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  1. It's been a while since I last posted here, but sign me up! He's the biggest reason I got into making video game music
  2. i remember that the original site that that video is from has the links to the remixes of the songs, however, finding them now on the original site, it seems that a few of the links are broken, and a few others you'd have to look through the sites in Japanese to figure out what song is what. The flash video shows the remix titles and whatnot I believe (don't quote me 100% on this) of the songs and who they're by.
  3. Dear lord watching that makes me want to play Final Fantasy VI again. *Grabs DS* Time to go to kick ass! If there is anyone here who loves FFVI who hasnt seen that little flash (it is rather long, goes through the final battle ALL the way through the credits, to their own tone that is), it is quite entertaining if you can pick up on what every system is and all the inside jokes.
  4. Yes! That is it indeed! I tried looking up Console Fantasy VI amongst other things, but didnt try Sega Fantasy VI. Thank you!
  5. I've been trying to find an old flash video that I had seen some years back here online of the final battle against Kefka in Final Fantasy VI, however all of the character sprites, including kefka, were changed to Video Game Consoles (Ranging from Megadrive, to Xbox) fighting, and even the final credits screen was also changed to fit this as well. I can't quite remember the name of it, nor have I found it on Youtube, Newgrounds, or even Ebaums. The thing was, the site that I saw it on years ago was all in Japanese or Korean (can't quite remember which exactly), yet the flash was all in English. Does anybody here know what I'm talking about and where I can find it? I figured to ask around here, since this is one of the biggest gaming forums I know, hopefully someone here will know what I'm talking about.
  6. Well I'll be damned, a thread on GW. I play from time to time, on all three campaigns with some PVP tossed in there from time to time. I'll edit up my post or post another with my toons' names as soon as I can update my ANet. Havent actually played in a few weeks so there's a couple updates for me.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday Zirc! To believe you're only 20 and making such insane beats is amazing.
  8. First time I really listened to this mix was right after I got done watching the movie The Protector with Tony Jaa. And, I have to say, this ReMix fits in with his fights throughout the movie and just leaves you wanting more after it's all said and done. If you want to imagine this to fighting Fei Long in SSF2, be prepared to have your ass kicked. If his fighting were in sync with the song, he would be kicking your ass, then sitting back and relaxing for a few seconds to pretend like hes letting you get your strength back up, then comes back in and thoroughly finishes handing you your ass. Amazing work here zirc.
  9. Sadly, only series for me here with multiples of the same games are the final fantasies. The original 1987 version of FF1, including the bestiary and map and original boxing and all, as well as the Final Fantasy Origins version on PS1, FFI & II Dawn of Souls on GBA, and fully preordered the PSP rendition that releases this month. Both PS1 and GBA versions of FF2, as well as a fully preordered PSP rendition that releases in July. FF2 including original boxing and booklet for the SNES, FFChronicles version where it was finally called Final Fantasy IV on ps1, as well as the GBA version. FF3 on SNES including, just like the others, original boxing and booklet, FFVI on FFAnthology on PS1, and the newly released FFVI on GBA. Final Fantasy V on Anthology for PS1, and the GBA version. Both PC and Ps1 versions of FF7 and FF8 Every FFXI release including every PS2, Xbox360, and original, with all expansions seperate on PC, as well as both of the Collections (both regular Vana'Diel and the 2007 release)
  10. Oh man, PLAY! isn't going to be in Texas till January. That is insane. Oh well, gives me time to save up for my tickets.
  11. Mechwarrior 2 was also released in that time period I believe. In fact, Mechwarrior 3 was too, which was a better game than 2 IMO.
  12. I remember what you're talking about now! I used to play that game back in 3rd grade...or at home.. can't remember which.
  13. I recognize that yeti...but I cannot recall where from tho..
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