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  1. None. Taking something as broad as an entire musical genre as 'uber-serious' is silly.
  2. His coolness is somewhat negated by the fact that his weakness is TOP SPIN, for christ's sake.
  3. It's Batman in a giant mecha. Anyone one who doesn't love it is insane. And I'm gonna second those who said Paranoia Agent.
  4. Oh, I know all about that. Just stating my wishes that it would be cool to see Capcom acknowledge that awesome April Fool's joke.
  5. I'd be very surprised if they only had Fei Long and not the other 3 that were introduced in Super SFII, so your wish isn't that unlikely to happen, at least in my train of thought. I'm still holding out for Sheng Long, personally.
  6. On that note, I'd like to say how smart it was of Capcom to include the entire SF2 cast into the game. Considering that it's THE Street Fighter game to alot of people, it's a great idea to help SFIV's popularity.
  7. Really, now? Got some type of link or anything to prove what you're saying?
  8. Not to mention that of the songs we've seen only Yoshi's ending and PI stage sound happy. Starfox song, Ocarina song, Ridley Fight song? Those three wouldn't count as happy.
  9. Like an AT? That'd be cool, but then the whole stage wouldn't be all trippy.
  10. Now, to change the topic off music for a moment, I was just playing Yoshi's Island, when I realized what Brawl needs. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy stage.
  11. I don't really notice anything wrong with the song. But maybe I just don't have quite the standards some of you guys do. And I swear I recall hearing something about a good portion of the music being orchestrated. Maybe I'm just imagining things.
  12. Greil Mercenaries combo! Soren, Oscar, Titania and Rhys all appear and help Ike with some sort of combo ala one of Captain Commando's Finishers in MvC1(and possibly 2. Haven't played that one in ages)
  13. I hate living in Texas sometimes. Stupid Daft Punk not coming here.
  14. Piano? No, although, that is one insturment I'd like to learn to play. Never even heard of the Gamingforce forums, so I'm afraid there's some other GigaShadow around, improving my reputation. Damn him.
  15. *looks at list* Shang Chi? Deathklok? Wow, even Power Pack? Huh, they sure are expanding, aren't they? Also, Sub-Mariner movie in 2008? First I'm hearing about this. I've been waiting for someone to make a movie about Namor.
  16. Unless your character dissapears. It looks like that could be the case when you look at the Hammer Bros and Knuckle Joe images. You can see Kirby can jump away, as if he's leaving while Joe's around.
  17. I've heard thoughts from some people about ATs being controllable for a short amount of time. Haven't heard any proof, beyond Knuckle Joe having two different finishing moves, but that would sure make things interesting.
  18. I'm just getting a black screen. Blasted sites and their not liking Opera.
  19. Hiya. You should probably already see my name before you start reading this post, but for manner's sakes, I'm GigaShadow. Been checking out this site for about a year or two now, always admiring the remixers and their talent. For the past couple months or so, I've got this urge to at least try to do some remixing of my own, and well, what better way to be introduced to the whole remixing community then by joining the OCR forums? Uh, more about myself, as I'm sure alot of people on here are, I'm a huge video game and music fan. Tastes for both can be quite erratic or odd. Pretty hard to get a good feeling on if I'll enjoy something or not at first glance. Besides those two, I've become quite a comic book nerd over the summer. Wednesday has become my new favorite day of the week, for whatever new comics come out that day. In case you can't tell yet, I'm for the most part, sarcastic and laid-back(which I use as a nice way to say lazy...). You'd have to work pretty hard to get on my nerves alot. As for music itself, I know more then average about musical theory and such, and while I do play the clarinet, I'm not that good(hey, at least I'm honest). I'm more interested in making music then playing music(which totally makes sense. Totally.), so whatever tools remixers use to make their remixes should interest me quite alot.
  20. Terrible? I didn't think it was that bad. Then again, maybe if I had actually paid for it instead of watching it on Toonami, I might not have thought it was good. Everything seems better when it's free.
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