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  1. Known in this modern age at the Carbonthief.

  2. Done and doner. Maybe THIS would be enough to convince my musically inclined friend to keep his Fasebohk.
  3. Of the multitude of OCR songs I have in (for FF, downloaded all the stuff from I through X, along with X-2, with XII's and today XI's in there, too, though some have been released recently that I haven't checked), this is the one I'd outright removed from that playlist's circulation. Reading that others don't like this, too, it may be the lone FF ReMix I plain-out remove. (Not to say there aren't other songs I regularly skip, for certain.) With techno, I want to like the genre, but it irritates my senses under various circumstances. I'm no bard, and know little if anything about musical tech
  4. and I agree with. The first is just a property of old translation work compiled with time restraints, people working on it (Woosley prolly had headaches each night), and space restrictions (which even modern games have, though I mostly blame this on Japan not bothering to fully consider languages that don't use one space per syllable). I'm not entirely sure how I'll feel with FFIV(DS)'s new script, but it'll still be a more recent, and official, new markup of the Japanese text (which, in FFIV's case, has been modded to whatever degree). I've gotten a bit into the fan retranslation, as I men
  5. Initial Response: OH MY EFFING GOSH [a KHCOM OC ReMix] Glace-Over Response: Hah, mom & son[g] (wow, and a professional violinist) and OH, a final boss song *doesn't recall which it is* Read-Through Response: *reads violin play* *backtracks* Oh, violist then Hah, Philly. / Oh, well the title kinda fits for Marl's fuck-arounds, too (prev. impression of title). Aw, bad feelings? *doesn't know technical lingo* "breath" and "refereshing" Pre-Listen Response: Ah, first [Marluxia] battle. Was thinkin' "Scythe of Petals" for that one, given the actual use of the scythe (not counting Nobo-mech
  6. *song comes on* *bells dong* *internal quasi-squees ensue*
  7. And would keep this from being Japan-only for long. Still, all of SE's front-runners seem to be getting exposure everywhere (no/little FRONT MISSION loves? eh, haven't played that/those, either), with some of their less reputatious(?) titles staying in the Land-o-teh-Batshits.
  8. Well, looking around the Project boards/guidelines and searching the topics here, it seems halfway safe to make a thread like this, but if Project requests are out-of-line, then I'll take the heat. Listening to Relic of the Chozo for a while (one-disc album + one-disc CD player = awwriiight) and booting up Chrono Symphonic in the midst of CT bring-ups (culminating in learning that I'm a bit behind on the DS version "announcement"), I feel bad that Golden Sun, let alone its sequel, only has one posted song. I want -- perhaps need? -- some better-than-GBA-quality Golden Sunniness. There are too
  9. This is exciting news. For so long now, though not as long as asserting the PS1-era FFs for PSP, I've allied to CT being perfect for NDS. I mean, if they tweek the battle system for touchscreen use... I haven't gone through much of the game (seen it played a bit on a PS2, and have played through some of the retranslation patch from Chrono Compendium), but the battle setup seems born for the touchscreen. Jeebus, this'll be cool. Oh course, there'll be an obligatory relocalization, which I wouldn't mind in the least, since I have no nostalgia and/or nostalgiasities (dammit, why'd I get used t
  10. Hah, true enough. Still, when you're makin' a non-fixable copy of these things, you damn well do it right! On that thought: For whatever tags .wav files use, what all is able to be recorded? I ask because I made a copy of Relics that didn't have any composers down, but if that data is 'lost' to it anyway, then I shouldn't worry much aboout it (though I would lament marking it up so doofily...). Further, even if .wav tags don't carry it, would iTunes makes its own tag files on the disc? EDIT: Nevermind, turns out NOTHING is recorded onto the discs other than sweet, sweet music. However, I
  11. I'm about to make a physical copy of the album (with the track titles' pure names in the Sort field, so as to lop off the source song and reinstate "A"s and "The"s), but I'm at ends about how to label the discs. Not with the stickers, with the disc names. "Crisis", "Dirge", and whatnot. The discs have their Disc Numbers indicated, but... should it be Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream - [Name], or something else maybe? I apologize for being such a nitpick on these things without much praise given on the songs themselves, but that my anal-retentiveness as a show of wanting these work
  12. MY turn to post. I second the request for the .jpg/.gif files for cover art (for use in media players, specifically iTunes). I'd also like to know what's the preferred way of labelling everything before I burn a copy (I'm a nitpick). I'm currently using the Every-Word-Is-Capitalized format, as seen on file names (I put the slash back into 'Change & Passing'), the album is set as a compilation (to allow for artist names to show with the track title, as well as labelling the album artist as "Various Artists") and as a gapless album (with the burn option set to 0 seconds between tracks jus
  13. As I'm reading the opening post, I'm thinking this might be a fun little jaunt, but then Dr. Jonesker nails it on the first reply. Heck, even the ads are impressed, since it asked if I wanted to play the Steve Miller song by the same name as this mixal detector. I'mma go download it, just because of this thread (and the praise given the track itself). The irony? It's a ReMix of "Sad Song". This tickled/s me.
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