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  1. I've also had similar strange instances of things occurring on the internet play. Red shells evaporating behind a player, then appearing to hit them 3 seconds later. Someone driving through a bomb I threw right in front of them. This can get irritating when you don't know if someone is actually in the position they appear to be. Biggest place drop was from an apparent 2nd to fifth, when the other players were quite a distance behind. But its all in the fun of the game I guess. I've had one instance of a problem when trying to connect with a friend on worldwide play. It would appear that I was joining him, but for some reason it would put me in a different game altogether. And at other times it wouldn't even recognise he was online even though I knew he was, because I was on the phone to him at the time. I just hope it works when I plan to play him tomorrow night. I've also added/going to add all the people on the database. My number is 3523-2384-7765. Hope to race you guys sometime soon.
  2. QFE. For all those complaining about rubber-banding: If you find so much enjoyment in coming first all the time, then just stick to the 1P Grand Prix and beat up the computers. If you only want to come first, what difference does it make if you play against a computer or a real person? In fact, the reason I play Wi-Fi is after getting bored beating the comps in 1P. As a previous post stated, you feel like crap after getting hit 3 times in a row by shells and other such things, but it feels so good when you are on the giving end. Just think, every red shell you throw has to hit someone. In Wi-Fi you only notice it more because everyone is a human player. And blue shells, well they are a bitch and are unaviodable, but if you're smart they have a decent blast radius that can hit surrounding players. Obviously if you're so far in front, then they won't make a difference. But say, you're only a little in front of second place, then if you place yourself properly and say brake, you might get them as well. Playing against human opponents involves more strategy than programmed computers. The way I see it, someone has to fill those places between first and twelfth, and sometimes you can't always be on top, no matter how good you think you are. A first to last place makes you feel like hurling your wheel, but a come from behind just feels that much sweeter.
  3. Thought I might as well bump this as the American release date for Mario Kart Wii is coming soon. I already added everyone on the list. My Mario Kart number is 3523-2384-7765. Add me too. Oh and might as well use this opportunity to flaunt my Wii number as well so next time I can just send messages via the Wii instead of having to post. It's 1198 3804 4637 5704. I can't help but think the process would be easier if the Wii actually alerted you when you have been added by someone. It would make things a hell of a lot easier.
  4. 1. Fire Emblem 4 (got a ROM of it now but let's just say it don't speaka t'English) 2. Radical Dreamers (surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet) 3. Mothers of any kind 4. Yoshi's Safari (hopefully using the Wiimote to shoot) 5. Tetris Attack
  5. Voted, registered AND comment left...if that helps... Now there's some support.
  6. It would have been fun to see how they did some parts though. Like how Link is able to carry 20 different items at once and is able to pull them out of his backside at will. Oh look there is some guy with armour, I better just pull out my massive ball and chain that I was cleverly concealing somewhere. And what we all really wanted to know is who would have been playing the postman?
  7. Saw it today with a group of friends and i gotta say it was pretty good. I have to say the handy-cam and the way it was filmed was a good idea. I enjoyed watching it as opposed to some other monster films. It was something different. It made you feel as if you were at least apart of the scenes and all it's mayhem, rather than just watching a group of bulletproof heroes in a cinematic vision that you would typically see in other monster films. It was a little more realistic, if not in the plot then at least the people's reactions and the acting, I have to say that was a good point. One gripe though, Nokia much?
  8. Not sure if this has been shown before....but it is so awesome. *not mine*
  9. 87 Yes I find the colours white and silver very gay and don't think they should be used anywhere, especially not together cos that would be gay.
  10. Have you tried blowing on it? Seriously, blow on the cartridge, blow on the cartridge slot, just blow on things and it should fix it. That's what I love about the SNES. Any time I feel like pulling out Super Mario All Stars and it doesn't work, I just blow on the cartridge and it's fixed. Sounds really simple and stupid, but what can I say? Gotta love that oldskool technology, it's easy to fix.
  11. Not to mention that if you manually swap out, there is the problem of having a crappy player screw up your lead in the amount of KO's. That has happened many times. I actually think this mode is a great idea, but if they're getting this detailed you better hope they've got everything else covered.
