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  2. Done and doner. Maybe THIS would be enough to convince my musically inclined friend to keep his Fasebohk.
  3. Of the multitude of OCR songs I have in (for FF, downloaded all the stuff from I through X, along with X-2, with XII's and today XI's in there, too, though some have been released recently that I haven't checked), this is the one I'd outright removed from that playlist's circulation. Reading that others don't like this, too, it may be the lone FF ReMix I plain-out remove. (Not to say there aren't other songs I regularly skip, for certain.) With techno, I want to like the genre, but it irritates my senses under various circumstances. I'm no bard, and know little if anything about musical technicalities, but something I feel about OCr's 'technos' is that there are many other tracks or beats or whatever that seem completely unrelated to the focused song, which doesn't mesh well for me (and can, if there's too many or they're too pronounced, can bother on my ears and head). For this song, I had formed the opinion (listened to a couple bits some minutes ago, but not enough to re-evaluate), it not only seemed that NONE of the extra noises worked from/on/with/whatever the "Celes" tune/melody/w/e, but that the "Celes" section itself didn't have anything changed about it, like various presets were slapped onto the original or something. Now, I have FFmDj's others on there, and they're listened to if I'm in the mood or don't mind, but this first attempt doesn't please my senses or sensibilities (as a whole, at least; I'd prolly like some of the noises themselves). EDIT: When searching iTunes for the song, I was made aware (or reminded) of the spelling "Celces". Makes me think "Celsius" (prolly X-2's fault), but what is the story behind that?
  4. and I agree with. The first is just a property of old translation work compiled with time restraints, people working on it (Woosley prolly had headaches each night), and space restrictions (which even modern games have, though I mostly blame this on Japan not bothering to fully consider languages that don't use one space per syllable). I'm not entirely sure how I'll feel with FFIV(DS)'s new script, but it'll still be a more recent, and official, new markup of the Japanese text (which, in FFIV's case, has been modded to whatever degree). I've gotten a bit into the fan retranslation, as I mentioned, but with this news, I'll prolly just stick it out until I can play it (which, with the graphics style and type being similar, if not the same, would preserve whatever feeling playing the "original" would imbue). The second I don't know too much about, but I played long enough to notice the lack of movement. The suggestion of tap-to-direct movement sounds 'genious' to me. It's such simple matters as that that make me feel CT would be great for NDS. And, again, there's the point of those who haven't played or can't/won't get their hands on it for whatever reasons. My main case for these "remakes"/"enhanced ports" will always be the translation(s) above all. FTR: cater[chi]pillars > FFIVA(EU) > FFIVA(NA), in terms of bugginess. If I could have my way, 20th Anniversary versions would be made of FFIVA, FFVA, and FFVIA in the vein of FFI and FFII. FFI&IIDOS works smoothly, and to get a similar working for the golden age of FF to accompany the three-dimension reworkings of said members would cover any and all bases (plus, the PS1 FMVs, sub-par as FFIV's let's-use-it-for-this FMV(s) was, wouldn't be to relative waste). EDIT: CHIPP's post weresn't thar when I hit Post... I'unno, the music is a definite good point (singing mecha-cat-bot!), the graphics are solid (DBZ is epitomous, but CT seems distinct, not to mention the quality of the spritage), and the game seems pretty good on control execution, though a keyboard's not the best thing for that (as Super Metroid forced me to know).
