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  1. Yea seriously dude, I think you missed the point Nobody is trying to top anything, it was more an aknowledgement of his idea, and adding a further idea, rather than just typing "haha this made me lol and stuff". And just to make this post have some use, now Snake can have an accentuated ass in tiger skin. Nice.
  2. Tried to go off with a bang, but all you got was a fizzle?
  3. Ahhh see? That's the Atma we all know and love EDIT: Smoke ball, that's right. I forget. The soccer ball threw me off. I thought it was for an occassion like the Jack-O-Lantern. It looked a bit photoshopped.
  4. Ok well let's see here... well you've gone really liberal here, but I'm not quite sure it's what we're looking for. Maybe you should read up on our standards before submitting this. For one, you've only rhymed one word out of the entire four line (poem?), and the word you chose to rhyme was fudge. You could have chosen grudge, nudge and others which I can't think of right now. Look, what you've got here isn't bad, it's just not up to our standards. Don't give up, this was better than my first attempts at rhyming shit. I'd really like to see a RESUB
  5. Ok well now that that little saga is over and done with, (yea, we done?) let's move back to updates shall we? Training mode looks good and Smartbomb is a long awaited idea. But something caught my eye: What the hell is up with the soccer ball? and that other white thing? Am I missing something here?
  6. Damn, man that thing is clearing fast. I wonder, what happens if the queue ever dries up? Has there ever been a point where there was nothing left to be no'ed? What the hell happens then? One can only imagine...
  7. Hmm, big iceberg, not bad. I was hoping for a volt-tackle kind of move where they morph into a giant killer eggplant, but it doesnt matter, this looks alright and its gonna cause hell for other players, specially on tight levels. Ice Climbers used to be my secondary characters in Melee behind the Doc, but I'm guessing they dont get much love here, do they?
  8. Yea JT, that really sucks man. If this is getting you down, it's alright, that's natural, shows you got heart bro. Best thing I can say is try to find something that'll get you through this time, maybe some calm or mellow music from OCR, I know it always helps me. Sooner or later the feeling will pass, but the memory won't and that's ok, it's good. The senselessness of it all can make us feel as powerless as shit, but the best thing you can do for those who passed is hold on to the memory, so that if there's a next time, and there comes the time when you are able to do something in another situation, you can use this to get you through. Nothing happens for no reason, even the worst of things, somehow in some way this incident is going to help you or someone else in the future. Until then, just do what you gotta do. You couldn't do anything this time, we're not superheroes. But hold onto it, and that's about all that these words can tell you. What really sucks though is that nothing can be achieved by anger. Sure the driver was an idiot for what he did, and it was his fault, but in the end blaming him is not going to do any good, just make things worse. This was no accident, there is rarely ever car "accidents", but unintentional mistakes. Unfortunately this mistake had a mighty cost and that's all there is to it. It's hard to call these people murderers, cos in most cases if they survive, it kills them to know what they did and they would rather have died with whom they killed. It's all just stupid stupid human mistakes, and I don't know if any law is ever going to bring a solution.
  9. I had a thought recently, not sure if it's already been brought up, but imagine if the usual process of changing the colours, actually changed the characters and their movesets themselves. I know this'll never happen, but imagine if Link's alternate costumes were like WindWaker Link, OOT Link, Young Link, Dark Link etc. each with different movesets. It would save character slots and would be awesome, though it won't happen. You'd have Mario, SMB 3 Mario, Shadow Mario from Sunshine. I guess it would only work for some characters though... ah well just a pointless rant to make up for the boredom of this update. Maybe if they had more creative costume changes (not necessarily with unique movesets, just more than a simple colour change) then THAT would be a good update.
  10. Oh I remember this cereal! I went to buy it at the supermarket the other day except the queue was too FREAKIN LONG
  11. Haha, this is completely unrelated to Smash Bros., but all these Fox pics reminds me of a new ad on TV for this Australian beer Cascade. Ha, this will totally make you want to play Star Fox after watching it, and maybe have a beer while you're at it
  12. Thank God you got rid of that bloody milk bottle Link! I can remember so many times playing as Young Link where I would instinctively taunt after killing someone, only to subsequently realise the hell I had unleashed and the position I was now in. SKULL SKULL SKULL...damn... Haha King Dedede was nicknamed Thor...this amuses me. And with us being able to input our own text when taunting, I can foresee a relentless assault of "SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!!"
