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  1. Hey, just letting you know I haven't forgotten about ol' Anorax, or the story. Currently gearing up to start working on a new chapter, this one with Anorax in it :D

  2. Oh hey, man! That message notification needs to be more noticeable <.<

    The fan-fic is going all right. You've probably already seen the update. Kinda slow getting the next chapter up, but that's mostly due to some stressful times. Hopefully before next year pops up I'll have a new chapter up :D

  3. Doin' fine! Getting back into college this fall with Liberal Arts, dunno where I'm gonna go from there, though. How about you?

  4. Well hi there! Good to see ya here!

  5. I approve of your Freakazoid sig.

  6. Haha! Sonic TWINS.

  7. lmao. Nah, I just like my more obscure Sonic comic characters. Julie-Su is way too badass not to have in a sig collection.

  8. Hey, just thought I'd give you a heads up that I never got my secret santa package. I don't mind, I had fun participating. Just something for the records.

  9. Why, that was thanks to Doulifee.

    It was also made for me like last year or so. I've started using a sig randomizer, just to level down my crazy use of multiple sigs.

  10. I got it. This is entirely awesome.

  11. Ok, so I got the place to support my sigs, but I can't figure out how to randomize my multiple sigs. I'm gonna search their forums for how to do this, but any info you can give me would be appreciated.

  12. I agree. I'll work on this when I get home from school tonight. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the add :)

  14. Hmmmmmyhyeeeeeessss?

  15. Thanks, Ocre. I've been reading the Sonic comics lately (US version, o'course) so I've been craving something Sonic.

  16. Make a thread for nekofrog! Everyone's making a thread with no guest posts

  17. You think I'm cool, huh? Well, I'll accept that. And your friend invite, too. :D

  18. lol now it's too small! Sorry, it's just an awesome sig and it deserves to be seen! Don't shoot me, I just wanted to make a suggestion >.

  19. I think your sig is a bit too big. Size aside, it's brilliant!

  20. Jinkies! How are you, Irish? Been forever!

  21. Yeah I agree. But for the sake of sportsmanship, I'm keeping them both up XD

  22. Wow, you must've really worked hard on this! It's very awesome, and I thank you very much for taking the time to make this for me :)

  23. sheik10.png

    This picture doesn't have to be -the- pic of Shiek, though it would be preferable.

    I guess the colors I'm going for are black, silver and blue (maybe even neon if it works)

    Text doesn't matter to me, but I think it would look kinda cool if it were something Asian looking.

    I don't really have a background image to go with all this...if you can make a decent sig from this information, I'd be honored to wear it ^^