  5. Initial Response: OH MY EFFING GOSH [a KHCOM OC ReMix] Glace-Over Response: Hah, mom & son[g] (wow, and a professional violinist) and OH, a final boss song *doesn't recall which it is* Read-Through Response: *reads violin play* *backtracks* Oh, violist then Hah, Philly. / Oh, well the title kinda fits for Marl's fuck-arounds, too (prev. impression of title). Aw, bad feelings? *doesn't know technical lingo* "breath" and "refereshing" Pre-Listen Response: Ah, first [Marluxia] battle. Was thinkin' "Scythe of Petals" for that one, given the actual use of the scythe (not counting Nobo-mech arms). Post-Listen Response: Pretty good. To be nitpicky (though I'm not a bard by measure to any here), the times the focal noises start seem kinda off by fractions of a moment (the last instace I'd say would be when the violin and whatever that oh-so-neat oise thing sync again), along with the violin giving a similar feeling of silent hiccup within the middle of its bits. Then again, the violin overal has a pacing thing with me, since I think of the Org battles sounding a bit faster, but I haven't listened to the Re:CoM version in an in-mind while nor have I played the battle in COM much (due to it being the last in the game that's one-off). For its startoff, it takes some time to pick up any volume (I tend to keep my volume lower, so playing it in playlist will prolly cause me to check what just came on), but once it picks up, I can roll with it. The vocals... while they were alright, I think their quality/type/etc. stood out from the kind of sound made by the other bits, a bit too strong/sharp, if you get what i'm saying. My favorite thing in it, though I often like to think I'm a violin[-liking] guy, is that previously mentioned weird noise thing that came in early and picked up up somewhere midway. Makes me thing of GB music (particularly PKMNTCG, but that may just be a fresh-subject-in-my-mind correlation). I'd prolly rate the song at two to three stars for my playlist (where one is when I want to notice it in list but not sure if I truly dig it, two being something that would rank among regular listens, and three being something of mainstay status; four and five are for "yes" and "very yes", respectively). Then again, don't take this all to heart, since I focus on particulars too much (makes it hard for me to watch/hear/play some things), and I'm not too up on critique (makes me think I should just keep out, not wanting to muck waters and all). The coincidence of grabbing the second COM comic book (with the Marluxia battle(s)) a bit before coming here gets me. Really, to see work done on these sad-ish songs by a ReMixer (or a pair, in this case) makes me happy. The long violin noises and the pritting... bass, I'll assume, make for a throwback to the in-vain yet faux-furious nature that represents the Nobodies so well. Moved this back here, since I prolly don't know what I'm talking about, really. However, this song is damn awesome. Maybe what endears it over listens is learning the song, and building yourself up with the song as it goes along. Also, some of the synth noises bring thought to the Golden Sun games' "instrumentation" (and, wouldn't you know, a GS song pops up after this song finished).
  6. *song comes on* *bells dong* *internal quasi-squees ensue*
  7. And would keep this from being Japan-only for long. Still, all of SE's front-runners seem to be getting exposure everywhere (no/little FRONT MISSION loves? eh, haven't played that/those, either), with some of their less reputatious(?) titles staying in the Land-o-teh-Batshits.
  8. Well, looking around the Project boards/guidelines and searching the topics here, it seems halfway safe to make a thread like this, but if Project requests are out-of-line, then I'll take the heat. Listening to Relic of the Chozo for a while (one-disc album + one-disc CD player = awwriiight) and booting up Chrono Symphonic in the midst of CT bring-ups (culminating in learning that I'm a bit behind on the DS version "announcement"), I feel bad that Golden Sun, let alone its sequel, only has one posted song. I want -- perhaps need? -- some better-than-GBA-quality Golden Sunniness. There are too many catchy tunes (particularly battle themes) and undoubtedly enough great-making-able material to warrant more from this seemingly dead series ("seemingly" because of some ambiguity of future projects from Camelot). So, would anyone(s) be interested in fulfilling this wish o' mine, to see a mass Golden Sun remixing/ReMixing? Even a mild surge singular entires would be nice (how many have been presented and didn't pass?), but to see an entire OCR album? I'd prolly piss myself. I could see it now... "Sunrise of Gold", featuring Disc 1 "The Lost Seal" (the inactivity of the franchise both in the official and fan-based sectors) and Disc 2 "The Broken World" ([an exaggertaion of]my feelings toward the anti-presence expressed in the previous parenthesized babble). *sigh* One can dream, can't he? So, is there any interest in teh muzacks of these two Advance-exclusive titles? If you're not familiar with the music and don't feel like scrounging up a copy (through whatever means), a game rip is available from The Jason Effect, with tracks arranged according to their order in The Lost Age's 'music player' (excluding the incidental noises featured at the end; all track titles are unofficial).
