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  1. So I found this today...


    ...and I was told that's you in the checkered shirt. I still don't remember meeting you at all, but I apologize for any discomfort that was caused for you and your woman! :P

  2. I think I found a song you'll like.

  3. who is that girl in your sig she's friggen adorable

  4. Could you tell me more about this beach party that you were at?


  5. Jake's got his shit together this time. I'm actually contributing guitars to his song tomorrow.

  6. tenseu i am so drunk right now you begtter go to magfest jerkface

  7. dude let;s drINK AT magfest it well be so much fin hahaha

  8. druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk

  9. o hmy god i am so drunk jlet's party atm agfest YES

  10. duee i am so drunk right now you habe no idea

  11. Just for the record, you're in on mine and Jake's team.

  12. The man who'll kill you with a giant scorpion.


  13. Happy birthday, fellow Luke!

  14. Hello, fellow NC dweller.

  15. this song is about #ocremix.

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