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  1. Then again... why the hell does K.Rool keep stealing the bananas as well? Bowser and K. Rool are both reptile like thingies...kinda...so what's with them and their obssession with stealing bananas? Then again, why is a monkey running around trying to get them back armed with a peanut-firing pistol? I think it's best not to question these things, and just be happy you get to beat the crap out of whoever puts their grubby little hands on your bananas.
  2. Yea, glad to see they brought back some music from DKC. That was a nice tune in the background. And also, going back a bit to the vaccuum cleaner discussion for Luigi, I suggest maybe it's a clone of Kirby's move and maybe the vaccuum cleaner gains the power of the different ppl it sucks in, just like it had some powers in Luigi's Mansion.
  3. Yeah that's good but: "Of course, you can climb up on the doodles" Haha, it is quite sad that I find that somewhat amusing.
  4. That's if the Smash Ball will even be on the item switch list. I just thinking, because of the pure power of the smash ball they might exclude it from the item switch so that you don't end up having a game where they are the only item enabled on maximum spawn. They might decide to preserve the awesomeness of the Final Smash by making us have no control over if and how often the SB's appear. Cos really, do you expect to see a SB every match you play? FS's will really become trivial if we can suddenly summon a smash ball every ten seconds using the item switch. I reckon we'll just be able to enable them or disable them and the rest will be purely up to the luck of the game. Any other thoughts on this?
  5. Hey fellas, don't you reckon it's time we let up on this wavedashing crap? The way I see it, I love Super Smash as much as the next guy, but truth is I never even knew what wavedashing was until I started posting in this thread. Sure I didn't play it "competitively" as some of you guys do, so I'm probably not up to your so-called "league" or "standards", but all I do know is that if my friends would come round, we would bring out the Smash and it would be a riot! We never knew about wavedashing or any other of those technical names bestowed upon *bugs* in the game, and we were better for it. Super Smash is about enjoying the game for what it is, not trying to find exploits in the system to become better or gain some false-satisfaction in the standards of your own skill. Wavedashing is called a *bug* for a reason. So I reckon we should just let up on all this WD crap and focus on what is actually going to be in the game. I dunno, maybe it's just because updates were kinda slow this week or something. Yeah you can say I just continued the WD topic by posting this, but if you posted to say that you'd just be continuing the useless topic anyway...so let's end it there.
  6. Ok, I'm glad we got all that cleared up, and just in time for some sequels as well Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising YES Great game that is very similar to the first one, but with few improvements hear and there. New characters, new units and the introduction of the Super Power all make this game a must-have addition to the series. Not too much more to be said. Megaman Zero 2 YES Again, another handheld much like its predecessor, but with improvements and upgrades hear and there. Very similar situation to the first vote, so not much more for me to add. Zelda- Minish Cap YES This is a solid Zelda game with much handheld brilliance. Great environments, items, story and everything else you'd expect from a game with the Zelda title. I'll leave the rest for others to elaborate. Kirby 64 YES Good to see kirby finally in 3D with this installment for the 64. It's got a lot of the qualities of the 2D games, but with a few innovations hear and there that the 3 Dimensional world provides. Good to see they brought back the idea of the power combinations which adds more fun to this game (i think this idea was from one of the originals). Pokemon - Various colours YES Uhh, name me one handheld Pokemon game that wasn't a must-have when we were younger. Metal Slug Advance NO Yea, it was alright, but Metal Slug Advance never really appealed to me that much. It was a nice Side Scrolling Shooter, but I don't see any outstanding qualities that make this a must-have. I dunno, I'm open to any suggestions that say otherwise for any avid MS fans out there.
  7. Just a quick question to Seph: In terms of judging the first game in a series, should we take the quality or improvement of the sequels into account when voting on it? Take for example Megaman Battle Network as mentioned before, where the sequel (s) seem to outshine and improve the original, even though it was very good in itself. Where exactly do we draw the line in terms of voting on the original in a series as a must-have game, especially where in some cases the original version is needed to understand the storyline of the sequels? It wouldn't make sense to only allow the sequel to be deemed a must-have, if you can't understand it without the original. Just a thought anyway.
  8. Yea ads are a decent idea. Anything that isn't those freakin Smiley adds that make noise when you roll over them is fine by me. Man those things are annoying. Do what you have to to pay the bills, and keep a little financial reward for yourself if need be
  9. Nice. The Home Run contest is back. Not surprised though, the Sandbag has become something of legacy now. I'm surprised they don't bring him in as a playable character.
  10. Yea, it's a nice idea. Like the others, I'm really not sure if there are many OCR goers down here. I am probably not much of a chance of going either. I'm not sure if I'll even be finished school by Nov 21st, depends on exams and all that stuff. I'll probably just hold you guys back anyways, only being in Year 10 and all, but good luck in getting things off the ground with this idea.