  9. This is exciting news. For so long now, though not as long as asserting the PS1-era FFs for PSP, I've allied to CT being perfect for NDS. I mean, if they tweek the battle system for touchscreen use... I haven't gone through much of the game (seen it played a bit on a PS2, and have played through some of the retranslation patch from Chrono Compendium), but the battle setup seems born for the touchscreen. Jeebus, this'll be cool. Oh course, there'll be an obligatory relocalization, which I wouldn't mind in the least, since I have no nostalgia and/or nostalgiasities (dammit, why'd I get used to "Terra" as her name?) nor do I entirely like the directness of the patch, so one of Square Enix's current teams working on bringing the story over anew would be nice. Ah, here's to the forlorn wish that the big mecha-cat's (Gato/Garcia(?)) song be given voice!
  10. Hah, true enough. Still, when you're makin' a non-fixable copy of these things, you damn well do it right! On that thought: For whatever tags .wav files use, what all is able to be recorded? I ask because I made a copy of Relics that didn't have any composers down, but if that data is 'lost' to it anyway, then I shouldn't worry much aboout it (though I would lament marking it up so doofily...). Further, even if .wav tags don't carry it, would iTunes makes its own tag files on the disc? EDIT: Nevermind, turns out NOTHING is recorded onto the discs other than sweet, sweet music. However, I put the 2 second spacing back on/in, so all but the last tracks of each song are two seconds of silence longer... *sigh* Well, guess I'll keep these as my own personal copies and just direct everyone o'er to the album's main page (LOL, MP3s) and remove the spacing for further burnings (such as the CT album, which I want to give to my sis's b/f). Again (or for the first time?), thanks you all for this album and for your help in my fiddlings with it.
  11. I'm about to make a physical copy of the album (with the track titles' pure names in the Sort field, so as to lop off the source song and reinstate "A"s and "The"s), but I'm at ends about how to label the discs. Not with the stickers, with the disc names. "Crisis", "Dirge", and whatnot. The discs have their Disc Numbers indicated, but... should it be Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream - [Name], or something else maybe? I apologize for being such a nitpick on these things without much praise given on the songs themselves, but that my anal-retentiveness as a show of wanting these works represented in their most intended ways (well, for the most part), that their names may preceed their play. Oh, and what's the preferred gap between songs? [originally posted on "Adrenaline Kyck" review thread] Agh, not again... I'm not about to review the actual song, since I have RotC playing right now and I'm in the midst of getting VotL .wavs ready for disc-burning (have had VotL .mp3s for a while now). Still, just as with "Mark of the Beatsmith", I've come to a labelling snag. Unlike "MotB", this isn't some simple added letter. The individual ReMix page and the .torrent's filename title it as "Kyck", but the album's images and tracklist file render it as "Kick". For the purposes of a physical copy of the album (since my iTunes file will remain as "Kyck"), which do you, the guys who put this ReMix together, think I should go with?
  12. MY turn to post. I second the request for the .jpg/.gif files for cover art (for use in media players, specifically iTunes). I'd also like to know what's the preferred way of labelling everything before I burn a copy (I'm a nitpick). I'm currently using the Every-Word-Is-Capitalized format, as seen on file names (I put the slash back into 'Change & Passing'), the album is set as a compilation (to allow for artist names to show with the track title, as well as labelling the album artist as "Various Artists") and as a gapless album (with the burn option set to 0 seconds between tracks just in case), and the track and disc numbers are fully filled. What I'm kinda trumped on is what to label the album ("RotC", SM:RotC", "RotC-ASMMC", etc.), whether what main-site track comments there are should be included in the comment field (wouldn't hurt), and how to label composers (I might could see who did which originals). On the note of gaplessness, anyone know if FFVII:VotL (or is it just "VotL"?) is gapless-intended?
  13. As I'm reading the opening post, I'm thinking this might be a fun little jaunt, but then Dr. Jonesker nails it on the first reply. Heck, even the ads are impressed, since it asked if I wanted to play the Steve Miller song by the same name as this mixal detector. I'mma go download it, just because of this thread (and the praise given the track itself). The irony? It's a ReMix of "Sad Song". This tickled/s me.
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