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  1. Just finished mine up! http://soundcloud.com/cory-r/picoblue-sonic-the-hedgehogs-gameworld-ending And I just sent it to the submission email!
  2. Why do you hold the opinion that She-Hulk offers nothing unique to the game? Are her moves and play-styles really that similar to the Hulk? Maybe I'm missing something here.
  3. Thanks! I'll work on it ASAP. Again, than you. I appreciate it. I will have something very shortly.
  4. Thank you for your constructive criticism and amiable attitude. Glad to see that around here! :)

  5. Sure, I'll do that. My monitors are not the best at the moment, I wish I had a better pair. I miss the old Genelecs I used to work with... now I've just got my PC speakers. That could be an issue, even though I've come to terms with this particular set's own nuances and sonic characteristics. I can tell you now though I just have the T-Raxx Brickwall Limiter with -0.1 threshold, no input or output gain, plus The Glue with no threshold and a 2:0 ratio just for color and peak smoothing. I know I'm not going into the red at all, either. I'll upload the file in a bit then edit this post with the link. Thanks again, by the way! P.S. It could be that the bass is overwhelming. I'm hardly in an ideal monitoring environment, for reasons related to gear, acoustics and optimal dB zone. Here is the direct download link as promised. The format is 192kbps mp3. http://www.sendspace.com/file/uemt71
  6. Yeah I hear you, I figure that might be the case but it's worth a shot. I bet I could do it in a week though. I might as well do a mix anyway just for the site and see what people think. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Hey guys, I figure I'm way out of line in asking this but my curiosity needs to be satisfied. Is there any way to get in on this project? I could submit a pretty complete WIP in a short time. I know all the tracks have been claimed but it would be pretty killer. It fits my style and background perfectly too. This is some of my most recent stuff: http://soundcloud.com/cory-r/time-trax-tim-follin-cover
  8. I already fixed the compression, I believe. I've only got incredibly light master bus compression now on this, as well as sidechain for the bass. I'm not sure what you meant by out of time arps. The lead synth playing on the part you mentioned is definitely in time, perhaps you're being thrown off by the accented (emphasized) second notes on each phrase. It does have an effect that throws off the beat somewhat. This can be heard more clearly in the repeat that follows immediately after when only the lead, bass and kick are playing. I do want to submit this though, yeah! Thanks for listening and for your opinion.
  9. Alright, please listen to the updated track. Thanks!
  10. Gotcha. I will work on those points later on then repost a final-final version. Thanks!
  11. http://soundcloud.com/cory-r/time-trax-tim-follin-cover Please be gentle! I'm a delicate little flower on the inside
  12. Finished my (possible/hopeful) entry for this project!
  13. Well, I've been at it for a few years now and finally got a somewhat decent grasp at what I'm doing, so I have put up a SoundCloud page with a few things. Please let me know what you think! Every track on there so far is very different from the other, I like doing a lot of different things. I'm very open to and appreciate of constructive criticism, and I appreciate anyone who takes time to listen to anything on this page. Thank you! http://soundcloud.com/cory-r
  14. Alright, it's on then. I'm definitely doing his title track for "Time Trax" on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, even though it's unreleased I believe this is one of his most incredible efforts. Masterful usage of the technology of his day. I don't have anything up on here yet but if you take a look at my portfolio it will give you an idea of my capabilities. I will try to make this remix a fitting homage to Tim Follin's work.
  15. Yeah, is this project still open? I'd love to do a mix for this.
  16. Got it up on SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/cory-r/cory-r-skyjack. I might go back and make some minor tweaks, probably to the mix. Please tell me what you think!
  17. Hehe okay, I'll see if I can scour the web for some Ace Combat tunes.
  18. Thanks for checkin' it out. I'm personally a fan of distorting the ranges on brass and woodwinds occasionally, but there's only a small amount of that here. What specifically from Ace Combat would you say it reminds you? I haven't played anything from the series, myself. When I made this I was thinking more like Unreal + Starcraft, iterated in my own personal style of course.
  19. Finally finished the final mix for this track. It's in ogg format and is about 12 MB or so, but I'm pleased with it. It's for an upcoming indie game, TBA. http://www.sendspace.com/file/mi0ree
  20. Here's a radio edit version of a prog trance track I produced last year. I'm still working on some more to release an EP later on this year. I may go back and perform some minor production tweaks on this piece right here, but for the most part it is what it is. http://bb.xieke.com/files/1/Reality%20Engineering%20(Radio%20Edit).mp3
  21. Hey guys, I finished this track up (more or less) a month or so back, and I haven't got around to really seeing what people think of it. This is a purely instrumental hip-hop beat with a reflective, ambient atmosphere. Tell me what you think! http://bb.xieke.com/files/RevelationSalvation%20Instrumental.mp3
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