  11. Yea people, blame the controller or the game for misjumps or stuff ups....the likely excuse. Na, on a serious note, the earlier games did have a lot more slide than the others, but that was intentional. Mario had less skid than Luigi but couldn't jump as high, fact of the game and a fun little quality. Pick an early SMB game and try to run through the whole level with Luigi without slipping off an edge or slamming into a waiting enemy, it's quite the challenge. I always hated those parts with a massive gap to jump, and only the most tiny ledge you have ever seen to land on, now that's just teasing.
  12. Hey snapshots, now that is an idea. I can't think of how many times I wished I could take a photo in Melee but couldn't. This is a pretty mad update IMO. I mean all those people complaining about the delay, if these are the kind of things that we get for the extra wait then it's for the better I reckon. Why bring out something too quickly if it can be perfected over a little extra time? This could well be the biggest game ever and so don't rush a masterpiece. Oh and on an end note: Now you know what it feels like to be ridden all the time!!!!!! Maybe if I press harder you'll lay an egg. Any other caption ideas with any of the pics?
  13. Going back to new characters, seriously Cloud and Master Chief, that's just stupid. Michael Jordan is way more likely to appear in Brawl than those two, at least he featured in his own Nintendo game, and it wasn't a sport game either. I think judging by Nintendo's past moves, I don't think they're gonna go for a really obvious character, I reckon they're gonna pick one from out of the blue that's gonna make people go WHAAA!? Say....something like Prehistoric Man? Now, that would top all others. And what I'm gonna say next is probably gonna make me cop a lot of flame: First of all, what's all the hype about Captain Falcon? He's practically in for Brawl, no question about it so stop freakin asking for the update already. Some people already said they wanted to save some excitement for the release, so maybe that's all their doing, building some tension. Secondly Sonic will probably be as good as any other character. Sure he's fast and he can link his moves well but who actually says his moves are gonna have much of an impact if they can be linked so easily? Judging by his speed and Smash's past qualities of fast characters, he'll probably get knocked around quite a bit if someone lands a blow. And his spring jump? Who says it's gonna be as fast as Game and Watch's recovery? It might take him a while to actually pull out the spring and jump on it and whatnot? Plus, he looks pretty vulnerable to a down smash while he's sailing upwards. Just putting it all out there, now be nice won't you?
  14. A plum...A PLUM!!! This is an insult sir! Any person would clearly notice that this is an eggplant:tomatoface: . The Ice Climbers like eggplants not plums. Can plums grow on the side of ice-capped mountains? didn't think so. But clearly eggplants can and do lest someone prove me wrong. This thread clearly needs more IC love. Save some Falcon love for the other guys in red and blue.
  15. Metroid Fusion YES A great Metroid game for the GBA that looked pretty sleak for the handheld. Great gameplay and also proved to be quite a challenge at some parts. Also have to agree with the others that the Sa-X was quite intimidating indeed. The way the lighting changed and the music suddenly began just resonated with panic and creepiness. A must-have indeed. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror YES A change from your average Kirby game that is usually based on a certain number of levels for each stage. This one is a lot like Kirby Superstar for the SNES and for me is a breath of fresh air for those used to the usual Kirby experience. The worlds offer various routes depending on the power you contain and exploration of every nook and cranny using a retained power-up can be quite a challenge. For fans of Kirby or anyone with a GBA, this should definitely be a must-have.
  16. Anyone ever notice that whenever a third-party character is introduced, there is always a video of them beating the shit through Mario? First he gets his neck snapped by Snake and then gets run down by Sonic, give the man a break, or an extra life or something. Also, anyone else reckon Snorlax has gained considerable size in this game? Watching that vid, it looked like he took up the whole freakin stage! That's gonna cause sum major hell in multiplayer. Oh and a last thought, Sonic's spin against Jiggly's rollout, who wins? Any thoughts? I'm voting for the puffball of power!
  17. Mario Tennis YES Ha another one of the great classics in the Mario doing stuff series. There are numerous sports games and the like released on every console every year, but this one had Mario, so stfu to all other consoles! Very enjoyable and playing with friends makes it even better. Diablo YES Gotta say yes to this one. Sure number 2 was way bigger, but this one was still as enjoyable and more carefree. YEAH I CAN SAVE WHENEVER I LIKE SO IF I DIE I JUST COME STRAIGHT BACK. Also, number 2 may have had personal stash, but in this one, I can drop my items wherever i like and they will always be there when i get back. This one is a classic, don't let it be upstaged by the sequel. Tactics Ogre- Knight of Lodis YES Don't see anyone else voting 4 this so far... Anyways, this game played very much like FF tactics advance and had all the great features like your class systems different stages etc. I haven't played too much of this cos I'm still finishing Tactics would you believe . From what I've seen however, this game is a great change to the usual Ogre battle games but still carries on some of the notable characterisitics of the series. So it's a yes from me. Paper Mario YES Once again, another game downsized by its sequel, but still very fun nonetheless. I love Mario RPG games. They add a greater element to the whole environment in which Mario games are so oftenly features in. Who knew that the once 8-bit environments with little flat mario running across would progress so far? This is definitely a must-have to any 64 collection.
