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  1. I wanted to be the one to make this thread godammit. I was going to make it after the next update instead of too soon, like you. Now there will be a suspenseful wait for 2 weeks.

  2. There was one a while back. I wasn't able to participate because of my internet at the time, but would have loved to. I'm not sure if the tourney even finished or not though...

    We should do it again. You people are my only friends other than level 9s.

    the time has come

  3. It's Peter Molyneux you clod, and not every game requires a review ala Zero Punctuation. Do remember Yahtzee detests jrpgs and if you're into them, don't expect anything good coming from him on them. I do however enjoyed his take on "Painkiller". IMO it truly is the "true" continuation to the DOOM series; just instead of a marine doing the killing its some joe schmo wanting nothing more than to be with the wifey after redeeming himself from a fuck up :lol:

    You must be refering to the creators of games rather than the companies, as companies can easily adjust themselves to adapt when a series had shitted on itself and died, creators though...

    Fable isnt a jrpg...

    and yes, I meant Meter Polynox, not game company

    and o noes we wont get our figurines!!!

  4. I hate jigglypuff. I know she not a total piece of shit but I still get the impression that someone at nintendo was either a flaming fag or put her in as a joke. I mean they replaced mewto but couldnt think of anything better than jiggly?

    they cood hav put cloud in soopr smash bros hehe

  5. If you don't change it, we'll change it for you

    please replace their sigs with mine, I want an entire forum full of the salesman. LOL THEN I WILL HAVE STARTED AN INTERNET MEME AND MY LIFE WILL HAVE MEANING!!!1

    btw excuse my last post I had no idea of the efficiency of this forum's moderation.

  6. If it's actual game design that you would like to pursue, it's probably in your best interest to build your craft by creating games (see sephire's the wingless quote). You can use any number of game engines (most of which allow you to download a demo version). If coding is not your thing, there are alternatives. I've actually dabbled in making my own game several times, but lost patience with code and errors.

    If you have the drive, you can do it. I agree that it's important to network but I think, if you are serious about this, you need to do the research.

    Here are a few good sites:

    http://www.3dgamestudio.com/ - I've actually used this one with some success.

    http://www.devmaster.net/engines/list.php - A list of game engines.

    http://www.viciousengine.com/ - This shows promise if you have financial backing and a team.

    What if I made my own engine? Is that sort of thing hard?

  7. I hope poppy moxlinox (i give up) watched that review. Every game company should be required to watch their respective Zero Punctuation and take notes on it before making a sequel.

    Nintendo: 'Eight...cunt gargling...hours.... ok.' *clicks pen*

  8. Ganondorf is one of my low tier joke characters... ...

    ... that I win with. (Ganondorf can be really fun if you can get over his clunky feel). Also I don't know if Brawl videos do any real justice to how some of us play. Since Brawl is severely lacking in high technical skill, all videos can come off to mediocre. This does not apply to Melee because holy cow that game had way more technical depth than Brawl.

    Technical depth basically means you need controlled hand spasms to execute some of the moves correctly, right?

    I never got great in melee. I only short hopped successfully about a third of the time, and wave bounces were a sincere challenge for me. And then I found out that I was supposed to be short hopping, attacking, fast falling, and then L cancelling in one move if I was to be truly good.

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