  12. Alright so I've been reading these past 5 pages and I've taken the arguments of both sides into account. At this point I'll say yes, it could be better, but I'm happy for what I've got. That said, at this point, I think we have not seen all there is to see regarding online mode. That is, I really don't think these are all the options that are going to be available, especially being released at this early time. Sure this may be a long shot, a desperate hope that there is going to be something more, but if meaning is not lost in translation, then just check out what is actually being written in the update. "Join a quick and simple brawl against someone, somewhere! If you’re not going to be playing with a friend, this is the mode you’ll tend to use." Major emphasis on the tend here, it kind of indicates that there will be more options, hopefully more than team battle. "Huh? We’re already at character selection? That’s right. You don’t make any rooms." Ok, so at this point I'm thinking, why mention the idea of rooms if you're not going to perhaps use this option in another feature. This is giving me the indication that there may be a option with rooms later revealed....or they're are being really bitchy and rubbing it in... "When you have a battle mode that runs online like Basic Brawl" Ok, here the word like is used, indicating Basic Brawl is not the only option, again I am hoping he does not simply mean Team Battle or Spectator modes. Ok so that's pretty much my two cents. I know it does sound very very hopeful, but I think at this point, it is still too early to come to conclusions. But Atma feel free to rub it in if I'm wrong, I will still be your anonomous friend on online mode.
  13. I know this could never happen, but imagine if Pokemon could damage the Smash Ball and then absorb it themselves. You could have a Wabbuffet absorb it and then...... SHADOW BOND everybody who bashed it dies...... Or Snorlax could grab it and go... REST much like Jiggly's but at a much larger scale.
  14. Because the translator has to translate from English to American
  15. Yeah that Wi-Fi option sounds really great! But more importantly... Grit for Brawl, confirmed?????
  16. This is great. I love the simple feel to it, though you can hear how much work was put into this. I believe OCR would benefit with many more remixes like this. This truly shows what VG music can become with great ideas and talent. This will definitely be heard many many times on the playlist.
  17. Well I followed the progress of this mix as soon as I saw it in the To Be Judged queue. Something about the name of the track gave me this feeling that it would be awesome and would pass. When I saw it in the To Be Posted queue I knew it would be great and was wondering who the artist was. When I saw it was Palpable I knew this was going to be a quality tune and was wondering what track he had arranged. When I saw he had done the castle theme and heard the song, my initial feelings were confirmed. This is great stuff and a very worthy addition to the Yoshi's Island collection, or is that the McVaffe collection?
  18. Hell Yes!!!! The Temple rocked. The rule we had is that once you hit over 100% it's in the cave and we battle it out until someone goes flying out at over 300%. That level had many kinds of awesome. The controller's rumble capabilities would go skitz. I hope they bring back some of the more obscure levels from Melee. Brawl already has enough generic levels without bringing back Kirby's Dreamland from 64. They can do better
  19. The death of Reuben saddens us all as a community, and we are so very appreciative for what he was able to give to us. We will live and pray in hope that one day, we will be able to personally thank him for the way he has blessed our own lives through his work.
  20. Mad..I wonder if this music warrants a classic DK Stage. I'm picturing a level where its just a column of ramps and a classic DK at the top piffing endless supplies of barrels. That would be sweet....
  21. Heh same here. Trying to play Paper Mario and other games on PJ 64 and pressing the arrow key always makes them run (I can't be stuffed using any other form of controller). Thank God for the badge that makes Mario always walk, that's probably the sole reason they invented it, for stooges like me who use the arrow keys. And anyone who hasn't yet finished Majora's Mask, no matter how painful it may seem, do it because it is so worth it, especially for the song played during the end credits....magical. Seriously, I left the game for over 5 years at the Water Temple (what is it with Zelda Water Temples always being a bitch?). Came back and clocked it, it was well worth it.
  22. Damn....RIP and prayers to his friends and family. At least he left doing the thing he loved.... I just started listening to some of his work now because I haven't heard it before. It's powerful stuff, it is fitting to remember him by. I'm wondering if someone can edit his forum profile to make people aware of this tragedy, and to make a tribute to him on it or something. We have to do something y'know? He was apart of this community, so it's only fitting we give something back.
  23. I wouldn't. The bloody thing freezes. What kind of mp3 player freezes? Seriously, you can do better.
  24. "...among others" That's interesting..... Megaman confirmed for charge beam? Just a question, what stage is DK in, in this pic? Or is that in 1P?
  25. Yeah, you may be right in that Zelda may be separate. But Sheik will be replaced by Postman
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