  18. Aww kirby final smash. BOO already seen it. Bring on Ice Climbers final smash !!!And also, Ashley's theme was the best music on WarioWare touched. I used to replay the stages just so I could hear the theme. It's awesome that they arranged it in the way they did 4 Brawl. Im gonna love the Warioware levels.
  19. ...or it could just be based on every other fighting game with co-op mode. Anyways, I'm looking forward to co-op with DK and Diddy Kong. It's gonna be like Donkey Kong Country but even more kickass. Edit: Looks like I was beaten to it i guess...great minds think alike.
  20. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance YES Ok, this one hits very close to home. I can remember getting this one in Summer many years ago and having not previously played a FF game involving jobs, this game to me was amazing. Yes, while the story may be a bit lacking, the game is fun and highly addictive. It's quite a long game with lots of different stuff to do and always keeps you entertained. The way the party is assembled is very innovative and chances are you will never have the same party twice. The large array of jobs leaves for great combos to be made and the graphics aren't too bad for the GBA either. Army Men Sarge's Heroes Fine, I concede. You can scrap this from the list. It's probably not a must-have but it's still fun. Levels remind me of some of the Toy Story games and that's why it sits so high in my books. But that's just me. NO
  21. I guess I stand corrected. But for good reason. One, we live in Australia and we are lucky to even get Fire Emblem, and two, that game (Nintendo Wars) was released before I was if you catch my drift. On to voting: Conkers Bad Fur Day HELL YEA This game was badass on all levels. Probably the best thing about it is the surprising transition for Conker ( I mean seriously, did you see him in Diddy Kong Racing, not exactly the most badass guy in my opinion). Count that as another good reason for DK racing to be yes, for first introducing us to Conker, (unless Fireman Joe can point out to me a game that featured him before it). Age of Empires YES Easily a must have. Even with less features than its sequels, it's a classic and is really enjoyable. Good strategy game, great environments and actually a greater challenge than the rest of the series. Fire Emblem YES (SHOE IN) Does this game even need a reason? K, lemme think...um great characters, great story, great gameplay, great replay value, great RPG elements, great fun, great series and highly addictive. Did I mention it's great?
  23. Ok just to make this even more difficult Diddy Kong Racing YES (borderline) Sir Chadly has got valid points for voting against this game and pretty much hit the nail on the head. But as this competition is for a must-have game not just a love/hate thing we can't really base it's rating on what type of gamer you are. Diddy-Kong racing's steering was a bit more annoying than that of MK 64, but at least it was different with adventure mode, hovercraft, plane etc. And let's face it, can your N64 collection really be complete without DiddyKong racing. It was fun and annoying at times, but it was a game that grows on you and to have a version spawned for the DS has to say something about how people must have this game.. And for an easier vote: Advance Wars YES As far as strategy games go, this one is right up there. Gameplay is similar to that of Fire Emblem except its got tanks!!!11! Tanks are fun. Great characters, story was fun and can even be enjoyed by those that usually dislike the strategy genre. The beginning of a great series. Oh, and you can't forget the AWESOME MUSIC.
  24. No no, I think you misinterpreted this. Lemme type out the convo and then we'll see what he really meant Snake: It lays eggs right? ...then it must be a female. Otacon: ...Actually it's a 'he'. At least, that's what it says. *** Snake: Now you've gotten me curious... How about I capture one so we can see what they taste like? Otacon: Uhh....Snake YES SNAKE UHH INDEED I'm not implying anything...I'm just putting it out there if you know what I mean....
  25. Banjo-Kazooie YES It's an awesome platformer for the N64 and always has been. It's the start of a great series so that is worth bonus points. Great worlds, good gameplay, and just a whole lot of fun. Ogre-Battle 64 YES Great RPG for the N64. A great transition onto N64 for the Ogre Battle series. It's a different style of RPG and upgrading units and using monsters is a fun innovation. I'm a little dissappointed they didn't bring across the whole card thing that the SNES version had though. Mario Kart Super Circuit - GBA Sadly..NO As much as I love the Mario Kart series, I felt this addition for the GBA didn't really bring anything new to the table. Sure there were a few extra levels and stuff, it simply felt like MK 64 on GBA and it didn't make any real innovations that the installments for GC and DS did IMO.
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