to the original feel of the game and it brings back some very happy moments from my early teen years.
  10. What a mixture of funk and magic! I loved every second, although I'm partial to the beginning.
  11. Beautiful, serene, just a little sad, with an undercurrent of hope. Just the way I like 'em! I think it takes a few listens to get the "groove" part of the song but fortunately this is an easy track to put on repeat. I remember when this game came out for Saturn and my sister and I were admiring the water effects as we played I believe it was the first level. Good times. Great track!
  12. An absolutely gorgeous piece--very meditative. It is magical in its delicacy. The choice of instruments is very effective and the soft singing is just divine. I particularly liked the harp flourishes. This is a tender tribute to an important suite of music that contains a lot of love for the original material.
  13. I am really impressed with the quality of production on this track. So much so that while this is not my favorite type of music, I like this song quite a bit nonetheless. It's laidback and groovy and very airy in a gritty say. It's hard to describe what I think about the vocalist, so I'll say his voice has character and presence, and its uniqueness matches the uniqueness of the song.
  14. I don't know what more I can add that hasn't been said before but I'll try anyway: to say this is gorgeous, moving, well-done, and a genius of a song, not just a remix, is a total understatement. The vocals are just perfect, the guitar work is amazing, the lyrics are soothing, the timing is awesome. This is going to go on my short list of remixes to listen to over and over.
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