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    I remember reading something about how if you changed your residence on the Wii, you lost all your points. Is this thing true? I live in New Zealand, and therefore have the shittiest assortment of VC games :{
  2. I think it's brilliant. I love the opening theme, always gets my foot tapping on its own, then when the main theme is going.. Man, your Doom mixes never cease being awesome. It usually takes ,e while to warm up to a track, but this one I loved from the first play. I cant wait to hear your work in Delta Q Delta :}
  3. I agree with TO. For some odd reason, NIN usually reminds me of Doom, so Opening to Hell in a similar style wouldn't be too out of place
  4. Even if that were so, it was my first OCRemix experience, so I think its pretty good (kay, so it was downloaded from elsewhere, but as an OCR Site project it still counts imho) But I admit, its nowhere near as good as this one turned out.
  5. While Sonic 2 has already been done, Sonic 1 + Spinball is viable I guess. Or Sonic 1 Megadrive + Sonic 1 Game Gear/Master System. It would be great to have the whole trilogy done imho.
  6. Im pretty sure this was the first OCR track I heard Excluding the Hedgehog Heaven remix album, since I downloaded that from elsewhere Yeah, this track I thought was pretty okay at first, and actually couldnt remember what it was from (I had only briefly played Sonic at that point, and couldnt get anywhere in Hydrocity Zone) but it eventually became a favourite on my commonly played tracks. You could say this track is what made my initial dislike of the Hydrocity theme into lov xD Great track, clearly
  7. My favourite out of OCR's site projects by far. Ghosts of Mars is by far the best track on it, and the track alone warrants a play of the album every so often. Only real criticism is that two tracks on Disc 1 are rather loud and ear bending, and also sound a bit wierd (I downloaded the MP3 version of the album) and that Disc 2 doesnt seem as good as the first.
  8. Your welcome. I apologise if any criticism was taken the wrong way by anyone. EDIT: Also, to the person commenting on why there are on two discs, despite being to it on a single disc, It is because Disc 1 is Sonic 3, Disc 2 is Sonic and Knuckles and Disc 3 is the stuff on the side + Bonus Tracks
  9. I haven't been able to match the main lyrics to the theme strangely, despite having almost all the Sonic 3 and Knuckles original tracks burnt to a disc. But now that I am aware of this, I will probably notice.. Yeah, I know the Sonic 3 ending theme was supposedly on Disc 2, but I was still expecting it to be on Disc 1, with a crazily awesome remix of the S&K ending theme (Its been done before, an official remix album for Sonic and Knuckles had an 10 minute+ remix of the ending theme. Sure enough it doesn't need to be that long, but man, when I imagine what could be done..) and as for the
  10. Great album. Easily one of the best i've ever heard, and way beyond my expectations. Although it took a while to warm up to it, once I did, it became my most played album for a few weeks. At first, after playing through the first Disc, I was partially let down, as Icecap Zone, and Launch Base Zone were at first, utter unrecogniseable, and seemed to fly past without me noticing them, and the fact the whole disc was rather quiet and peaceful. However, with time, this faded. Rather than give feedback on the whole album, I'll comment on the first disc for now (Dont want to clutter the page
  11. I have rather great expectations for this project. DSoP is one of my favourite albums ever, so I was rather excited to hear of this followup. By any chance would a third one for Final Doom ever be started? And one more thing, the album title, where did you get the name from? The possible coverart posted earlier is pretty awesome (The one thats now in a guys sig) I wish you guys luck with this project
  12. So yeah, just rejoined (Wasnt aware of an inactivity prune thing..) Not that I actually got around to posting before, as the forums would glitch and log me off as soon as I logged in, or say that I need to log in, to log in.
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