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  1. Hey a floridian on OCR, didnt know they had those. Yeah im going. If any of you still think im a cool cat then plz I need roomate. I havent booked a room, or preregistered, or bought my plane ticket, but Im getting on it. if anyone has a spare slot, please consider me:razz:

  2. Isnt this like the fifth Far Cry game?

    I saw an extended trailer, and was shocked to discover that it doesnt take place on a tropical island. Far Cry one was one of my favorite games, hopefully this one will do it for me. As for AI, it goes with the series man. FC1 had some of the worst Ai I have ever seen, but it was young back then.

  3. i miss mewtwo too man that nair was so much fun, and he had this awesome grace about him. as someone who caught him using an ultraball in pokemon blue, i firmly believe that they did a great job with him in melee. lucario is cool and unique and all, but who the eff is he?

    and i lold

  4. I've heard a lot of people talk about how bad these brawl players are for relying so much on wavedashing that they hacked it back in the game but it really is less about neededing l-canceling and wavedashing to be good and more about making the game actually fun.

    Went to a tournament on saturday with 64 or so people and I got rocked :(. Honestly I don't know what happened.

    1: Inui ($469.00) - MetaKnight<<GODAMIT

    2: Forward ($134.00) - Snake/Pit<<GODAMIT

    3: AlphaZealot ($67.00) - Diddy Kong<<GODAMIT

    4: Dook - Snake/Lucario<<GODAMIT

    5: Joey Fury - Snake<<GODAMIT

    5: Quivo - Toon Link

    7: Coma - Diddy Kong

    7: Black Guile - Marth<<GODAMIT

    9: Delta Punk

    9: Sonic the Hedgedawg

    9: McWooty - Fox

    9: Tyr


    49.me :C :C :C

    The people in bold are who I went to the tournament with and the last two local tournaments we went to I put Black Guile out and we both practiced the same amount for this tournament (not at all), so the only thing I can think of is to go back to playing Falco cause Game and Watch worked out roughly zero percent good for me.

    I hate this. when I face metaknights and snakes in tourneys, it makes me want to sit the user down and lecture the users on not being a cheap douschebag. roughly 3/4s of mk users I know havent even played any kirby titles with mk in it.

    I think that in order to main a character in brawl you need to have beaten at least one of their games. This allows you to appreciate them for more than just the fact that they are really good characters. Lucas is my main and I havent beaten mother 3 yet but I am working on it.

    the reason I say this is that mk users should have to beat mk in the kirby samurai minigame. that would cut mk users by 9/10s.

    Marth is a fag, snake isnt as bad because its tricky to use him, diddy needs a new down b. playing him in fd is absolute crap

  5. Legend of Mana (Opening/Ending Theme)

    YES. But its not a very well known game.

    Im very glad that angels fear/ fear of the heavens made that list.

    And I can see why OCR discourages fav threads. over 50,000 responses?

    no way they read them all

  6. you want the combo to start as soon as you press a. that means once you get to flints "attacked!" box, hit a as the beginning of the combo

    also practice is a whole lot easier once you get to osohe castle and pick up the battle memory book from the present on the first floor. it lets you battle any enemy youve encountered before for as long as you want. you dont take any damage or anything, its there specifically so you can practice the various music. really neat addition i'd say

    I love you man thanks for the advice

    plus Im hungry for shit

  7. I thougght I mentioned this earlier.

    But yes, it's better than trying to make it into the film and confuse the hell out of the audience.

    I haven't heard anything about the suit if that's what you're talking about.

    But something tells me Paramount will pay whatever it takes to get a big budget film like this out.

    awesome damit this rocks

  8. I've played a decent amount of Earthbound, but I have not beaten the game nor has the ending been spoiled for me yet.

    I have patched Mother 3 and I am ready to play it. Should I beat Earthbound or at least familiarize myself with the ending before I play M3, or is it okay to play standalone?

    Its not a direct sequel, these are totally different stories. Play them both, theyre about just as good.

    and combo spoiler below, if you need help.

    Putting enemies to sleep allows you to feel their heartbeat. this is the rhythm at which you want to press th button once the combo gets started. when to first press the button to get over 2 hits is still a mystery to me. And yes, each rythm is dependent on background music. one good way to practice on emulator is to save state when the window "Flint attacks." comes up, try to get a combo, and then load state every time you screw up. you can do that for every attack, but in the end its a waste of time and takes away from the value of the game.

    my highest combo is 13, pretty sweet. The fluctuating speed of emulators really throws it off though

  9. Since we are talking about Michael Chrichton, how about his latest novel, Next?

    Im telling you, that is exactly what you are looking for, Im suprised no one as mentioned it yet.

    Chrichton gives you fact with his fiction, and hes one of my favorite authors because of it. I now know that global warming is a total lie.

    heres a link bub


  10. This is the greatest Roy spike you'll ever see. It perfectly captures the failure of Roy:

    I used to be a Roy main when I first started going to tournaments. I actually won a couple of matches with him, but God he's so terrible. You only main Roy if you like losing and PHIRE!!1!

    what the hell happened there!?

  11. Well, what did you think of my second vid? The Sheik vs Luigi one?

    I was never good at melee, but I'll tell you what i can. you need to short hop more, if your having trouble with that just sit down for like an hour and practice nailing a short hop then regular jump over and over. next, stop using shiek, she is a god in melee and those two hit ground to air combos were nothing special. youve got the basics down and are ready to move on, so just watch videos upon videos, i suggest smashboards for those, to get better. or just play brawl

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