  13. "Norfair is the location in Metroid where the enemy boss Ridley was." Hold up, if that's the case then why doesn't he appear in the background like Kraid did? Wait....then it must be.... RIDLEY CONFIRMED
  14. Yea I did it with friends. We were on Super Sudden Death though which was hilarious, but it probably doesn't count. I can't see how someone could sit through a whole normal melee with 99 lives. It would take hours. You would probably kill all enjoyment of that character and level you were playing. Imagine it on the temple stage8-O
  15. The answer to that is easy! They are obviously saving that intro for Midna and Wolf Link themselves
  16. Easy mistake to make. Just remember, to tell the difference, a Condor is a red cap stealing bastard. Uhh...Farore's Wind? May not be as cool but makes more sense than his previous entry. Could also represent the warp song in Majora's Mask if there were feathers... I think they are trying to make the entries more like the characters travel or warp into the battle rather than just appearing from nowhere with a cool move. It has a better effect and adds to the game too IMO.
  17. I seriously recommend you stay away from anything by Creative. I've got a Creative Zen Neeon 4GB and, well I never thought it possible that an mp3 player could freeze....but it can. Seriously! I'm taking it out for a jog and the bloody thing freezes and becomes inoperable until you wait til the batteries run out and recharge it again. I don't know if it's just me, but that thing is a pain in the ass.
  18. OK, well obviously the PURE AWESOMENESS of this update does not need explaining... But what really struck me is the pic of Mario climbing a ladder...You can do that now? That'll be different... And the news of the SD Card compatibility puts to rest all complaints about the 3 mins of recording battles. It's obviously gonna mean that recording will work in the same way. This game is gonna rock beyond description. It's replay factor is gonna outlast mankind.
  19. Yeah, well I guess some people have different playing habits. I really don't enjoy getting a game and seeing how quickly I can clock it. I prefer to play it...leave it for a while and then come back to fully enjoy the ending...but that's just me and if I have to pay for my playing habits then so be it. But seriously dude, even reviews and stuff for SNES games on the net still have Spoiler warnings on them. Time really shouldn't play a factor. A spoiler is still a spoiler. But then again...if I really didn't want spoilers I wouldn't be looking on the Dojo to begin with
  20. Sorry, I gotta disagree with you on this one. For one, you have to consider the time gap between OoT and Melee. Seriously, it really is someone's own damn fault if they hadn't clocked or progressed a decent way through OoT before Melee came out. Whereas for people like me who are a bit slow in finishing TP, they shouldn't ruin a latter part of the story only after a year it's come out (Yeah it was delayed in parts of the world). Secondly, I can't recall Zelda ever going "Hello..Check me out I'm really Shiek n stuff OMG" in OoT, whereas now I've been told that Midna will transform in the latter part of TP. So yea...full credit to Aniny for keeping his post spoiler free.
  21. Since no one has yet replied, gotta say that the Raphael the Raven boss area was pretty mad. He wasn't the most fun boss tho IMO. Yea, maybe Yoshi's Island should get a little more love in Brawl rather than the generic stage he gets in every game. This is probably my fault for not as yet clocking TP after owning it for so long, but don't you think this is just a little bit of a Spoiler? Not complainin or anything, just saying I didn't as of yet know Midna had a human form so some people might get ticked if they read that. O yea and also, if Midna were to be in the game, she would probably riding on the back of Wolf Link IMO. It would give more move options like the outstretched hand and stuff... and the FS could be that massive aura that wolf does after holding down B.
  22. Will Brawl carry the infamous "third in the series" curse where the good guys and the evil villain team up to fight a greater evil? Spiderman 3 much? Also, it was previously mentioned this game needs more kickass chicks and so... SERENE FOR BRAWL Seriously people, get into it.
  23. Hell YEAH, score one for the baddies!!! King Dedede theme FTW On a completely different theme, to all those complaining about the online component, keep in mind this game's release was substantially delayed for various reasons. Who knoes whether there gonna spend this time refining the online gameplay or not. Don't just come to conclusions yet. And also for the record: Halo 3 = FPS SSBB = Fighting game They are a bit different doncha think?
  24. Just when we thought Brawl couldn't get much better, they keep delivering. This replay thing will be awesome, so when once in a while something awesome does happen in-game we can save it whenever. I can still remember this one time when playing Melee with a friend when this option would have been so good. We're on battlefield, and there is a mine on every platform. My friend is over 100% and I hit him into one of the mines, he then collects every mine on each platform and goes flying into oblivion. It was absolutely unreal...we pissed ourselves.
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