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  1. Surely any (offical -- off-brands tend to suck) controller responds fast enough for anyone. The difference has got to be too small to be noticeable...

    if you havent felt the .0003 second lag on these controllers then you are clearly not a good smash player

  2. Good idea. I made a higher-quality version:


    Also, 1000-1700 are finished! Woo!

    Now I just have to figure out a way to easily download the next 71.

    And tag 1500 songs according to game. :P

    yeah my banner got cut off, and im using this silly touchpad, so i didnt care to go back and fix it.

    good job on uploading the songs. i see youre also labeling their album according to game. thats going to be annoying for games that have been remixed only once, but i guess you need a system.

    also genres will be awkward. some of these remixes just dont conform to any single genre, but im sure youll get around that.

    good luck and thank you :razz:

    EDIT: I made a green one!


  3. my snake suck ass and im actually kind of proud of it

    and that vid of mine that you all have been anticipating highly is going to have to wait, my friend in ownership of the wii got involved in a crazy crochet accident, he'll be out of the morgue by saturday, tho, so expect it then.

  4. sure it is, bud... it's ABC :)

    what? then why does it say for me to watch it on some random channel at 7 on saturday?

    oh well.

    hey im familiar with the series too. there was that one demonality part in the second book. and they raped kahlan's sister to death or something like that, they didnt shoot her. and i was pretty pissed to see that the "quad" was not "bristling with weapons"

    can i be your bro

  5. For me, I'm trying to get bigger, but its not working out so great...

    im currently 130lbs, but i think my workout plan isnt the right one for me... i try to do 3 sets of weights, and then move on, but i tihnk im changing it to two sets of soemthing a lot heavier, so i'll get my body used to the heavier weights

    do 6 sets of at least 8 reps, try to find a weight for each excercise that doesnt tire you out too much but has you reaching muscle failure at the end of the last rep... and take your time resting. the sets wont do you good if youre too tired to do them. two sets is kind of short for a workout, and good muscle endurance helps you a lot when working out in the future.

  6. I just watched a 10 min preview for it, and it looks like they're distorting the timeline for it quite a bit. Kahlan bringing the Book of Counted Shadows to Zedd? Really? Richard not knowing who Zedd is? What?

    get used to it, i forsee it getting worse as the series progresses. but i trust the folks at...wherever... its not a popular tv network like nbc...

  7. they're going to butcher a lot of it. i don't think we're going to have all that rape and testicle eating, either.

    if only japan had done it. oh well

    Im sort of glad that they chose to adapt it into a series, rather than have a movie that cut out half the material(coughharrypotter), even if it isnt going to be totally accurate

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