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  1. Check this out, you don't have to download from OC Remix. atomicthumbs has made an online OC Remix music player that allows you to stream, rate (omg) and download songs at rediculously higher bandwidths than OCR. The more users, the more awesome, so please register here.

    Thread here.

  2. My current goal is to score a 300 Marine Corps PFT. My last score:

    20 Pull ups - 100 pts

    100 Sit Ups - 100 pts

    3-mile Run - Roughly 22:30 - I know I got 73 pts

    Total: 273

    All I need now is an 18:00 run

    I'm still doing 20 pull ups, I haven't done sit ups in a while - but I'll start doing them everyday once I get home; they're not hard to do.

    I've been working hard on my run - I'd run every two days, over 3 miles with a pack that weighed roughly 30 pounds, & my run time was getting to 35 minutes. Just as I was about to drop the pack & start running without it, I got promoted to Corporal & received my "bloodstripes." I couldn't run for about a week.

    Now I run the same distance, without the pack, longer - I stretch before & after my runs; one of my legs never quite healed. I took pain medication from my Corpsman, but it doesn't quite do the job.

    The next PFT is going to probably be sometime in December.

    By the way, I'm


    135 lbs

    & I don't have any weight goals. I'd set my height goal to 5'3" but that's unrealistic. :P

    Jeezus, thats good. Id rather die than be a Marine, and a 275 is one hell of a score. I need a 16 minute 2 mile for Army PFT, two minutes less than your target time for the 3 mile run. I'm also well over a foot taller than you. I one day hope to be as badass as you are now.


  3. Not that this is saying much.


    I thought you nerdy types liked that game...

    from what I can see, its like oblivion without the hackneyed "oh i am the hero of avalon my breastplate of thor will kill ye" theme, better character design, wepons that dont just change color as they get better, and hopefully better AI.

  4. if you watch them all you will want the game bad enough to kill.

    a steam powered gun that shoots railroad spikes

    pickpocketing and leaving a live grenade on the person.

    a fist that ripps people to shreds with its force.

    a better oblivion.

  5. ill explain the best I can. OCR doesnt always accept submissions for remixes. When OCremix raised their standards in 05 i think, they got rid of some of the lower quality remixes. there are several spinnoff communities if OCR, and OC Removed is like a silly ocremix but with the "bad" songs.

    by the way, there is a song called "bad tuna", it was accepted several years back as a remix of CT's Millenial Fair. I wasnt here for that, but the song was absolutely crap

    Ill post


    you should add at least that song

  6. Sporknight, P90s are dangerous, and the X is only compounding things. I say go at your own pace, but, like, faster. That way when you reach your goal it will be yourself you're swearing by. Doing this keeps it real for you and decreases your odds of giving up.

    If anyone wants workout advice then please ask, I'm not an expert but I've learned enough to be able to answer questions.

    So, my goals:

    To score at least a 200 on the Army Physical Fitness Test:

    keep in mind I am 6'5 please

    Goal weight: 205 lbs

    Current weight: 209.2 lbs

    APFT goals:

    16:36 on the 2 mile run

    42 pushups in 2 minutes

    53 situps in 2 minutes

    Current status:

    18:00 on the 2 mile run (shit!)

    37 pushups in 2 minutes

    42 situps in two minutes... crap

    So yes.

  7. thats not a normal brawl thing fool

    thats a hack

    also dhsu ill get on that :3

    and that is very melee esque so what would you have to get used to

    if you were used to melee you should say "oh wow thats cool thats like melee" instead of what you said

    dude seriously...

    arek...let it go man. lol ima make a brawl video as soon as I finish GAY homework, prepare yourself for mediocracy later

  8. Notice in that "wavedashing" vid, how easily his combo is defeated at 2:35. His techniques aren't nearly as impressive as they seem.

    yes its suprising how effectively staying down breaks combos. Either Im doing it wrong or this breaks my deedeedees chaingrab as well which is gaiy

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