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  1. So, I finally got to play some "With Anyone" online matches, and I literally saw nothing but Wolf, Fox and Toon Link. It was very sad.

    Also: sooner or later our house will get a stable internet connection, and I will want to play Arek.

    It is sad indeed. those are about my worst three. I use only Lucas and the heavies. And the occasional mario.

    is it good ettiquite (sp?) to record a match on my laptop's webcam, because thats what I plan on using. I want to see what you people think of me... other than trolling dork of course

    and how do i spell ettiqueitte?

  2. Here's some Mother 3 sprites. Please tell me if I am doing it wrong.




    "Human" Boney






    not done yet, still have to rip these bitches myself

    EDIT: ive got to do homework and more importantly take a dump so this is gonna wait till tomorrow

    LT: Don't like Human Boney, but the other two are good to go.

  3. I'm pretty much available from here on out. I'll be hosting a room for a bit, then breaking for lunch, then coming back. So first come first serve. I'm shutting the room out after someone joins.

    By the way, setting up these games would be so much easier if we were doing it in real-time... i.e. chat/IM as opposed to POSTS.

    yeah im kind of sick of hearing omg lets play aww you beat me when I know I cant join in because I dont have a wee

  4. P.S. There is. I've seen videos of someone dropping through the platform on Smashville and shortly after falling through, they went into a tumbling animation AND THEY WERE UNABLE TO GET OUT OF IT AND THEY FELL OFF THE SCREEN. It's a rare occurrence though so it's no big deal.

    I didnt realize nintendo had incorporated such fail into their game. arent there awards for that sort of thing?

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