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    My name is Brennan Conroy. I'm a first-year Visual and Performing Arts (Music:Voice) at Keyano College. I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and I have a passion for music; I plan on becoming a High School Music Teacher after University.
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  1. Hey, OCR folk! Just a quick question: When will the OCR Torrents be updated to include new remixes since 01900 came out? Other than what's come out on albums, I don't have anything in my OCR collection since then, and I know how much you don't want us to use HTTP to download mass amounts of tracks. Please and thanks, - Brennan
  2. Very nice; sounds a lot like "My Funny Valentine." I like it.
  3. I want to love this mix. I really, reeeeeallly do. But the bass is just too off for me. Can we please get Scott to fix it?
  4. Rock on! This is fantastic. : D Sounds very much like Wanderer on the Offensive, which is one of my all-time faves. The only thing I'd say is get the live strings in there. The synth feels too, well, synth-y. : P Otherwise, great stuff! : D
  5. Ho-ly crap! I am playing this mix over and over and over again on repeat, and every time, I find some something else I absolutely love about it. I've always been a big fan of mixes using live instruments (*is a total band geek*), and this track... just makes me feel good. An absolutely wicked guitar solo, seamless transitions, and beautiful viola work make this mix right up there among my faves. If I had three thumbs, they'd all be up. But this mix will have to settle for two.
  6. Thanks for all the help! Means a lot. I don't mind the long read; I love this stuff
  7. I'm arranging on a computer. Sorry, I wasn't too clear. What I meant to say earlier is that the program I'm using to arrange is a music notation program, and therefore the mix has musical parts and a score; it could be performed by a live band. Anyway, here's a link to a MIDI I pulled from my drum track. The first seven bars is just time, the eighth bar is my first fill, then time for 7 more bars, followed by another fill bar. Then I brought in the trumpet part to show you what I'm doing with my shots, and there's another fill at the end. Thanks for the help!
  8. However, in the absence of an actual band, I've got to write all the parts out myself.
  9. Well, it very well could be. Gotta find a band to play it, first.
  10. Hey, everybody! I'm brand new to this whole remixing thing (although I myself prefer the term "re-arranging," but that's not the point), and I need some help doing my first mix. I'm doing a big-band/swing style mix, and I'm finding that the rhythm section parts, especially the bass and drum parts, are becoming horribly repetitive. Does anybody have any general tips on how to avoid this problem? I'd rather not release a WIP of what I've got going, but if you must take a listen, send me a private message and I'll set you up. Please and thanks, Brennan Conroy (realdeal_55)
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